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Your Horoscope For The Full Moon In Aries 2020… Oct 1/2

The Ram rears its head as October opens!

Moon Muse: Cardi B, Sun In Libra, Moon In Aries…

Full Moon In Aries, 9º08’

  • Weekday: Thursday
  • Element: Fire
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mars.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Friday, October 2nd, 2020 7.05 am
  • Hong Kong: Friday, October 2nd, 2020 5.05 am
  • Kolkata: Friday, October 2nd, 2020 3.05 pm
  • Moscow: Friday, October 2nd, 2020 , 00.05 pm
  • Paris: Thursday, October 1st, 2020 11.05 pm
  • London: Thursday, October 1st, 2020 10.05 pm
  • New York: Thursday, October 1st, 2020 5.05 pm
  • Los Angeles: Thursday, October 1st, 2020 2.05 pm.

About This Full Moon…

October opens with a Full Moon in Aries (at 5.05 pm EDT), which is positioned closely to the asteroid Chiron.

Mars too is in Aries, now retrograde in the skies, and he is also close to a dynamic and wild asteroid: Eris. Both square Saturn.

Control Issues: Mars pulls up in a perfect square to Pluto & Saturn…

Spotlighting old wounds is something that’s easily touched upon (owch!), with conflict, discord, and disagreements heightened in the collective, too, thanks to the celestial influences in today’s horoscope (Moon, Mars, Chiron & Eris – and Lilth – together in Aries, vs. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn).

There’s a saving grace, in that Venus appears in fire sign Leo, widely trine to Mars, so that astrology’s lovers and counterparts are in agreement in their rabble-rousing…

Your Full Moon Horoscope…


October opens with a Full Moon in your sign, which is personal, Aries, and really gives you an opportunity to see yourself – and your temperament– in full force, though you might be ‘extra’ fierce and full of (rage) energy.

From body issues to your persona, dynamic and vitality – or appearance – it’s a day to focus on number one and even turn heads, drawing looks your way.

Mars is retrograde so you could be experiencing a personal re-evaluation, and, as it’s Libra Season there are likely certain individuals in your midst acting as a mirror, which could be pressing your buttons….

With Libra Season the Sun tours your opposite sign, lending focus outwards to all those that stand before you. It’s an ideal time to engage one-on-one; from a partner, parent, friend or business relationship you can step out with a plus one by your side.

What’s more, with Mars in a retrograde spell there’s no better period to reflect, review and assess how you show up and how you might do better. From reducing a pushy approach to something more manageable and amicable, to finding you can use your will and energy for something positive.

With Venus now in Leo, relieve any high tide emotions roused by the Full Moon and inject a playful romance, helping diffuse any turmoil.

Aries Vs. Capricorn

Mars retrograde is presently in a testing position for you to advance.

Now square to authoritative Saturn in your house of career, success, and reputationit’s easy to provoke those that have some sway over your standing or even to feel they’re hampering your freedom and autonomy in some way.

There’s no need to rush or push, and rather than asserting your will it’s better to pause and consider what you’ve learnt these past few months – and this year!

Jupiter and Saturn have a slow burn influence over us, imparting wisdom, knowledge and lessons that are valuable, and well worth taking time over.

With Mercury transit probing Scorpio you can dare to dive a little deeper, exploring and engaging those you consider loyal, trusted allies or confidants, ask and receive the answers to intimate, soul searching questions…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, illuminating your escapist twelfth house of charity, closure, clandestine affairs, secret activity, pregnancy and hidden agendas…

It’s a day when unconscious feelings can be hard to ignore, so tune in to what comes up, Taurus, allowing the stars to touch upon sensitivities that usually remain elusive and unknowable. Your self-sacrificing nature could also be spotlighted, work or energy you give to another that has led to burn out…

Though tension mounts try to balance projects on the boil; you’ve likely multiple priorities warranting attention – don’t implode as pressure builds!

With Mars in a retrograde spin there’s no better time to reflect on methods you rely on to accept the past, heal & deal with mysteries, misunderstandings and scandals. With the Moon brightly shining in this house of hurts, closure and escapism take the day, Taurus, fearlessly turning to your inner landscape.

You could be experiencing heightened emotions, [inner turmoil,] undergoing a process others might not understand yet with Mercury in probing Scorpio – and your house of partners – you could find you’re easily relating to one person in particular on those sensitive subjects.

