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Wolf Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope…

January 17th 2022, Luna Blossoms in the Crab's sign...

  • Weekday: Monday – the Moon’s Day,
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: The Moon Itself.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Tuesday January 18th 7.48 am
  • London / G.M.T – Monday January 17th 11.48 pm
  • New York / EST – Monday January 17th 6.48 pm.

About This Cancer Full Moon…

The Moon in Cancer lands opposite the Sun in Capricorn, both at 27º50′.

The sensitive Moon reaches its fullest point of the Lunar Cycle landing across from both the Sun and heavy Pluto (authoritative, domineering and cold).

Bring feelings to the fore, with emotional sensitivity and a moment to reflect! While there’s an ambitious pull toward purpose, power and deep desires, we can also go gentle and soften…

Monday’s are usually a work-heavy day, particularly in Capricorn Season. We may need to set to the tasks, our goals and long-term plans, but the mood is sentimental, crabby, touchy, moody and tender!!!

Your Full Moon In Cancer 2022 Horoscope…


Take a moment to honor the Full Moon in Cancer, drawing inwards towards homely spaces, your land, lineage, past and roots. Be at ease – touchy! Or feel what’s safe, secure, and comforting. Nest in environment and honor progress that’s now coming to pass at home.

Appreciate the way you tend to your private nook or hidden corner! Reflect on developments that have helped you reach a well-rounded vision of your domestic set-up, your inner sanctuary – realise a connection to emotional semblance. Sense your take on parenting or family… It could be a sentimental day so slow down, letting comfort count… You may need to nourish your body (your primary dwelling!) Drink water.

Relationships. Mars moves through fire, so that it’s easy to ignite your passions and be present with your amorous nature. But the red planet is lingering in a challenging square to foggy Neptune – elusive, confusing and intangible.

It might be wise to hold your horses a little, particularly with Mercury now Retrograde in your social sector of friends, allies and acquaintances…

Complications may arise with the light-footed messenger planet thrown asunder in your house of your community and networking. Be sure to double check the details of meetings and engagements among peers!

Career. Capricorn Season sees career demands loom large, as the Sun now tours the outer realms of success, reputation, notoriety and public image – there’s focus on your ambitious nature, your vocation and how far you’ve come!

Although this month lends emphasis to your public image, a sense of outward success and your prominence or reputation, today’s tender Full Moon really steers you to consider a softer side of life, your sense of place and home for you and yours…

Full Moons are emotionally sensitive moments of the month, and this day in particular sees Luna touch down in the hidden realms of your horoscope, your roots – take time to bake, nest and nurture within your four walls.

Balance a corporate or professional agenda and be encouraged to pause…


The Full Moon in Cancer illuminates your closest ties and connections, as well as your communication skills, siblings or coworker relations, with the Moon aglow in your house of neighbors, news and usual, regular environments.

Your approach to navigating, using language and mobilising in your surroundings, or touching on local matters (with sensitivity) could be highlighted – from getting involved with an issue with the moms at the school gates, to caring about food served on campus. Your inner circle, writing projects or a new aptitude for driving, map reading or any new proficiency could have clarity! Note what’s on your mind and lips…

Relationships. Mars moves through your committed house of bonding and loyal investments, so you could be actively coming together with those that promise to stand true, those who have the potential give you something in return for your allegiance (long-term) or for your resources (money).

Trust and the dealings you have in your private, emotional life could be compelling, as you find the motivation to step closer to others, to pledge or devote yourself, deepening your affections, obliging yourself (including to platonic partners). And yet, a lingering square to elusive Neptune in your house of friends could dilute your intense intentions!! Loose alliances could permeate and percolate, so the social life or society and its people may spill over into sacred bonds and unions…

Career. Capricorn Season is a wonderful month to spotlight personal growth & worldly development, as the brightest star in our skies – the Sun – brings focus to knowledge built, to lands or cultures traversed, to visionary ventures that have taken you further – an education or path to expansion, a quest for meaning, purpose and experience. Yet despite emphasis on all you’ve discovered and conquered over time, the Full Moon in your house of kindred spirits, speech, news & information illuminates something closer to home…

Your capacity to connect is in the spotlight, so be cognizant of those near (as well as important global projects). Use a human touch, take time to find the right words for those that feel similar to you, be tender in your chatter and relate to those from a similar starting point in life; share news and memories!


