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Q&A With The Author Of Chinese Horoscopes, Laura Lau!

So, we all know and love our western zodiac sign, but how often do you take a deep dive into your Chinese counterpart?

I was recently introduced to a seriously comprehensive overview of the Eastern Zodiac in the way of a beautiful (and informative) book from Laura Lau – The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes.

I was really interested in the story behind this book, as author Laura Lau continues in the footsteps of her mother, the late Theodora Lau. Laura has modernized the work of her mother, while her father, Kenneth Lau, contributes illustrations for the book, making it a true family affair.

You have to check out this easy, accessible book, as it presents astrology through a slightly different lens, which is fascinating for the professional or novice astrologer and enthusiast alike! It’s a great read to discover the ways in which various animals interact, too, presenting the angle of nature and character within us all.

I was lucky enough to ask Laura Lau a few questions, about her unique entry into the world of astrology…

Q&A, Kimberly of Star Sign Style and author and astrologer Laura Lau…

Most of us love to investigate our horoscopes as teens and even as young children. Growing up with an astrologer-mum, was it still as naturally fascinating, mysterious and fun?

It was fun, but looking back, it was just a daily part of the conversation. “Well, he’s a Cancer, you just have to think about how you phrase it.” Or “Yes, she’s born in a Snake year, that makes sense she’d say that.” I would read books and always ask my mom questions. My mother was very matter-of-fact about things, so I guess I found it all very normal.

Did your mother ever give you insights as to what kind of year lay ahead, teaching you techniques as a child, or did that come later?

My mother was very artful about how she taught me things. She always asked for my opinion first and made me try to answer my own questions before she gave an opinion. As for the annual forecast, she always told me to be optimistic, but cautious, and that things are never guaranteed. I’ll probably do the same with my children. Haha.

Was it a natural progression to follow in your mom’s footsteps, or did you have other plans or desires for a different profession?

It just naturally happened because I always liked writing and thought the subject matter was interesting. My mother told me that writing could be a hobby or a profession, but either way, I could find a balance to pursue multiple things. I remember at one point I wanted to be a doctor, but ultimately chose journalism in college.

Chinese Astrology seems to be a strand of ancient wisdom that’s not been easily passed down through the ages, do you find it challenging finding other Chinese Astrologers to bounce ideas off? There don’t seem to be many!

There aren’t. I’d love to meet more!

There are major correspondences between the Eastern and Western modalities, but does the Chinese Horoscope align with the Vedic/Indian Zodiac system? (I ask this because I see next year is a Jupiter in Capricorn year, and year of the Rat but that the Rat is Sagittarius…) Do you feel they are easily transferrable systems or are there major complications in merging the two?

That’s an interesting question. I’m not an expert in the Vedic calendar. There are relationships, but I don’t have an easy way to transfer many of the differences.

What are your favorite things about being an astrologer, what are some of the most rewarding parts of your work?

I enjoy the people I meet. I love that astrology lovers are deep thinkers and feelers. They work hard to analyze themselves and others – to see how things could be better and/or answer “why” things turn out the way they do.

Finally, how has astrology worked most favorably in your own life, what has it given you that you might have missed out on otherwise?

Over the years, astrology has forced me to slow down and really look at a situation before making a judgment call. I like to look through the calendar, write everything down, and see if I am really taking everything into account. Most of the time, pausing to think about all the different factors during a big decision has been the most valuable part of the process. I think many people would find it funny that astrology makes me a more responsible decision-maker, but I believe it does. 

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