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Where To Travel? Aries Cities And Countries…

Decisions, Decisions – Let The Stars Be Your Guide On Vacation!

Which cities and countries are ruled by the zodiac sign Aries?

Hong Kong

With its red taxis, bright lights, go-go-go vibe and bold local attitude, its no surprise that Hong Kong is top of the list for Aries!

The British handover of Hong Kong came July 1st, 1997 at midnight, giving Hong Kong its Aries Rising chart.

Although it boasts a Cancer Sun, Mercury conjunction in the fourth house – and we enjoy food so much here – it’s the strong Aries ascendant that suits the fast pace of this city.


With its Aries Moon, and North Node in Aries, Germany is a country well-suited to Aries.

Using the 24th May, 1949 midnight chart, we see it also has Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus in Gemini.


With an Aries Midheaven, and Mars in Aries in the tenth house, the horoscope of Syria has a strong Aries signature. Established September 16th, 1941 at 12.01 am, it has a Cancer ascendant with the Moon right on the ascendant, plus Virgo Sun, conjunct the North Node (plus Neptune) in the third house. Venus at 0º Scorpio.


The horoscope of modern Egypt has a 29º18′ Aries Ascendant, with Venus rising in Taurus, so that we see much of this hot, dry countries beauty.

The proclamation of the Republic at 11,30 pm GMT on 18th June, 1953 in Cairo.

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