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Cold Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope…

Review The Year – And Where We Started!

Full Moon In Cancer, 8º53’

  • Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day,
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: The Moon Itself.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 2.28 pm
  • Hong Kong: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 11.28 am
  • Kolkata: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 8.58 am
  • Moscow: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 6.28 am
  • Paris: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 4.28 am
  • London: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 3.28 am
  • New York: Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 10.28 pm
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 7.28 pm.

About This Full Moon in Cancer…

2020 draws to a close with a Full Moon in Cancer, and the Sun in opposite sign Capricorn accompanied by Mercury, skipping ahead of our brightest star.

The Full Moon is always a potent moment to reflect, with the full or maximum light of the Sun cast across the sensitive satellite – the Full Moon affording us great awareness on matters.

This month there’s space to see where we started the year (with a Full Moon in Cancer on January 10th), and what’s come full circle… And, where there’s a chance for change and progress to occur ahead…

The Moon makes an easy (sextile) aspect to Uranus in Taurus, a planet that breeds and evokes change, allowing us to consider “what’s next” or “what’s possible” via the Cancerian-Taurean houses in our horoscope…

Venus is approaching an exact square to Neptune, so that our desires have the capacity to be diluted, it’s hard to get our wants and fancies met while blurry Neptune permeates…

Interestingly, the Full Moon peaks at 8º53′ – on the Full Moon in Cancer in January 2020, the North Node was at 8º26′ Cancer (with the Eclipse cycle in this sign), so we can consider this a light shining on activity and intentions over a much longer time period.

Your Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope…


Take a moment to honor the Full Moon in Cancer, Aries, drawing inwards towards home spaces, your land, lineage, past & roots. Be at ease, feeling safe, secure, and comforted by your nest & environment–honoring progress made or that’s now coming to pass, welcoming notions of change underfoot…

Reflect on developments that have helped you reach a more established vision of your domestic set-up and what’s left to build your inner sanctuary, sense of security & place – a connection to the past with emotional fortitude and semblance – a take on parenting or family…

Though Capricorn Season lends emphasis to your public image, or sense of outwards success, today’s Full Moon really steers you to consider a softer side of life, and what you’re working hard for…


Venus and Mars move through fire, Aries, so that it’s easy to ignite your passions and be present with your amorous nature. But Venus is approaching a challenging square to foggy Neptune – elusive, confusing and intangible – so that it might be time to hold your horses!

Full Moon’s are emotionally sensitive moments of the month, and this day in particular sees Luna touch down in the hidden realms of your horoscope – so take time to bake, nest and nurture within your four walls. No need to be hell bent on pushing ahead your agenda when the stars encourage you to pause…


Capricorn Season sees career demands loom large, as the Sun now tours the outer realms of success, reputation, notoriety and public image – there’s focus on your ambitious nature, your vocation and how far you’ve come!

However, your sense of security, stability and comfort counts, as the Full Moon peaks in sentimental Cancer, and makes ties to radical Uranus, planet of change, upheavals, difference and progress (futurism).

Now in your money zone, there might be some facet of your capabilities, role, input and financial position that inspires home life or the way you live in your private nook – notice what you’re keen to contribute to develop a resounding place, hearth, consistency and home for you and yours…

See how your work breeds a sense of reliability and rootedness!


A Full Moon in Cancer illuminates your closest ties and connection, Taurus, as well as your communication skills, sibling or coworker relations, with the Moon aglow in your house of neighbors.

Your approach to navigating and mobilizing in your surroundings and local environment could be highlighted, particularly the way you’re activated to stand in your own philosophy, presence and purpose among those in your inner circle …

The Moon finds harmony with Uranus in your sign, which points to seismic shifts and changes to who you are at your core, or the way you hope to present yourself (physically) and your attitude, ideas and outlook.

While Capricorn Season and 2020 has been huge for global projects and venturing out, further afield, today be cognizant of those near, as well as far…


Your capacity to communicate is in the spotlight with the Full Moon in your house of speech, news and information.

While the Sun and Mercury emphasize a connection to those further afield, today, take time for close kindred spirits and those that feel their way in a similar way you do, from a similar starting point in life – demonstrate your radical new approach or look!