The Cancer Full Moon touches down in your house of material gains and assets. Notice the state of your finances, your role, contribution, and all you do to make a living or input something of value.

Ask “where is my worth?” Ask yourself what moves you to make a living or how you’re inclined to cash in. In what ways are your choices lucrative?

Something may be illuminated today that gives you confidence in your position! A personal investment may bear fruit! What is now obvious or culminating in relation to your earnings, and what you put in?

Relationships. Mars moves through your house of partners, while the Sun melds with Pluto in your committed house of mutual gains, bonds, intimacy and unification, so you could be thoroughly embroiled with relationship dynamics now, Gemini.

An unflinching look at what’s shared is likely in motion, with the spotlight on ways you come together as a united front, or work with others to build and gain from a mutually profitable association.

But note the red planet (Mars) is lingering at odds to Neptune in your house of visibility and outward impressions. Your challenge in one-to-ones could be around getting on the same page with key people, aiming towards the same end game or goal… The destination could be unknowable, hard to see or describe, therefore you’ll both need to work hard to stay on track!!

Nevertheless, today is more about your part, solo…

Career. Financial commitments are likely a topic to handle, as Capricorn Season lends focus to what can be accomplished with another when you’re willing to devote your time and resources as an investment. Yet today, your input is illuminated, as the Full Moon peaks in your comforting house of money, material goods, possessions and income.

Although you know it’s compelling to share, trusting others to do their part, it’s your own capabilities and assets that are to be highlighted. Acknowledge how much you have to offer – this needn’t be limited to finances, it could be support, care, companionship and nurture (or being a mother). Let your contribution and attributes shine!


Today’s Full Moon in your sign illuminates your special qualities and unique purpose, Cancer – be present! Shine the spotlight to on you welcoming attention. Note or sing up your achievements and physicality… Recognise and acknowledge accomplishments made on an individual level that connect to your constitution, body, or the feats that pertain to your own purpose and persona, your character or a special endeavor.

Show up as a presence to behold and take into consideration where you count as a solo entity, independent, autonomous and to be fully appreciated for your part (aside from anyone else) … Treat yourself to the things you need!

Relationships. There’s a big focus on relationships, as Capricorn Season lends emphasis to your seventh house of one-to-ones – the Sun now lights up those you might collaborate or work with, your partnerships, and key people, unions and all those on your horizon who make themselves known (and make an impact or impression on you). With Pluto in the mix deeper levels may be touched on: power and control issues on many levels, romantic and platonic.

While you may be consumed with intimate, personal dynamics, it’s also important to step back to gather your senses and put yourself first, setting aside time amidst a heavy issue related to your spouse or others that clearly dominates. Remember, there’s space and reason to steer attention your way, so honor your emotional sensitivities and really reflect on your own needs!

Career. Mars moves through Sagittarius, and your sixth house – the efficient sector of daily toil, tasks and service, emphasizing your capacity to manage the day-to-day trivialities, motivated in health, wellbeing, work, routines, and habits.

However, Mars lingers in a challenging square to dreamy Neptune, making it hard to stick to the details! Certain facets of your lifestyle may have shifted, so that getting a handle on things may elude you, now.

Try to balance and navigate your personal growth and development amidst the demands of your busy lifestyle. Temper your employment, the grind and the necessary management of your duties (getting the job done) while also becoming captivated or enamored with visionary pursuits and a journey pursued over the long term, a quest towards knowledge that inspires!


The sensitive Moon moves through Cancer and your unconscious twelfth house, retreating, out of sight in the most cloistered sector of your horoscope.

Surrender, sacrifice and solitude are keywords for this elusive sector, and you might be inclined to step back from the action to manage from the sidelines, to admire the tools you have in your kit that make for subtle yet powerful means to guide you into acceptance, exhalation, and your dreams…

Honor the silence and peace of mind that helps you heal and deal with any sensitivities you feel within, how you keep a secret. Seek comfort – you might not always be ‘right’ in your choices, & that it’s all part of the process…

Relationships. Mars moves through Sagittarius and your playful, romantic fifth house of fun, motivating you to expel energy on pursuits that are pleasurable, gratifying and ultimately enjoyable!