As the messenger planet dons a dark cape, dare to dive deeper, listening to those you meet one-on-one; probe others to find answers you’re seeking.

Jupiter and Saturn are now ‘direct’ in your house of global projects, ventures, publishing and education, so that momentum can slowly start up again, and begin to gain traction around the knowledge or track you’re seeking to be on.

But there’s no need to rush or push ahead with plans to launch or establish a big dream or experience,with Mars now retrograde in your low key twelfth house; energy is directed inwards to the more dreamy and elusive realms, and, happens to be in a testing position to Saturn so that there’s resistance.

Pull back into surrendering, yielding to this heady process, and rather than driving ahead think of what you’ve already learnt these past few months – and last year too – about your beliefs, education, and personal growth…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your eleventh house ofsocial dynamics and group participation,elevating your part in your circle of peers – or society at large…

From stepping up to run a race, or lead a charge, it’s a day to focus on how you find purpose, warmth and your tribe to rally round you. Because Mars is retrograde you could now be re-evaluating encounters in a crowd – who your friends are, or the causes you’re keen to champion.

With a square between Mars and Saturn intensity is high – on the one hand you’re gunning for a revolution, to be a part of the group, on the other you’ve worked hard towards practical investments with a partner, and wont want an earthquake to shatter what you’ve so painstakingly built.

Today’s Full Moon illuminates friends and allies, the dreams you share among peers or industry mates, Gemini. But, as it’s Libra Season there’s also focus on your playful, romantic nature and what you enjoy that’s personal!

It may be hard choosing between – or balancing – your interest within a group and the people, places and things you love more intimately. What’s more, there’s a heavy tone thanks to Saturn, in your house of commitment.

The pressure is on, so do be aware how volatile you or those around you might be now, and the impact this has on your ability to show up for others.

Serious Saturn in your intimate house of mergers and mutual gains has been slowly helping to transform your legacy, shared assets, and investments, with 2020 a giant year for progress in taking your commitments seriously,Twin.

You may have had to formally agree on what you’re willing to give, facing fears and relying on others to do their part – and accepting when they or you fell short – with lessons around finances, (your tax or bonus, or business partner), around marriage, inheritance, pensions, stocks and shares, (around death and mortality, sharing, co-parenting, or the intimate nature of relationships…)

Now, Mars in your social sphere triggers these issues, which you may have just got a handle on, so that what you’re driving ahead in your network of peers – or at a group, company, or industry level – jeopardizes your efforts.

Go easy, acknowledging what’s revealed without adding fuel to any fires…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your career path, worldly direction, goals and public persona or image, making it a moment to acknowledge how you’re coming across, and even celebrate your position at large, your vocation or position.

While Libra Season is a comforting month to nest and settle, the celestial bodies – Moon and Mars – at the visible top of your chart make it easy to feel seen and recognized. But because Mars is retrograde you could be re-evaluating your path, or adjusting your sails…

Be aware that with Mars now clashing with stern Saturn, a partner or person you encounter could prove resistant or block your progress, or even be reluctant to raise a glass and support your leadership qualities…

Mars now lights up your path to progress in your tenth house of fame and notoriety, but squares Saturn in your house of partners, Crab, so that career or your professional drive is contentious in relationships.

With Mercury in sexy, amorous Scorpio (and your playful house of dating and romance) you can dare to enjoy yourself, and yet it might be incredibly frustrating not getting the recognition or attention you know you deserve.

While financial compensation or rewards are forthcoming, you may have to settle for less glittering reception from a reliable co-pilot…

Mars is now retrograde in your house of success, advancement and career, with a Full Moon in this sector of the skies today too.

Acknowledge progress and your path to achievements, as you could now have reason to celebrate or at least notice some ‘wins’ around your sense of drive, ambition, and accomplishment.

Note motivated Mars is now square to authoritative Saturnin your house of ‘others’, creating prickles of frustration and even a competitive, abrasive battleground. A work wife or business partner might be reluctant to give you the praise you deserve, blocking a sense of completion or satisfaction, or, some other facet of your interaction could bring you back down to earth.

Rather than asserting your will, strategize and consider what you’ve learnt these past few months – and this year – about what others give you, and your boundaries and expectations…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, which activates the area of your horoscope concerning long-distance ventures, exploration & the unfamiliar: education, travel, broader horizons and publishing – how information goes global or further afield, and you connect with those that think differently.

