Your Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope …

Luna Blossoms in the Crab's sign...

Read the Full Moon in Cancer horoscope for both your Sun and Rising Sign…

This time the Sun and Moon are harmoniously aligned with both Jupiter and Saturn! Only Mercury Retrograde throws a spanner in the works…

Your Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope…


The Full Moon could prompt you to draw inwards, Aries. Connect to home spaces, your property, parents, the past or your own inner sanctum. Be safe, feel secure and comforted. Nest and be aware of your financial position and potential prosperity!

Capricorn Season lends emphasis to your public image, your sense of outer success and accomplishments. Reflect on how you’re established, honoring progress made or enduring plans that see you

Just be aware there may be ideas to take flight that are better off the boil. Wait a couple of days to ignite your solo passions and adventurous side.

Simply take a moment to tend to family or domestic settings, aware of your purpose, contribution and role.


Illuminate your closest ties and connection, Taurus, as well as your communication skills, sibling or coworker relations. The Full Moon peaks in your zone of neighbors, surroundings and local environments.

Be aware of how you navigate and mobilize among friends, on your own journey among those in your inner circle… For you, Capricorn Season is about global projects, long-distance travel and those that encourage you further afield. However, today is more about close kindred spirits!

Just be aware your private life and trust are also issues burning bright ¬– navigating your commitments, bonds and loyal investments, which doesn’t necessarily chime well with friends in a loose sense.

Be sure to connect, emotionally receptive, anticipating intensity!


The Cancer Full Moon touches your finances, your role and contribution – what you do to make a living or input something of value. Illuminate your position and assets, even your possessions or the things that make you feel safe and secure.

A journey of acceptance, closure or moving on in your private life could be important, as you let go of the past and move toward a new beginning in 2024! Establishing yourself in your career, or accepting responsibility too.

Just be mindful around conversations with a partner, which could be complicated, as your ruler Mercury is now retrograde – and approaching a square to Neptune. Relationship dynamics may be exciting, yet so too is your professional path, your goals, ambitions or what you’re striving toward over the long-term. For now, be sure to appreciate and acknowledge what you have and what you’re capable of.


The Full Moon peaks in your sign, Cancer! Allow the spotlight to shine on you, your body and physicality. Recognise and acknowledge individual achievements in your personal life, and what really matters to you.

Capricorn Season lends emphasis to partners, best friends, a spouse or intimate relationship, and your friends, peer group, team spirit and community will likely be important now, too.

Just be mindful that work, your lifestyle choices, a daily habit or practice might require a re-think. Pause where your career or regime is concerned, your public image and how you come off in public.

A personal venture may come first that’s all about your personal growth and knowledge. Formalizing a journey you’ve been on, a path you’ve been walking and your own quest for knowledge may force you to cast aside interest in a job or your regular habits!


This Full Moon has the potential to be introspective. It shines in your elusive twelfth house of surrender, sacrifice and solitude. Something within may need to be healed, or time away from it all could be an ideal remedy. Be aware of your public image, parenting issues or how you come off in the world at large, with a new position to uphold.

Capricorn Season lends emphasis to routines, habits and rituals, in your work and health zone. Reflect on subtle sensitivities, unconscious as well as conscious maintenance procedures.

There may be a pull toward excitement, pleasure, play and enjoyment, yet intensity and private issues may be overwhelming so take it easy! What matters most could be rest and recuperation that leads to your success, growth and prominence.


Community matters today, Virgo, and you can illuminate your friendships, networks and wider circles. A sense of teamwork or audience participation could be key, as you look to a journey of publishing, broadcasting, or education.

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Capricorn Season sees you occupied by personal interests, a passion project, loved one (including children), a hobby or your talents. However, look to what moves your peers and the people in the world around you.

With Mercury retrograde you may be reflective and extra sensitive to family matters, which isn’t easy on a partner. Thinking and talking about security or parenting issues might be ill timed, so simply be social and sensitive to others appreciating what you can share or promote to the group.