Meanwhile your ruling planet Venus tours your committed house of bonds and loyal investments, so you could be relishing coming together with those that stand true.

Trust and engage your private, emotional life, which could be compelling, as you step closer to deepened affections, pledging yourself to significant figures (including platonic partners). And yet, a pesky square to elusive Neptune in your house of friends could dilute your intense intentions!!


Capricorn Season is a wonderful month to spotlight personal growth and development, Taurus, as the brightest star illuminates knowledge build and sustained ventures that have taken you further!

But today it’s a good to focus on the more basic skills and connections that bring you closer to others – notice ways you’ve developed language or navigation skills, or simply have gotten used to picking up the phone – calling or reaching out to those in your locale, showing you’re open, curious, and [emotionally] receptive…

With plenty of time for friends and a human touch, your own sense of commitment could feel a little lost or disparate; don’t panic or get overwhelmed if social agendas seem to override your most special, intimate relationships…


The Cancer Full Moon touches down in your house of material gains and assets, with ties to disruptor Uranus in your secretive twelfth house.

Notice the state of your finances, your role, contribution, and all you do to make a living or input something of value, while also awakening to potential behind the scenes that might be a little elusive, intangible, or still under wraps…

What is being prepared – or might soon gestate in anticipation – that could be lucrative or give you confidence in your position? What needs to shift and change in relation to your earnings, and what you put in? Are you too giving?

Financial commitments are a topic of conversation now, as Capricorn Season (and your ruler Mercury in this ambitious sign) lends focus to what can be accomplished with another. It’s easy to think about serious investments (property; taxes and savings) or resources, assets or gains made through family, a lender, or your mate–even passive income could now be in mind.

Yet today, focus on what you can do solo…


Venus moves through your house of partners, and the Sun and Mercury moves through your committed house of mutual gains, so you could be thoroughly engaged with relationship dynamics now, Gemini.

But the love goddess of pleasure – and people pleasing – is approaching a square to Neptune in your house of visibility and outward impressions. Your challenge in one-to-ones could be around getting on the same page within a certain union, aiming towards the same end goal… The destination could be unknowable, hard to see or describe, therefore you’ll both need to work hard together to stay on track!! Nevertheless, today is more about your part, solo…


Your input is spotlighted today, Gemini, as the Full Moon peaks in Cancer and your comforting house of money, material goods, possessions and income.

Although you know how compelling it is to share your resources (your space, accounts, a private bonds, trusting others to show up for you and pool or share the load), it’s your own capabilities and assets in the spotlight now, too.

Acknowledge how much you have to offer – this needn’t be limited to finances, it could be support, care, companionship, and nurturing others, too. Weigh up your contribution, including the facets that others don’t see – tap into your intuition or understated skills that are intangible and unknowable as part of your over package of attributes and assets.


Today’s Full Moon comes to a head in your sign, Cancer Babe! Allow the spotlight to shine on you, your solo achievements & physicality…

Recognise and acknowledge accomplishments made on an individual level that connect to your constitution, or body, or that pertains to your purpose, and personal interests – something special to you…

Ties between Moon & Uranus help you appreciate changes and shifts in your peer group, team spirit, and efforts with a more collective consideration.

Show up as a presence in your community!

You may be able to connect the dots on your needs, however you might need to rise above certain facets of your lifestyle (don’t get hung up on the details!). Though you may be enjoying getting a handle on things, knowing your daily requirements (around fitness and food) use an easy touch. Acknowledge progress, appreciating your capacity to heal and recover…


There’s a big focus on relationships but just for today steer attention your way! Capricorn Season lends emphasis to partners, and with both Sun & Mercury lighting up your seventh house of one-to-ones there’s focus on those you might collaborate and work with, on many levels (platonic + romantic).

While you may be keen to think about special unions, it’s also important to put yourself first today, setting aside time for you amidst the demands of your busy lifestyle. The Full Moon spotlights your independent streak, urging you to look where you thrive autonomously – particularly among friends, community and your social scene or network.

