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Cold Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Gemini Horoscope…

December 7th/8th 2022, Luna blossoms in the Twins sign...

  • Weekday: Wednesday / Thursday – Mercury’s / Jupiter’s Day
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury in Capricorn.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / AWST: Thursday December 8th 12.07 pm
  • London / GMT: Thursday December 8th 4.07 am
  • New York / EST: Wednesday December 7th 11.07 pm.

About This Gemini Full Moon…

The Moon sparkles bright in Gemini, at its fullest phase of the Lunar Cycle, while the Sun is shining in Sagittarius, both at 16º01′.

Mercury (the governing planet of the Full Moon) now appears in Capricorn…

Your Full Moon In Gemini 2022 Horoscope…


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your third house of communication, Aries.

Note your ability to navigate and express yourself in local circles, touching on the close group of friends you have (colleagues, siblings or peers you engage with regularly, even a teacher or wise authority figure).

Notice poignant messages or data that arrives, changes to your skills base that have been developed. What are the adjustments and aptitude that allow you to communicate better, language or tools now second nature?

Relationships? Tight-knit relationships are illuminated, as the Moon glows bright in your house of neighbors, siblings and close peers, emphasizing how you relate.

Notice what comes up in conversation or over the airwaves, acknowledge how you engage the people around you, or close family ties.

Interesting situations or topical circumstances may now be coming full circle, with a sense of completion and awareness. Breathe in, speak up, and verbalise a poignant conversational point or finding – what needs to be said by you?

Personal Growth… While Sagittarius Season pulls you towards lofty dreams, global projects, and far-flung places, a quest or visionary plan, today has something else for you to contemplate…

The Full Moon rises in your third house of close ties, contact and communication, elevating and illuminating your writing and communication skills, your ability to navigate among those in your vicinity or close proximity, or even school friends or colleagues.

The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury, now in Capricorn, accompanying Venus and Pluto; your professional life may dominate! Think in a way that’s formal, ambitious and serious, as your career and reputation may need attention, as well as your best mates…


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your second house of material assets, Taurus.

Note your ability to earn, turn a profit or make a living, identifying what’s lucrative – or the attributes and capabilities that see you contributing (being a stay at home mom who’s been teaching the kids, making frugal fiscal choices to save) …

Notice your autonomous capabilities and revelations around your own income.

Relationships? Sagittarius Season signals a time for you to be daring, coming together with those in your world. Note people who offer up a mutually beneficial arrangement, and, how you’re now motivated toward deep unification, sharing or merging…

The ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury in Capricorn, accompanying your ruler Venus and Pluto, all leading you into foreign terrain with something to learn or explore. Stay open-minded to beliefs or philosophies, ready to share or publish your findings, travel, or relate to key people who deliver wisdom (or another outlook on life).

Personal Growth… The Moon glows bright in your house of money, material life, personal resources and financial security. Note what you have in hand, what’s due or coming to you, or how you’ve reason to celebrate the completion of a work project, knowing your worth and what you can do solo.

Maybe you’re you’ve managed to sell all your collectables, or have finished up in your position, ready for a raise or something more. Maybe you’ve got a handle on your expenses ahead of the holidays, and know what’s in the bank or in your cupboards… There may be a sense you’ve processed your spending, even learning where you might charge more or spoil others less

You pay packet or personal investments; tangible or immaterial rewards are worth your time today! Consideran announcement you might make thanks to what you now know…


The Moon moves through your sign, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your first house of selfhood, autonomy and character, Gemini.

Note your ability to stand on your own two feet, independent, standing solo in your presence and vitality – the way you’ve developed your persona, with reason for others to look at you, unable to stop glancing your way!

You’ve likely evolved this year (and last), with your own capabilities exciting; notice revelations around your physical body, your look or personhood!

Relationships? Sagittarius Season signals a time for you to be in partnership, a window to be aware of other people. Note those who sit across from you at the table, folk who are you ‘other half’, even a work wife, boss or spouse, business partner or important client.

You may have become accustomed to rely more on yourself than others, not necessarily able to count on those ‘others’ to show up.

Your ruler Mercury now tours Capricorn and your commitment zone, so you could be engaged and thinking of those willing to go the distance with you, sharing the load (or where they might not be easily devoted, tight-fisted or conservative with time & resources).

Personal Growth… The Moon glows bright in your sign, so make it all about you!

Be OK center stage taking the spotlight, and embrace the opportunity to follow through with your needs. Mercury now teams up with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn in tough territory – your vulnerable eighth house, engaging you with agreements, contracts, pledges, and conversations around what you’re willing to give to gain. Professional or personal binds may now loom heavy, so use today to ascertain what you really require – and desire – over the long-term.