Honor your desires, rousing your own instinct to smile, laugh or get your heart rate up, yet notice if you feel that ‘letting go’ to have a good time (and indulging in lusty passions) is overwhelming. the red planet is lingering in a challenging square to foggy Neptune – elusive, confusing and intangible in your sector of commitment.

You may feel a pull that causes you to get lost in ‘what might be’, a simple date could escalate in your imagination! Elsewhere, Mercury is Retrograde in your zone of partners, spelling even greater potential for confusion 1-on-1.

Career. The Sun shines in Capricorn, and your healthy house of routines, habits and rituals, making it easy to gain traction around the jobs you’re keen to tend to, the lifestyle you’re eager to uphold.

Meanwhile the Moon has dipped from view, encouraging you to touch on your bling spot and rest. Acknowledging all you’ve learned about gentle recuperation, soothed and satiated, nourished, fed and watered. Hold space for others, too – those that need you to provide a safe house for them.

Both organized diligence and ‘switching off’ or escapism have a place today, so balance a pause to do nothing & an occupation: work, health and routines.


Community matters most today, as the Full Moon peaks in your zone of groups, networks and wider circles – you might like to engage with (or reflect on) your industry, friends, or fellows – the acquaintances you might not meet but that mean something to you and your hopes for humanity… Those that care about the same causes you do!

Steer your gaze towards social settings, your circle and online platforms, to associates, colleagues and co-workers that champion a cause you care about.

Even your audience members (on IG) could be significant, bringing you a sense of teamwork that helps you feel right at home…!

Relationships. Capricorn Season is a wonderful month to spotlight your own desires, passions and love life – a person, project, or plan may have your heart! While you may be consumed and caught up in the playful nature of your own sexuality, with an intensified notion of romance and a pull toward your own inspiration, fertility and entertainment, the Full Moon makes it easy to turn towards humanity, your social scene or the life you participate in with friends.

While you may find yourself tending to your kids, a lover or opportunities for fun, you’ve also a window to illuminate the interests of all, so that a group endeavor commands attention: gravitate towards peers, associations and those you might only recognize by face or name. Mingle with those around you, and find a sense of comfort and ease in belonging to your people.

Career. Today’s Cancer Moon could elevate your network, organization or company setting – something bigger than you – is coming to fullness so pay attention to teamwork and your social life or peer group…

Meantime, Mars moves through your fourth house of comfort and nurture, potentially driving ahead a deep need for security, and with Mercury now Retrograde in your sector of work, toil, health, maintenance & wellbeing, complications may arise when attempting to make your way through tasks and chores.

Double check the details of meeting agendas and don’t forget those routine appointments!


The Sun shines in Capricorn, and your house of domesticity, family life, parenting and the hidden emotional realms but today, seize your claim to fame, illuminating what it is you do in the world that brings you a sense of accomplishment – emphasize what’s coming to fruition professionally!

Note where you’ve followed your true calling as the Full Moon blossoms in the visible realms of success, prominence and notoriety. Your position at large may feel fulfilling or you may be noticeable, with praise or recognition heading your way. Step up!

Relationships.You could be keen to gather among close kin, headily engaging with local issues as Mars (now ‘socially active’) drives through your house of siblings & neighbors, inciting willingness to be in touch with best friends. Look to usual environments and your surroundings, and what you’re called to do or fight for – or express with enthusiasm.

Pick up the phone or use your skills to navigate and find out more, but note the red planet lingers in a square to foggy Neptune, potentially overwhelming your connection to others – note health issues or work that sidetracks you. Your busy schedule could dilute or dissipate your capacity to relate…

What’s more, Mercury is now Retrograde in your house of love, passion, sex, kids and affection, so that conversations about romance, fertility or any personal plans that raise your heart-rate could be laced with complications.

Career. Balance your inner and outer worlds – you’ve likely established solid foundations, and, are also potentially thriving in your role in the eyes of the world, too! Soak up praise and recognition for your accomplishments, acknowledge what you’re known for, work you do in the world or your public image!