Ties between the Moon and Uranus in your house of humanitarian drives and hopes for your people puts you in touch with your part at the heart of your clan – notice what role you have within your group, industry or team.


Venus and Mars move through fire, and the more professional, efficient house of the horoscope, emphasizing your capacity to manage the day-to-day trivialities – health, wellbeing, work, routines, and habits, as well as your overarching position in the world (your career and reputation). However, Venus now approaches a challenging square to dreamy Neptune, making it hard to stick to the details!

Your personal growth and development as an individual (how you manage solo) is perhaps far more compelling today – rather than your employment and the grind, you’re likely far more captivated by visionary pursuits and a journey pursued over the long term, a quest towards knowledge that inspires!

Getting on with those around you may add to the tension, so carve out time for you on this potentially emotional day…


The Moon moves through Cancer ahead of this evening’s Full Moon – while the Sun shines in Capricorn, and your healthy house of routines, habits and rituals, the sensitive Moon dips out of sight into your elusive twelfth house of surrender, sacrifice and solitude…

This suggests you might want to step back from the action to rest and recalibrate, Lion heart. Feel nourished by time out!

Ties to the unconventional planet Uranus in your visible tenth house of public image makes space to reflect on the path you’re walking in the world, to yield to change and progress affiliated with your career, image at large, or your reputation! Stand back and admire the tools you have in your kit that make for subtle enhancement to your ambitions with serenity and ease…


Venus moves through your house of romance, but the goddess of love, pleasure and desire now approaches a square to foggy Neptune, so that a playful sense of enjoyment is intensified and even a little challenging.

Notice if you feel that ‘letting go’ to have fun and indulge in lusty pursuits or simple play is overwhelming; the planet of illusions in your commitment zone casts a hazy fog and illusionary quality around your capacity to indulge, so be mindful of overdoing it, getting lost in your desires, which could lead you into murky waters… (A simple date could escalate in your imagination!)


Honor the silence and peace of mind that helps you appear as the person you want to be at large, Leo. Health and healing, productivity and rest, maintenance and surrender are the touch stones, today – while Capricorn Season steers your into action and service, todays Cancer Moon encourages you to yield. Notice the call inwards, escaping the practical realms & zone out!

While your ruling celestial guide – the Sun – offers masses of clarity around work, health, or lifestyle choices, with the more routine facets in hand (and a head full “to-dos”) today, switch off and look within–quiet daydreaming, rest & meditation (or prayer) could be invaluable in reaching towards your goals.

Both organized diligence and solitude or spiritual awareness help you focus on your career and ambitions! Take a pause to do nothing, acknowledging all you’ve learned about gentle recuperation and the need for unconscious clarity – soothed and satiated within.

Inner faith and peace of mind are invaluable if you’re feeling overly excited, with a desire for entertainment, fun and passion – allow subtle calm to wash over you!


Community matters most today, Virgo, as the Full Moon peaks in your zone of groups, networks and wider circles – you might like to engage with (or reflect on) your industry, friends, or fellows – the acquaintances you might not meet but that mean something to you and your hopes for humanity… Those that care about the same causes you do!

Steer your gaze towards social settings and online platforms, to associates, colleagues and co-workers that champion your cause. Even your audience members (on IG) could be significant, bringing you a sense of teamwork.

With easy ties between the Full Moon and Uranus in your house of publishing, broadcasting, education and vision quests consider that you’re awakening to an educational path that others might benefit from…

While you may feel occupied by personal interests, a certain person, project, or plan, today take stock of the world around you – and those in it.


Your love life is a rich source of intrigue now, Virgo, as Venus tours the emotional realms of your fourth house of comfort and nurture, and Mars drives ahead in your committed zone of private affairs.

While Capricorn Season spotlights romance and play, the matter of ‘affection’ is intensified, and it might be hard to relish your own sense of passion, while also cultivating a healthy, tempered approach to relationships.

What’s more, Venus is square to Neptune in your house of partners, so the deep need you have for security might be a bottomless well in the arms of another. Don’t seek to fill your cup, simply enjoy their enigmatic presence.


