Cold Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Gemini Horoscope…

Luna blossoms in the Twins sign...

What does the Full Moon in Gemini have in store for your sign?

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Sagittarius Season spotlights global issues, and with your ruler Mars now in this sector too, you could be engaging in or thinking about travel, philosophy and higher education, Aries.

Projects that allow you to connect to those further afield may be on your mind. A specialism or journey somewhere faraway, or something (and someone) you’re seeking to understand may feature.

However, the Full Moon rises in your sector of local connection, contact and communication. Note your ability to navigate the people in your environment and your area. You may feel inclined to reveal a skillset or side of yourself to your immediate circle, teaching or learning from them.

Sense the importance of a voyage, knowledge and experiences, broadening your mind and outlook, while recognizing a way to express yourself to close friends, siblings, colleagues or neighbors, too.


The Full Moon rises in your second house of money, accumulation and assets, Taurus, illuminating your role and purpose. It may be time to celebrate your position in a financial sense, or another valuable contribution.

However, Sagittarius Season spotlights the way you come together with others to build, share or pledge yourselves. You could be thinking of what a partner brings to the table, or of the ways you benefit by association.

You may be reflective on where you can go it alone, and where you’re indebted to others… Ask what’s yours, and what’s ours? You may be on a path of surrendering, deeply understanding a sacrifice made for a partner.


We’ve a Full Moon in your sign, so you might find you’re getting attention now Gemini! Celebrate your ability to stand on your own two feet, independent, confident and competent. While Sagittarius Season spotlights partnership, today may see you with reason to celebrate your contribution or what you bring to the party!

Yet, it’s a strong time to be aware of other people and their thoughts and opinions, which may be strongly expressed now. One person from your circle of friends or a significant other could make a statement that doesn’t sit well with you.

People could seem to be passionate, with social causes or a community matter that stands out. Try to hear others out, while appreciating your feelings and desires about current affairs.


The Moon blossoms in your twelfth house, so get some extra rest and time in reflection if possible, Cancer! Take leave or welcome a break, stepping back onto the sidelines.

Sagittarius Season is a time to be busy, tending to work, your health and lifestyle, jobs, and your own upkeep. There may be a motivation to be at your best, productive and maintaining your duties or role.

Find a way to balance a moment of necessary solitude with admin, appointments and a conscious effort you’re making to live well. There may be habits in your daily life or schedule that warrant space or room to recover.

The position you’re in might ask you to operate in a way that’s furtive or secret. Be aware of mental health issues that are related to your body or professional calling! Breathe and gently exhale.


Sagittarius Season is regarded as a fun time of year – perhaps especially so for you Leo! The Sun now lights up your house of passions, playdates, playmates, recreation, procreation and joy.

It could be that you’re motivated to entertain or be entertained, showing off your star qualities, kids or a lust for life!

Yet now the Full Moon in Gemini illuminates you house of community, friends and groups, so social interests come to light. Come together, knowing that your ideas and personal inspiration are key.

There may be much to experience and explore, with a way to love (and learn) with heart, yet do acknowledge peers and people from your network who need you too! Collaborate and come together on something much bigger than just you and your own interests…


The Full Moon rises in your house of career, reputation and success.

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There may be a sense your vocation is linked to where you’re from, so that recognition, your goals or direction now leads back to security, stability and a long-term plan. Find the balance between your inner and outer life, through a trusted party.


We’ve a Full Moon in Gemini and your house of philosophy, travel, quests and beliefs, Libra. Illuminate your ability to understand people who don’t necessarily operate like you – your polar opposite. See how you seek out the truth!

For you, Sagittarius Season spotlights those near and dear: sisters, BFFs, coworkers, school friends, a brotherhood or neighborhood allies. You may now find you’re motivated around people you find yourself among regularly.

Ways of dealing with those in your environment is key, your intellect and views, as you sense how you’ve grown and developed. Highlight wisdom, a wider outlook, your course, specialism or track!


The Moon blossoms in your eighth house of trust, Scorpio, spotlighting your ability to rely on others, face up to debts, obligations, to share, loan, commit or borrow.

Sagittarius Season is a time to focus on your own position, your assets and the way you earn a living. You might find you’re now motivated, and thinking of your contribution or role, able to speak up about what you need from a partner.

Find a way to balance interest in personal financial security, and the part others play in your arrangements. Look at what others bring to the table, what you’re owed or owe. It may be on you to initiate in a way that’s immensely practical, as more is revealed about a co-pilot you’re working with.


Sagittarius Season brings you into the spotlight, and you could now be present, aware of your character, interests and solo life. Attention may be on you and what you want!

However, the Moon blossoms in your house of partners, illuminating a key union or significant other. Notice a plus one or intimate one-to-one partnerships; look to those you encounter at a personal level.

Find a way to articulate your personal plans and show up with something to say or announce, while also being aware of an important alliance. You likely have the potential to create, produce or enjoy something – including a baby or happy, fun moments together!

See where you need a collaborator, and where it’s down to you to make it happen.


The Full Moon rises in your sixth house of health, routines and maintenance, so a daily practice could now be highlighted. Illuminate a job well done or your work life! Note the way you uphold your career and reputation, while also giving yourself space at home to be grounded.

Sagittarius Season sets you offline, so recovery, your unconscious experiences and private life are in focus. Hold a torch to the dark corridors of your mind, with a way to clear and process.

Feel productive and effective, celebrating the way you organize, systemize or get on with your duties, accepting where it’s necessary to escape or find a moment in solitude. Ask yourself where you serve others, and who it is that serve you?


We’ve a Full Moon in Gemini and your house of solo passions, hobbies, personal gratification and sex, Aquarius! Illuminate your own interests, what brings heartfelt joy, and the ways you follow your heart…

However, Sagittarius Season spotlights social activity, with a focus on group work and friendships in your community. Life on a team, at work or a niche sector of society may be key – your crew or peers, or being a part of something greater than just you!

Fertile inspiration, love and artistic ventures may be coming to fruition, yet somehow lead you back to your friends, audience or your people! A feeling of contact, connection and communication with those around you could be vital, as you get together and tap into creativity.


The Moon blossoms in your fourth house of home life, domesticity and the past, Pisces. Illuminate household matters, your roots, property and four walls, feeling settled and secure.

Sagittarius Season is a time to focus on your public image, career and role, so you could be motivated to accomplish something personally or professionally. Making money or demonstrating your worth could be key! You might even want to speak out about your lineage, ancestry or your start in life.

Find a way to balance and address your family, property issues or where you’re from, with pressing notions of success that now seem to be at the forefront of your mind…

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