The Cancer Full Moon touches your accomplishments, Libra, and who you appear to be in the world as a public figure. Look to your career, your position at large (including as a parent). Find your claim to fame, and illuminate successes.

While the Sun shines in your home zone, and the sector of family life and domesticity, today look to be visible and prominent. Investments and a commitment you’re looking to make – or the way you’ve made a pact – may be important too. The way you share, co-parent, borrow, lend or lean into a collaboration is key!

Just be mindful around conversations and communication, sensing when to pull back. You likely have your own way of life to live, and siblings, neighbors or local environments might not be entirely compatible with your schedule.


The Full Moon peaks in fellow water sign Cancer, and can illuminate a journey, guide or mentor, a project or your own faith, religion or philosophy. Notice feelings arising that are experiences you’re willing to share with the world.

Capricorn Season lends emphasis to siblings, neighbors and local environments, as well as partners or personal relations that are now expanded on [thanks to Jupiter]. Your capacity for growth is considerable where one-to-ones are concerned at this time.

However, a focus on close connections can be set aside in favor of a plan that sees you going further, growing and aware of beliefs or an understanding that teaches you

Just be mindful that money, your role, financial position or sense of purpose have momentum and are potentially taking up attention. But your passions, a way to express yourself, have fun or enjoy life may overwhelm ideas about the practical side of life.


The Full Moon could prompt you to look at your investments, how you trust or share resources with others. Private affairs and intimacy issues could be felt, what you give up to others or where you’re bonded for keeps.

A dutiful sense of service could be apparent, a journey you’re on at work or the jobs you undertake as part of a health practice or routine.

With Mercury retrograde in your sign – and square to Neptune – you may have to park your own ideas, allowing family or domestic life to take hold.

Capricorn Season lends emphasis to your work, financial position, input or contribution, yet take time out to sense where you’re gaining something from a partner, or are making a sacred pact with another.


Illuminate all kinds of relationships as the Full Moon peaks in your partnership zone, Capricorn. Though it’s your birthday season you’re now tasked with acknowledging progress made in one-to-ones.

There may be good reason to take it slow, too. Your private life is undergoing shifts, with an inner process likely underway: acceptance could be key, as well as meditating somewhat on your own thoughts. Try to avoid saying the wrong thing, making a verbal blunder or allowing secrets to slip.

With Mercury Retrograde it’s all too easy to say something you don’t really mean! Keep it simple and collaborative, considering other people and how they feel, as well as having fun!

You’re in a personally supreme time to enjoy life, your kids, a vacation or creative spell. Be playful and make a baby!


The Full Moon touches work, health, day-to-day habits and active practices. Note all you do to maintain a sense of purpose, productivity and wellbeing. Celebrate what you do consciously, ritualistically and dutifully!

Look to home life, your property or space, with awareness of growth and a journey you’re on to settle, nest or ground yourself. Your lifestyle, diet or ways of living well could now compliment domestic spaces.

Just be mindful a friendly, social situation and connection to the group could be tricky or challenging, as you deal with a financial matter. Advice from peers could miss the mark where your position is concerned, so take what’s said with a grain of salt or discuss at a later date.


The Full Moon blossoms in your fun, fertile house of playful creativity, children, self-expression, love, entertainment, and pleasure seeking. Notice what’s been born as a heartfelt extension of you, and where you’ve produced something to love! A relationship, baby, book, business side hustle, a hobby, craft or artistic feat…

Local connections, communication skills or a new way of relating to your surrounding environment could be incredibly special now, with close friends and neighborly ties complimenting your special passions.

Just be mindful you may be wise to press pause on ideas about your own success, reputation, outwards facing role and income or finances today. Let your focus settle on you, those you love, and the rapport developing, rather than grappling with any practicalities. Mercury is retrograde and could be incredibly trying!

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