Today’s Cancer Moon could elevate your network, organization or company setting, Virgo, coming to fullness in your eleventh house of teamwork and networking. Pay attention to what’s being touched upon and shared, stepping away from personal, autonomous interests and instead turning towards worldly situations. Spotlight the group dynamic, acknowledging your input in something bigger than you.

Perhaps it’s been easier to connect to those in your circle; maybe a company, cause or social endeavor has been an emotional hurdle now overcome… You may now be willing to gravitate towards friends, your industry, or people, mingling with those around you, and now find a sense of comfort and ease in teamwork. There’s likely something radical and refreshing you’ve tapped into that can be shared with the group–be open to revealing knowledge!


The Sun shines in Capricorn, and your house of domesticity, family life, parenting and the hidden emotional realms, Libra. But today, seize your claim to fame, spotlight what it is you do in the world that brings you a sense of accomplishment. Note where you’ve followed your true calling as the Full Moon blossoms in the visible realms of success & notoriety.

Your position at large is alight! Ties to Uranus in your zone of investments helps your strike upon the people or circumstances that are reliable–note as you step up, well heeled, someone’s steady hand is there to guide you…

Balance your inner and outer worlds, knowing that certain arrangements facilitate your success in either realm – from the spouse, co-parent or friend that steps in at a minutes notice, to the strong, grounded circumstances that provide resources, money, time and energy (i.e. the bank of mom & dad!)


As the end of the year draws close you could be keen to gather close kin around you – your ruling planet Venus tours Sagittarius and your house of siblings, neighbors and kindred spirits, putting you in touch with best friends and social engagement in your local, usual environments and surroundings.

Pick up the phone and enjoy reminiscing with those you adore! But, note a square to foggy Neptune can overwhelm your connection. Your busy schedule or a jam-packed household could dilute or dissipate your capacity to relate, creating frustration–you could even be forgetful or caught up with career!

One-to-one relationships could contentious–you’ve likely established solid foundations and are also potentially thriving in your role in the eyes of the world, too. However, with Mars square to Pluto in the emotional realms, one person could create irritation! Overcome hurdles, communicating…


Soak up praise and recognition for your accomplishments, Libra – it’s a day to acknowledge your the work you do in the world or your public image!

The Full Moon spotlights the career or path your choose to follow (including motherhood as a vocation) and with ties to Uranus in your house of bonds and commitments you might find you’re announcing or demonstrating your progress with the loyalty & support of an investor, partner or family member.

Shine a light on your support systems, the reliable counterparts or corroborators who lift you higher on the ladder…


A Full Moon in fellow water sign Cancer illuminates visionary pursuits, a journey, project or worldly venture, blossoming in your house of travel, truth seeking, faith and higher education – how you pursue knowledge and follow the call into the unfamiliar! Ties to Uranus in your house of partners points to one individual (or personal relations, one-on-one) that spark your capacity to learn, grow, and step outside your usual experiences with a certain someone in tow–a teacher, guide, spouse or business ally could be with you on your path!

Notice what you’ve discovered that you’re keen to share with another.

The Sun now shines in your sector of skills and close connections; Capricorn Season lends focus to siblings, neighbors and local environments. But the Full Moon glows in your house of foreign affairs, making space to elevate your outlook and perspective on the world….


Communication skills are now pertinent, with Sun & Mercury in Capricorn lending focus towards your connection to others but the Full Moon celebrating a broader outlook, philosophy, education and your capacity to traverse horizons further afield, talk to foreigners or those with different ideas and ideals, sensitively exploring what’s yours to discover…

The Full Moon syncs with Uranus, now shaking up experiences of partnership and how you deal, one-on-one, so you might now be aware of ties to individuals that are unusual or not your typical type. Relationships could also feel erratic – the only way to overcome a difference in opinion is to talk it over!


Venus and Mars move through fire, and the lucrative, efficient houses of your horoscope, so that your role, rewards and purpose are perhaps lighting you up with enthusiasm, breeding a sense of satisfaction and motivation.

However, both planets experience a challenge today.