From a course, track, journey or vision quest, it’s a day to illuminate what you’ve learnt, where you’ve gone, or the place you’ve arrived…

Mars retrograde suggests you could be treading back over old ground, retracing steps, figuring out how to proceed across unfamiliar, fresh terrain, and, as it’s Libra Season there’s a spotlight on close connections, too…

Information sharing is pertinent now, with Libra Season spotlighting those closest (local connections, neighbors, siblings and your tight inner circle).

But, with today’s Full Moon cast your net wider and further afield, as equal light now shines in your ninth house of truth-seeking, worldly plans and teachers, and the voice and mindset you use to follow your dreams – and a path that allows you to venture further.

What’s more, with Mars in a retrograde spell there’s no better period to reflect on ties to those outside your usual frame of reference – of a different belief system or moral code.

Consider how you engage and show interest, with Venus in your sign you can come across with charm and grace, receptive to a different news source…

Saturn now resides in your house of work, wellbeing and daily toil (and service),but with a current square from Mars it could feel like your usual routine or habits hold you back – or limit your freedom to chase your dreams!

There’s no need to rush as Mars is retrograde, and in a testing position for your health and constitution so be mindful of rushing to try new experiences without honoring your limits, too.

You’ve likely learnt so much these past few months – and this year – about living well, living healthy, quitting bad habits and toxic environments, recognizing what you need to be ultimately productive.

There’s no use resisting the rules and boundaries that are there for good reason, though there’s plenty outside the parameters calling you…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, illuminating your eighth house of unification, bonds, mergers and investments – how you share what you have, and commit your time, energy, resources and money, pooling for mutual gain.

It’s a day with the potential for revelations or reflection around a pledge or promise made; note that with Mars now retrograde you could be undergoing a process others might not understand, digging deep into agreements and what you stand to achieve through an alliance.

With Mercury in probing Scorpio– and your house of kindred spirits – you could find you’re easily relating to those in close quarters, who might offer valuable feedback… Take advice from those who understand the intricacies of the power dynamics you’re experiencing.

There’s no better time to reflect on how you get up close and personal with a partner, showing your hand, your vulnerabilities, building trust. Not only is Mars in a retrograde spell, the Moon peaks in the intimate sector of the skies concerning your commitments, so that anxieties may be heightened.

But Mars is square to Saturn, now situated in your house of passion projects, love life, playful creativity, fertility, conception and entertainment– these two are in the ring, and don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye, so what you’re hoping to secure might not be aligned with what you’ve patiently waited for…

Though it’s a challenging day in the stars, with intensity and the mood heightened and fragile, it’s potentially an awesome time to follow the call of reputation and all you’re striving for outwardly, Virgo.

With Mars in your house of commitment you could be willing to consider what it takes to show up and dedicate yourself – including around your path to progress. What do you desire, and how might you channel your drive to succeed – with or without someone by your side?

While there’s plenty to be frustrated at in terms of personal gratification, and the realities of projects and plans that are your creative expression (a baby, blog, book, your love life – sex – or side hustle), you can usher in success at large. Find inspiration in your purpose and career…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your seventh house ofpartners and personal relationships, so that although it’s your birthday month (and a time to shine with attention and focus on you) your unions and rapport with others (and what you’ve agreed on) is high on today’s agenda.

Because Mars is retrograde you could now be re-evaluating encounters, one-on-one, questioning whether that person in particular is ‘right’ for you, or too disruptive to what you’ve worked hard to establish.

Mars now squares Saturn in your sensitive fourth house, so that your protective side raises the defenses…

Today’s Full Moon illuminates the issue of partnership, and the affect that individuals you’re involved with have on family or home life. With Mars in a retrograde spell – square to Saturn – there may be issues or a dynamic that’s hot, heady and wild! And, this may brush up against what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish underfoot (stability)…

Acknowledge what could be done better, reducing flames to a flicker, and managing your expectations of what others bring to the table.

With your ruling planet Venus now touring another fire sign ‘Leo’, there’s a sense of social engagement that’s fuel for the fire (friends may like your partner), but be mindful of the warm glow that draws you like a moth to its exciting light – don’t get burnt!

You ruling planet Venus now tours your eleventh house of groups, networks, community, and your social scene, and shares rapport with Mars in your house of partners.  This suggests a day of human connection and friendship, with allies and rapport all around you.

