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The New Moon In Aries, April 16th 2018…


New Moon In ARIES…

Saturday 15th / Monday 16th April 2018

– Hong Kong: Monday 9.57 am – London Monday 2.57am – New York Sunday 9.57 pm – Los Angeles Sunday 6.57 pm –

What to do With The New Moon In Aries?

Maverick Uranus is prominent during this new moon, currently loitering in the final degrees of Aries, waiting for the curtain to close on his spell in the sign of self-hood and autonomy.

New moon’s are fortuitous times for fresh starts, and this one in particular is super charged.

With Uranus present and fuelling things forward You can embrace radical ideas when making your wishes for the six months ahead.

Spark major change with this moon and see yourself do a 180 in a heartbeat. Liberate yourself, reinvent yourself and seize a brand new opportunity to break out…

The new moon in Aries (plus Uranus) emphasises new beginnings, fresh starts in the following areas:

♈Aries –  First impressions, your ‘self’, or personal style.

♉Taurus –  Secret or private matters, how you connect to the divine.

♊Gemini – Break out of your usual friendships or circle of colleagues.

♋Cancer –  Change up your professional impression with a new direction.

♌Leo – Exploration beyond your neighbourhood, setting your sights further afield.

♍Virgo – Take a chance on love and experience psychological breakthroughs.

♎Libra – Collaborations in love or business. Begin again in special partnerships.

♏Scorpio – work, health and routine matters. Seize a fresh start around your job!

♐Sagittarius –  Resetting the dial on your creative passions, parenting and romance!

♑Capricorn –  Spring cleaning home or looking at domestic life from a very different angle.

♒Aquarius –  Being curious about different ways of connecting to those closest.

♓Pisces –  Taking a radical new approach to finances or your job.

Here are some beautiful ways to slow down and honour the new moon – rituals to mark the moment…

1. Focus on the HEAD

Have A Heavenly Head Massage…

Release tension. embrace aromatherapy and extra relaxation during this phase of the lunar cycle.

Use relaxing essential oils that calm the nerves, focusing on the head – the Aries’ governed body part. Rosemary is a soothing scent recommended for hot-headed Aries, while peppermint relieves stress and targets headache relief.

2. Get Rest

Indulge In Beauty Sleep…

It’s not just the full moon that disturbs our sleep pattern.

The new moon has the potential to knock us off our feet so get an early night and your beauty sleep!

Wait to take action on your dreams as the moon grows in the skies in her waxing phase – 3-4 days after the new moon moment. Till then sit on your hands – or dose and drift counting Aries sheep!


Press Lift Off…

The new moon is a powerful time for still contemplation, thinking about what you’d like to manifest or ‘make real’.

Write your list with the power of Lune behind your intentions. Mercury is now direct after its long retrograde spell, and Uranus is lending a hand in propelling us in radical new directions, so consider all the things that have been brewing and how you’d best like to see them take off in exciting ways. It’s more than possible.


Switch It Up…

Dare to try an eccentric new look and plan your dream tattoo or hair color.

Think about permanent change although don’t pull the trigger (or pour permanent dye)! Try on a wig for size or test out your ideas on paper.

Only move ahead if you’re sure and wait towards the end of April – after the sun meets with wild card Uranus on the 18th.


Switch It Off…

Uranus is the king of electronics (with messenger Mercury) and will appreciate your full attention during the new moon and for the remainder of the week, as he’s a star player (with his conjunction to the sun on the 18th!)

Take a step back from your phone, laptop, microwave and other obscure devices.

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It’s a fine time to appreciate new inventions and really to respect them; a break will do just that…

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