Venus in your money house comes up against dreamy Neptune, now elevating artistic, romantic notions – be mindful of tossing out your role in favor of fun!

Mars meanwhile grinds up against galvanizing Pluto, encouraging you to cultivate your voice, connect to your sense of self-expression and navigate with a formal, conservative tone. Your fast pace in health, work and wellbeing doesn’t sit easy with siblings, contacts and those that expect you to suit up and show up (i.e. a sister or co-worker that needs to talk, keen to relate…


This evening a Full Moon peaks in your tender eighth house of investment – your sector of trust, private affairs, intimacy, financial bonds, legacies, death and shared property or resources (inheritance, bills & your energy)…

Despite emphasis on you, your work, position, input or income drop what you’re doing, and look to what’s shared with you – what’s gained when you open up to others. Illuminate your secret fears and look how far you’ve come!

You may have had to show up for someone (and put your money where your mouth is) or work hard, patiently, diligently–and there may be more of this to come! With ties to Uranus notice who you’re committed to serving (helping)…


With lady Venus in your sign you could be feeling yourself, Sagittarius, keen to have fun and satiate your desires and impulses, spoiling yourself and indulging! Mars moves through Aries and your fertile fifth house of playful creativity, personal gratification and lusty pursuits, so it really is a time when your own self seeking motives are lit!

But not so fast! Venus has a contender in Neptune, blurring the outlines of your hot flames with his foggy lens; meanwhile Mars is still clashing with power monger Pluto in your work and money zone – controlling how far you pursue your own flights of fancy….

As the Full Moon is aglow in your intimate house of private affairs it’s a great day to acknowledge situations where you’ve had to commit and go the distance. So set aside the boiling pot, take it off the stove and simmer down…


With the Sun & Mercury in Capricorn there’s focus on your work, income, and the contribution you make. Yet the Full Moon in your collaborative, committed house of bonds, mutual agreements, and mergers spotlights what’s accomplished when you team up with an investor, partner, or plus one, pooling what you have to be beneficial to you both.

Your financial axis is alight, and while it’s awesome feeling confident in your efforts, draw attention away from your role, temporarily, and shine a light on ways you benefit from someone else’s input, resources, or trust and loyalty…

Ties to Uranus in your house of health and wellbeing, employment, service and support suggest you’ll be able to see the individuals that make well rounded teammates – from a work wife that will pull for you in a pinch, to a partner that understands your vulnerabilities (i.e. an ongoing ailment), or even a boss that you’re committed to that lets you make your own schedule.


A Full Moon in your house of partners spotlights all kinds of relationships and personal entanglements – not limited to marriage partners consider a coach, therapist, family member, even a friend or frenemy! Anyone you experience on a personal level could be pertinent, now. Soften the edges as others might seem emotional, sensitive, and need your care and attention.

Though it’s your birthday season, a month to focus on number one, you’re now tasked with acknowledging progress made in one-to-ones – how you’ve manage the dynamics between self & other–and keep it fun & spontaneous!

There may be a bit of tension afoot; you’re going through a huge inner process, which might make it difficult to catch your bearings, and you’re not guaranteed to ‘say the right thing’ (in fact you could make a verbal blunder or allow secrets to slip…) Yet today is a wonderful opportunity to honor individuals who’ve played a part in your personal growth journey…


The Full Moon in Cancer – and your partnership and collaboration house – wants you to consider one-to-ones, and, with harmony between Uranus in Taurus in your house of sex, fertility, creativity and conception (baby making) your kids or playful nature is looped into this lunation!

Set your sights on the individuals sent to you that bring out joy, smiles and happiness, Capricorn – have a good time in the company of a friend! Remember those you love and adore, unions that have stood strong, even in your memory…


Relationships and your creative spark are in the spotlight today, Capricorn, so consider the people you encounter in your professional life, and what they’re revealing to you now about your own capacity for self-expression, passion and enjoyment! Where might you entertain or show your artistic side?

Security and place are also thematic at this time, and not necessarily comfortable. Mars has been deep diving through the hidden, emotional realms of your horoscope, and is now square to Pluto in your own sign.