The Full Moon spotlights the career or path you choose to follow (including motherhood as a vocation), and you might find you’re announcing or demonstrating your progress climbing higher on the ladder, or making your advancement in your vocational path known. Expect your dutiful side to be prominent, as well as the side of yourself the world sees: welcome an accolade, title, or proof you’ve come a long way…


A Full Moon in fellow water sign Cancer illuminates visionary pursuits, a journey, project or worldly venture, blossoming in your house of travel, truth seeking, faith and higher education.

Note how you pursue knowledge and follow the call into the unfamiliar! How you publish or share information at a global or international level – on the world stage! Take on board ways you’ve been able to learn, grow, and step outside your usual experiences to pursue higher thought, philosophy or wisdom… It may be clear to see an impactful cultural experience today.

Notice what you’ve discovered!

Relationships. The Sun now shines in your sector of skills and close connections; Capricorn Season lends focus to siblings, neighbors and local environments. It’s a compelling time to cultivate your voice, connect to your sense of self-expression and navigate with a tone that’s controlled – underscore your connection to others.

But note the Full Moon glows in your house of foreign affairs, and asks you to look to a broader outlook, to look toward teachers or educators, celebrating those that open your eyes and your mind to another perspective.

Make space to elevate your capacity to find comfort further afield, to engage foreigners or sensitively explore another way of being.

Career. Mars moves through Sagittarius, and your lucrative second house, so that your role, rewards, purpose or moneymaking now motivates you to act.

It’s perhaps easier to show enthusiasm and find satisfaction in your possessions or material assets, in attaining something of worth or building up your own value.

Yet the red planet comes up against dreamy Neptune, now elevating artistic talents, your children, playful passion projects and all that’s fun or heartfelt.

Be mindful of upholding momentum in your position when inspiration, romance, pleasure and personal gratification beckons like a Sirens Song…


The Full Moon peaks in your tender eighth house of investments – your sector of trust, private affairs, intimacy, financial bonds, legacies, death and shared property or resources.

An issue around inheritance, a bill, debt or loan, or the way you come together with outside parties or people to work together may be illuminated, with an issue coming to fruition… Note what’s now culminating, allowing space for realizations that bubble to the surface…

Relationships. Mars moves through your sign, so you could be feeling active, enthusiastic, or ready to go to war! Note when you’re expressing a headstrong tendency toward zealous moves…

The red planet is lingering in a challenging square to foggy Neptune, blurring your hot flames with his foggy lens – it might not be easy following through on your impulses thanks to an emotional swell or family matter permeating.

The Full Moon in your collaborative, committed house of bonds, mutual agreements, and mergers spotlights what’s accomplished when you team up with an investor, partner, or plus one, pooling what you have to be beneficial to you both: a contractual obligation or inheritance issue could be clear to see.

Career. Your financial axis is alight. With the Sun in Capricorn there’s focus on your work, position, input or income, and the contribution you make. It’s a powerful time to feel confident in your efforts, solo investments and capabilities – your earning potential and resourcefulness.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon is aglow in your intimate house of private affairs and shared resources – mutual gains and jointly held profits. Acknowledge situations where you’ve had to commit and go the distance, showing your hand or revealing hidden parts of yourself, and balance with your own input.

What you do to make a living or sustain yourself is important yet so too is ways you benefit from someone else’s input, resources, or trust and loyalty…


A Full Moon in your house of partners spotlights all kinds of relationships and personal entanglements – not limited to a spouse consider a coach, therapist, family member, even a friend or frenemy!

Anyone you experience on a personal, intimate level could be pertinent.

Soften the edges, today, as others might seem emotional, sensitive, needing care & attention. While others may seem to feel ‘too much’ it may be what’s called for, with a subtle reminder of how best to relate and communicate…

Relationships. Though it’s your birthday season, a month to focus on number one, you’re now tasked with acknowledging progress made in one-to-ones – how you manage the dynamics between self & other, how you’ve shown awareness of key people on the horizon line (or across the kitchen or office table).

The Full Moon in Cancer – and your partnership and collaboration house – wants you to consider one-to-ones, yet Sun & Pluto in your sign stand strong, powerful, deeply rooted in your first house of independence & autonomy.