Deal with arrangements, mates or partners at the most intimate level.


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your twelfth house of transitions, gestation and surrendering, Cancer.

Note your ability to process information in private, to hold space for secrets, with solitude and even sacrifices made. Note too circumstances or habits that aren’t serving you; where you’re betraying yourself or giving too much in ways that are charitable, forgetting yourself – perhaps for a partner…

Relationships? The ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury, now in Capricorn and your seventh house, accompanying Venus and Pluto in the sector of partnering. There may be a strong pull and desire to engage in one-to-ones, with this trio drawing you to a person that deeply appeals to the issues you’re going through.

Let go, give up the ghost and move beyond clandestine affairs and self-sabotaging behaviors. Retire from the inner mechanics and monkey mind or loose-lipped chatter, the tendency to gossip or ruminate  – even co-dependent ties. Relinquish control for relief and recovery, seeking out a professional or partner who can talk it over

Personal Growth… Sagittarius Season signals a time for you to tend to your work, job, health and lifestyle.

The health and healing axis of your horoscope is now activated, giving you opportunities to be present, engaged and focused on daily tasks and your own employment, diet and exercise. But take a peek behind the curtain.

Slip off the radar, gaining closure on a poignant theme and process that’s come up for examination this year…

Your ruling celestial guide has a subtle or secret message for you, Cancer, the Moon is sparkling in Gemini and your surreptitious twelfth house of unconscious acts, secret enemies and transitions… Much may have lain hidden and dormant, hush-hush topics, that can now be acknowledged and even spoken about to the right person.


The Moon moves through neighborly Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your eleventh house of community, friends & fellowship, Leo.

Note your crew, peers, the company you keep, the social movement, industry trend or alliances you have – the way you’ve found yourself part of a scene or able to put other’s interests before your own… Find yourself at the centre of a buzzing circle sparkling with activity that allows you to connect!

Relationships? While Sagittarius Season pulls you towards your own passions and love life, the Full Moon rises in your sector of team-mates, group work and affiliates.

Bring awareness to those people in your world who rally round with a common cause or point of interest to get behind, your audience, fellow man, cheerleaders, audience or online faces you might never meet!

While there’s great motivation to emphasise your own star qualities (and lust for life, romance, fun, pleasure and personal gratification), today is about what the masses can do as a whole. Gravitate towards those with a goal in mind that brings you together to collaborate–particularly health & work!

Personal Growth… Seize an opportunity to network, mingle, or be a part of a social circle, connecting with a broader scene, your company of peers or the people that you identify with or who have a common goal.

While the Sun brings vitality to your hobbies, solo feats, plans and playful activities, the ruler of this Gemini Moon is Mercury, now accompanying Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and your sixth house of upkeep, maintenance, labor, toil and wellness practices.

Think in a way that’s efficient, practical and enduring, organized and perceptive, as employment or a regular routine facet of life may command your attention…Connect to your own proficiency and enjoy the sense you can be useful, dutiful and in service in a way that’s authentically helpful.


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your tenth house of image (at large), reputation, vocation and career, Virgo.

Note your ability to appear prominent, seen, thriving outwardly, or note how seamlessly you’re able to mobilize around your professional life or vocational profile, with a claim to fame or a handle on what you do publicly, your title, status or a message you carry in the public eye.

Illuminate your path, goals and progress may to appear in the way you see fit.

Relationships? The ruler of the Full Moon is your ruler Mercury in Capricorn, accompanying Venus and Pluto in your fifth house of children, lovers, fun friends and passion projects: the playful sector of love, heart, procreation and joy!

Talk about matters of the heart, your love life, fertility, conception and creativity. Enjoy time with those you adore and cherish, engage or plan dates with potential, or gravitate toward playmates.

Sagittarius Season lends the spotlight to the hidden, emotional realms: your roots, foundations, family life and dwellings, so that you may be keen to take action parenting, or drawing close in comfort.

Personal Growth… The Moon now sparkles in your house of professional reputation and visibility, so you could feel ‘seen’ in any number of hats you wear – spouse, PR girl, entrepreneur or mother!

Allow a culmination around your career or vocation, your brand or the way you make your way toward praise and validation (and a pat on the head from superiors) to breed a sense of success – particularly when it leads back to love or your own creative expression, a hobby, celebration, joy or your children!

Step up in for recognition, with an accolade or personal feat and recognition forthcoming – breathe in a sense of notoriety, welcome a badge of honor for a project that’s been underway that gives you a new title, or radiate with a twinkle in your eye – and a ring on your finger; perhaps you’re now ‘known’ as mother, or CEO!