But, heady, willful Mars is retrograde, and in a testing position square to formidable Saturn, so rather than enjoying steady footing and foundations established, you could feel another rocking the boat.

Rest on the mountain pass and let the wild fires burn themselves out.

Don’t try to reason or argue – simply witness what’s now revealed and have patience, you’ve time to figure out next steps. See things for what they are, and with thoughtful Mercury making moves in your second house of income, work, and practical efforts you’re likely able to strategize sensibly.


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your sixth house of work, wellbeing and the jobs, tasks or rituals that make up your day-to-day.

With your ruling planet Mars now retrograde in this sector of the skies you could be experiencing a re-evaluationprocess helping you focus on ways you’re useful, productive and fit for service, and today you might find you’ve a better handle on what you need to feel good about your schedule or job.

Yet because Mars is now square to Saturn, the motivation you have around your busy routine potentially clashes with connections, communication skills, or even friendships and rapport you’ve worked so hard to establish…

With Mercury now in your own sign you can be engaged and receptive, communicative and articulate now, Scorpio. What’s more, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are now in your house of close contact and rapport, so that 2020 is a huge year to develop stronger ties with those in your inner circle.

But, today’s Full Moon in Aries dominates, and could mean that staying in touch is hard work; busy Mars in this hotheaded, impulsive sign is blazing ahead with purpose, so you might have limited patience for others, now.

Reflect on your approach to asserting yourself – particularly in the workplace or around those you interact with day-to-day – your will vs. your words…

Motivated Mars is now square to Saturn in your house of contact and communication skills, neighborly or sibling ties, so that creating prickles of frustration and even a competitive, abrasive battlegroundto work upon!

You might be feeling frustrated by those that aren’t moving fast enough (or keeping up) but maybe you need more haste and less speed!

Consider your approach across all your interactions lest you bark from being too busy; think about what you’ve learnt these past few months – and this year – about your inner circle and rapport among those closest.

You may have a wonderful professional revelation, today, so enjoy prominence and praise, but be mindful as you go about your business, taking time for ‘water cooler chat’ as well as useful instructions…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, activating the area of your chart concerning your passions – the people, places and things you love, Sagittarius, your solo pursuits, hobbies, love life, children, and playful nature – and all that makes your heart race!

From a creative project or something you’re keen to conceptualize, it’s a day to illuminate where your enthusiasm lies. Mars is retrograde suggests you could be experiencing a re-evaluation in matters of the heart; don’t be surprised if you’re hot under the collar as things get heated!

Libra Season is your month to focus on community but with Mercury in secretive Scorpio turning you towards private interestsyou could be standing back from the crowd, less likely to draw attention to your thoughts.

Today’s Full Moon in Aries – and your fertile, fifth house of love – puts passions high on your agenda, Sagittarius. With heady Mars in a retrograde spell there’s no better time to review, reflect and assess your personal approach to lusty pursuits, sexual impulses, dating and your love life, while acknowledging where you’re at, today.

Illuminate what (or who) is driving you, and ascertain what could be done better, from reducing a sizzling, overt, pushy approach to something more manageable and amicable, manage your ardent enthusiasm.

With Mercury in probing Scorpio and your elusive house of unconscious musings, you could be well positioned to dive a little deeper, exploring tendencies that honestly don’t serve you. Find yourself fearlessly reflective.

Marsis retrograde, and now challenging [square] to authoritative Saturnis in a testing position for your work and financial position, Sagittarius – you could find your kids or creativitydisrupting your material realms or pay cheque, upsetting the apple cart or interrupting your zoom!

It’s really easy to react from a place of anger and frustration, particularly when your resources or earning power seems disturbed, yet reduce the potential for drama and theatrics! Let a partner ease your burdens or mop your brow…

Consider what you’ve learnt these past few months – and this year – about the way you find a resolute, authentic confidence in what you’re worth (professionally). There’s no need to rush or push, today.


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries and the lowest point of your horoscope, Capricorn, so that your base, foundations, and hidden inner realms of past, parenting, homeland and household interests are aglow.

It’s a day with the potential for revelations or reflection around your feelings or emotions, which might not feel all that comfortable. Mars is retrograde so you could be experiencing a process at home or pertaining to family.

Rather than get overwhelmed with such notions, talk it out among trusted friends or turn to your circle of peers and those that might hold answers. It’s all too easy to get frustrated today and row, so keep calm and carry on.