Set your sights on individuals or unions that stand strong, even in your memory… The potential for power struggles and control issues may be rife thanks to Pluto in your own sign – maintain your cool, Capricorn…

Career. Relationships are in the spotlight today, so consider the people you encounter in your professional life, and what they’re revealing to you.

With Mars in your twelfth house of catharsis, closure, charity and loose ends, you may be working tirelessly in private. You may be prepping, managing or actively pursuing healing behind the scenes, away from prying eyes.

This may be challenging, with Mars lingering in a square at odds with elusive, illustrious Neptune, permeating your house of connection. An inner process you’re going through (purging and purifying) might make it difficult to really relate or ‘say the right thing’, as you figure out your beliefs, and passionate nature (or anger issues – yours or those around you) in secret…


It may seem somewhat like a time of hibernation for you Aquarius, as the Sun tours Capricorn and the quiet realms of your solitary twelfth house. Perhaps you’re playing over old hurts, gaining closure or gently unravelling – tending to any issues that call before re-emerging during your own birthday month!

Today however, the Cancer Full Moon spotlights work, health, day-to-day habits and active practices, and all you do to maintain your sensation of purpose, productivity and wellbeing. Notice how far you’ve come consistency in your efforts, particularly when caring about the little things…

Relationships. Mars moves through your friendly eleventh house, so that social activity may light you up, or a collective cause, group work could set you on fire! Show enthusiasm being part of a scene or team, willing to be part of a movement.

Yet note the red planet is at odds with Neptune in your fiscal zone of personal value & gains – there’s a sense that even though you’re warmly embraced by your crew, your own profit, gains or personal value permeates your circle.

Peers may be put out or less impressed if what you stand to make, build or do solo overrides the sense of community spirit …

Career. The Full Moon shines in your sector of service – the house of help, support and routines, so you could be illuminating your own sense of usefulness, (and efficiencies), how you stay fit for the tasks at hand, cultivating caring, considered ties to those around you in order make life run seamlessly.

Notice subordinates, management and organization skills, your support system, a superior, even your doctor, barista, gym instructor, or dietician! Wellness and lifestyle choices are yours to acknowledge and digest, particularly everyday maintenance connected to health, work, or wellbeing.

Take stock of small wins, yet note the Sun shines with shadowy Pluto in your clandestine twelfth house – you may be dealing with relinquishing control, grappling with what you can comfortably manage in a way that’s subtle, even unconscious. It’s possible a secret or understated issue halts productivity…


The Full Moon blossoms in fellow water sign Cancer, and your fun, fertile fifth house of playful creativity, children, self-expression, love, entertainment, and pleasure seeking. Acknowledge artistic inspiration and what’s been born as a heartfelt extension of you! Partake in something that makes you happy, indulge or delight in a pastime (baking cookies, playing a game)!

Notice where you’ve expressed yourself and manifested something to love – a relationship, baby, book, business side hustle, a craft or artistic feat, a talent or hobby that makes you smile… Allow your own peace of mind and comfort to lead you to the things that sit well in your heart…

Relationships. Let your focus settle on those you love, with the Full Moon peaking in your passionate house of dating, love, sex, entertainment and baby making! Allow romantic interests to feature – yet find balance.

Capricorn Season lends the focus towards community endeavors, peers, influencers and your social scene – the wider circles, industry or humanitarian issues you care about in society at large. Consider announcing special passions in a crowd, with teamwork, friendship and networking prominent. Let social activities loom large while still illuminating the people, places and things you enjoy most.

Celebrate those you adore and sink back into playful pleasure!

Career. Mars moves through Sagittarius, and the highest house of your horoscope – the sector of, praise, reputation, notoriety and acclaim. You could be eager to be seen in your outwards facing role, catching the interest of higher ups – even actively climbing the ladder toward praise and validation (fighting for your slice of success)!

However, the red planet Mars clashes with Neptune in your sign, so you could find that this tactic doesn’t necessarily sit well with you – perhaps you’ll easily tire or find you’re not quite physically suited to advancing in the position you’re ambitious about…

Strike a balance of who you see yourself as and what others want you to work towards, who you want to be, and who you are to your friends – stay true and authentic to you while still ‘working the room’…

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