Not only does this breed the potential for power struggles and control issues, matters may be laced with a familiar edge. Notice any unresolved past drama that seems sent to push on your secret vulnerabilities, buttons & feelings, and rather than reacting in a way that lashes out, maintain your cool, Capricorn…


It may seem somewhat like a time of hibernation for you Aquarius, as the Sun tours Capricorn and the quiet realms of your solitary twelfth house. You may be thinking and playing over the events of 2020, gently unwinding (also embracing a new chapter, a fresh start thanks to Jupiter & Saturn in your sign!)

Today however, the Cancer Full Moon spotlights work, health, day-to-day habits and active practices, and all you do to maintain your sensation of purpose, productivity and wellbeing. Notice how far you’ve come consistency in your efforts, particularly when caring about the little things.

Ties to Uranus in the emotional realms of home life, nurture and domesticity could prompt you to awaken and open up to your feelings and foundations – take stock of the way your position, lifestyle, job or habits align with what you’re keen to evoke in hidden spaces (your four walls, your family domain, your property or in a sense of comfort, security and nourishment…)


Venus and Mars move through fire, and the social sectors of your horoscope, so that you’re perhaps enthusiastic about connecting and being part of a scene or team work, today, gravitating towards kindred spirits that have similar drives and passions.

But Mars is in conflict with shadowy Pluto in your clandestine twelfth house, so something may hold you back or control your ability to mobilize. Venus is challenged by Neptune in your fiscal zone of personal value & gains – there’s a sense that even though you’re warmly embraced by friends something is lackluster, stopping you from feeling your best…


The Full Moon shines in your sector of service – the house of help, support and routines, so you could be illuminating your own sense of usefulness, (and others effectiveness), how you stay fit for the tasks at hand, cultivating caring, considered ties to those around you, to make life run seamlessly.

Notice subordinates, management and organization skills, your team, a superior, even your doctor, barista, gym instructor, or dietician!

Wellness and lifestyle choices are yours to acknowledge and digest, particularly everyday maintenance connected to home life and your sense of place and security.

Ties to Uranus highlight your place, standing and roots, so there could be opportunities to change something underfoot – you’re now in a better position in terms of health, work, or wellbeing, so be conscious of the practicalities, and what might improve the launch pad that you retreat to!


The Full Moon blossoms in fellow water sign Cancer, and your fun, fertile fifth house of playful creativity, children, self-expression, love, entertainment, and pleasure seeking – what’s been born as a heartfelt extension of you, Pisces? Notice where you’ve expressed yourself and manifested something to love! A relationship, baby, book, business side hustle, a hobby, craft or artistic feat!

Capricorn Season lends the focus towards community endeavors, peers and your social scene – the wider circles, network, industry or humanitarian issues you care about in society at large.

Yet today, acknowledge the special contribution you’ve made or relish that excites and delights. Ties to Uranus in your locally connected house of neighborly ties sparks interest in surrounding environments, so announce special passions and you might well catch the interest of your inner circle…


Let your focus settle on those you love, Pisces!

The Full Moon peaks in your passionate house of dating, love, sex, entertainment and baby making! Allow romantic interests to dominate the day and steer your focus from friends and social activities towards the people, places and things you enjoy most – those you adore and playful pleasure!

Though the Sun and lithe, light-footed Mercury make their way through your sector of teamwork, friendship, community, and networking it’s an ideal time to be engaged with your own heart and interests – find the balance!


Venus tours the highest house of your horoscope, and the sector of success, praise and reputation, so you could be enjoying being seen in your outwards facing role, impressing higher ups – even socially climbing!

But the friendly, flirty love goddess clashes with Neptune in your sign, so you could find that this tactic doesn’t necessarily sit well with you – perhaps you’ll easily tire or find you’re not quite physically suited to advancing…

Meanwhile Mars moves through your money house, driven to attain, gain and cultivate rewards, motivated to accumulate, develop, build or bank! Mars is in a lingering square to Pluto, which creates tension at an outward, social level too… Strike a balance of who you see yourself as, who you want to be, and who you are to your friends or teammates – stay true and authentic to you while still ‘working the room’…

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