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Pause With Rituals On The New Moon In Aries…

Renew intentions at the beginning the astrological year with this dreamy lunation!

Lily James, Sun and Venus 15º Aries, plus Moon and Mercury in Aries…

Rituals To Mark The Moment

  • Detox & Relax This new moon is pretty intense, and invites you to surrender and let go before stepping into your action pants. Aries is a true super heroine energy, but as the moon is dark and still you’ll need a generous pause. 
  • Focus On The HEAD, The Aries Body Part Indulge in a heavenly head massage to relive any tension this new moon Have A Heavenly Head Massage…
    Use soothing essential oils that calm the nerves. Rosemary is a soothing scent recommended for hot-headed Aries, while peppermint relieves stress and targets headache relief.
  • Get Enough Rest, Indulge In Beauty Sleep… It’s not just the full moon that disturbs our sleep pattern. The new moon has the potential to knock us off our feet so get an early night and your beauty sleep!

Wait to take action on your dreams as the moon grows in the skies in her waxing phase – 3-4 days after the new moon moment. Till then sit on your hands – or dose and drift counting Aries sheep!

Celebrities Born With Sun And Moon In Aries…

Zoe Sugg, Lily James, Céline Dion, Lucy Lawless, Kiki Sukezane, Brigitte Macron, Leighton Meester, Rooney Mara, Alyson Hannigan, Ali MacGraw, Danica Patrick, Marlon Brando, Rachel Homan.

About The Aries New Moon…

Lune and Sol come together at 15º17′ of the Aries zodiac sign on April 5th, so Lily James (pictured above) is this months moon muse, as she has the sun and Venus at this particular degree.

At this lunation, sun and moon are in tension with Saturn, and widely square the nodal axis and Pluto, too. This suggests that at the time of the new moon we’ll want to be focused on ourselves, yet responsibilities will loom large.

Saturn is grandfather time, the lord of karma and consequences, and it’s necessary to honour his presence by suiting up and showing up to take on the lessons he’s loading us up with. 

New moon’s are fortuitous times for fresh starts, and the new moon in Aries is a particularly potent new beginning since this is the first sign of the zodiac and one that’s instilled with hope, fresh energy and invigoration. However with planets in Capricorn we may be forced to slow down considerably, to adhere to due diligence and proper protocol before moving ahead.

The ruler of the new moon is Mars, which is careering through curious, sociable Gemini, unaspected by the other planets – footloose and fancy free!

Yet Mars does make an interesting sextile to asteroids Chiron and Vesta, which suggests that beyond it being a fresh start for us, it’s secondary meaning is to heal our insecurities, to move beyond doubt and to be pure in spirit.

New Moon In Aries Horoscope By Sign…


The first impression you make, your purpose, ‘self’ and personal style are ready to be rebooted and refreshed, particularly how you go forth with your inner circle. Yet be mindful of the responsibilities you have in the world at large.


With this new moon you’re offered a way through surrender and closure, a path to quitting bad habits or relationships, and ways to handle private affairs and secret matters. This new moon helps you connect to your spiritual side and the divine, it’s one to pull back into solitude and escape, to disconnect and rest. Note a special venture could prove distracting.


You’ve the drive and stamina to take a fresh look at friendship groups, peers, your professional network or circle of colleagues; think of the social scene you want to be part of or the industry you’re keen to influence. Note that at this time, your private life and any serious investments you’re making intensify your sense of freedom among friends. 


Your professional image, career profile, or direction is ready to transform into something new! And yet your personal relationships – including personal boundaries – make it hard to focus solely on your path.


This Aries new moon puts emphasis on new horizons, education, and adventures, Leo – life beyond your neighbourhood, and setting your sights further afield is the focus. Embrace exciting ventures, and think of the knowledge you’re seeking as a fresh experience is handed to you.


For Virgo the new moon resets in your most intimate zone of collaboration, sharing, and psychological breakthroughs. Take a fresh look at partnerships that require a major investment, or the unions that ask you to share what you have. Regardless of current passions look to the enduring bonds.


The moon brings new relationships and partnership ideals to the fore; it’s time for a new adventure in love, marriage or business – or even a new encounter that’s arrived to broaden your horizons, Libra! Allow shifts at home to happen, without dampening your new union.


Hone in on work, health and routine matters; your job and daily routine! This new moon possesses the chance to renew your intentions for a job that brings you greater resilience. Set aside any issues around thinking and outlook that occupy your mind, to focus on the practicalities and tiny details.


Reset the dial on your creative passions, parenting and romance, Sagittarius, as your childlike, playful amorous zone of hobbies and fun invites you to renew intentions. Look to the things you love for clues, and take a second look, despite financial concerns that call.


Spring cleaning home or looking at domestic life from a very different angle is the message of today’s new moon, Capricorn, as family, legacy and household matters come into focus. Your own outlook needn’t hamper your emotional growth, focus on your nesting instincts and set aside personal qualms in favour of recharging.


Take a moment to refresh your notions around connecting to those closest; the new moon refreshes and renews in your communication and expression zone – what’s the best way you can relate, Aqua? This includes people you feel strongly towards (lovers, playmates) and possibly those in your workplace, too. Don’t allow a solitary mood to hold you back.


This new moon invites you to take stock of your financial position, your sense of security, earnings and your role. What position brings you a sense of autonomy, satisfaction and makes money? What makes you feel good Pisces? Community or group work might loom large at this new moon, but take time out to focus on your worth.

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