Vivacious Venus now tours Leo, encouraging you to go deeper and seek out partners and alliances you can commit to – and that help improve your overarching reputation and ability to reach your goals.

Yet today is about honoring family ties or relationships to those you live with, are connected to emotionally, or those who’re involved with your property and home life, with the Moon full in your sensitive fourth house.

With Mars retrograde it’s possible to reflect on your inner realms, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t’ come naturally. Mars is now square to your ruling planet Saturn, so that you might have a hundred other preferences!

With Saturn now ‘direct’ in your sign you might be ready to progress with personal feats and endeavors, but there’s no need to rush or push, as today’s Full Moon reveals a facet of home life that’s hard to turn away from.

Energy planet Mars pulls you toward your hidden house of emotional terrain, so that things get heated underfoot; try to maintain maturity and the authority you’ve cultivated – strong and formidable in your presence.

Messenger Mercury is well placed for social interactions and networking, in your zone of community, collaboration, group work and team spirit, making today a day to circulate.

Get out of the office and find yourself more effective, powering through tasks with your furnace alight…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your sociable third house of communication skills, language, rapport, news and messages – local interactions and debates in your environment – spotlighting your inner circle.

Because Mars is retrograde you could be re-evaluating how you connect and conduct yourself among best friends, siblings or neighbors – finding your voice, and navigating the right way to carry yourself as you make your way.

But Mars now squares Saturn in your elusive house of gestation, so that interactions disturb a project or endeavor that’s taking time to rise… Be aware of information and the latest gossip – without it being about you…

Mars now lights up your conversational house of connection, writing, speech and messages, and, with a Full Moon in this sector of the skies a close tie or opinion could be emphasized. Notice your rapport among kindred spirits.

With ties to Venus you could be in sync with a friend or loved one, however, it’s not an easy day, with Mars retrograde and square to Saturn.

You could get the wrong end of the stick and say something today that warrants a later fact check. You could be hotly pursuing someone in your local circle at the detriment of long-term goals, or simply act in a way that doesn’t serve you – though you might only realize this later.

Curb an argumentative tone, or attitude that doesn’t reflect who you are…

Taskmaster Saturn is ‘direct’ in your house of healing, dreams and closure, now complimented by Mercury in strategic Scorpio and your house of outward appearance, reputation and success.

However, advancing along your path from a place of quiet ambition is not necessary to be rushed. In fact, today you might allow information to surface as the Full Moon peaks in your third house of contact & communication skills.

Mars is retrograde in this zone of close ties, debating and enthusiastic about local ties and your immediate environment, spearheading and leading the charge. But now square to formidable Saturn you might want to cool it.

PAUSE to gather your thoughts, rather than reveal or say something that’s better left hidden, reflect, observe, and take stock. Time is on your side; gather your resources, ready to gestate just a little longer…


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your material world, your income, earnings and confidence in making a living too. It’s a moment to stand in acknowledgement of the position you uphold, the rewards you make solo, and your input or contribution – your work and finances.

While Libra Season encourages you to spotlight commitments and deepen your resolve in partnerships and agreements, Venus, Mars and the Full Moon increase the reverence you hold in your vocation.

But because Mars is retrograde in your income and money zone you could be experiencing a re-evaluation of professional matters or around your sense of self-worth, therefore you might be adjusting your sails, Pisces…

It’s OK not to have it all figured out, you’ll likely regain confidence in time…

The Sun now tours your eighth house of collaboration and unification, bonding and building trust with others, but with the Full Mooncomes a moment to honor your earnings and capabilities.

But this isn’t guaranteed to be a moment of uplifting celebration, with Marsin this sector of the skies retrograde and square to Saturn in your house of social life, peers, and teamwork.

You could be struggling to accommodate friends or hit the right note with your social media following – or industry mates – with a fire in your belly around earning, or getting what’s yours. With the Moon & Mars emphasized there’s no better time to reflect on how you go about getting what you want, particularly as this relates to those around you.

Headstrong Mars now in your money houseis square to Saturn in your networking zone, creating prickles of frustration and even a competitivespirit – rather than asserting or demanding your way (or trying to ‘sell’ too hard to friends), consider what you’ve learnt these past few months – and this year – about team work.

The Full Moon spotlights your talent, earning capability, input and role, but it’s all too easy to get carried away and forget the group of cheerleaders that help you feel good about your solo role.

Friends and community must be balanced with the way you make a living; today gives you an opportunity to accommodate the two.

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