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your ninth house of foreigners, philosophy, education and beliefs, Libra.

Note your ability to understand those further afield, spotlight a dream or journey, an article, legal feat, or a course of development and experience that’s bought you greater knowledge or wisdom…

Notice poignant messages or data that arrives from further afield, a visionary venture or cultural feat to be celebrated.

Relationships? Sagittarius Season now lends the spotlight to those near and dear, your sisters, neighbours, or coworkers, school friends or issues in your environment.

Yet there’s also a connection to those that show you another perspective and a matter coming to light around a moral, legal or personal feat that’s been educational. Note a teacher or sage advice that piques your interest; the ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury now in Capricorn, and your home zone, so that family, parents or a domestic situation may now hold space to talk over what you now know about your path, course, or track.

Personal Growth… The Moon is aglow in your house of growth and personal development, travel and vision quests, publishing and truth seeking (and truth speaking) – illuminate the sector of the skies that puts you in touch with broadened outlooks and horizons, focus on what you’re keen to share with others!

Be aware of alternative views, philosophies, different opinions and teachers, guides or global issues. Celebrate ways you’ve spread your wings, talking about an enhanced sense of security – Mercury, your ruler Venus and Pluto in your zone of home give a nod to stability, comfort, and the ways you’ve worked hard to establish your footing, place or four walls.

Allow family or those in your domestic setting, caretakers or nurture to be part of the conversation…


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your eighth house of trust, Scorpio.

Note your ability to commit and show loyalty, the parties who stand in solidarity with you, the choices you’ve made to pledge your time, energy, money and resources to a party, person or situation.

Notice poignant developments and the experience of entanglements this year, and what you’ve learnt about alliances that go deeper than a superficial tie.

Illumination a culmination point of commitment and how you’ve chosen–and choose–to invest yourself, confronting the facts

The ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury in Capricorn, accompanying Venus and Pluto in your third house of close kin, close friends, close work colleagues or neighbors, siblings and such. Talking and holding a meeting or conversation in your inner circle to touch on developments in your private life and a process of financial or energetic unions is a wise way to work it out…

Gather with your tight knit crew and chew the cud.

Personal Growth… Sagittarius Season pulls you towards your work, duties and enthusiasm for earning a living, making money & getting on with your role but today has something else on the cards…

The part that others play in your finances, security and legacy has clarity, with a Full Moon in your house of bonds, mergers and irrevocable involvements.

Consider your loyalties – and the loyalties of others, what others bring to the table. To whom are you committed? Who is financially or emotionally obligated to you? Who are you to pay, loan or borrow from or give and share with? These monetary questions could arise today – you may have learnt who you can really rely on to pull through in a pinch…


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your seventh house of partners, Sagittarius.

Note those key unions or a counterpart, alliance or person that’s been on your radar and what information or understanding is being reached within you. What do you now understand so much more thanks to a partner and all that’s been unfolding? What can you learn and take forwards?

Relationships? Sagittarius Season is a time to claim the crown and direct attention your way, with your birthday and the Sun’s return to your sign: many happy returns!

However, with today’s Full Moon, relationships are illuminated, as the Moon glows bright in your opposite sign and house of partners. Pay attention to the most important experiences with another from this year and last.

Take stock of where you’re at in regards your intimate, personal relations, note progress in one-to-ones, with the way you handle individuals across the board (from a client or boss, to a spouse or family member). You’re encouraged to consider another, seeing where life is so much better with two.

Personal Growth… The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury now in Capricorn, accompanying Venus and Pluto in your second house of earned income, personal values, assets, attributes and self-worth.

Think about your capabilities, your part, your role, input or contribution, the wealth you can command or forsake, the material possessions and belongings that really matter or where you’re OK to go without.

Consider what you really enjoy in your position or the part you play that’s valued, profitable, most lucrative and worth its weight.

Building, developing in tangible or immaterial terms, your own sustenance, what you do, and how you work with finances (bank or save) may now be firmly on your radar, with one person helping you see more clearly…


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your sixth house of healthy maintenance, work and toil, Capricorn.

Note your ability to turn your hand towards something useful, to wellness, daily rituals, and routine matters illuminated, which may have been pertinent this year. An employer or helpful folk in your daily life and everyday environment may bring clarity, so stay astute and ready for data or further info on diet, fitness your job or habits or practices on your radar.

Relationships? The ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury in your own sign, Capricorn, accompanying Venus and Pluto, all leading you to be present and empowered, embodied and attractive as you make your way.

There may be something you’re resolute on, a non-negotiable area or personal plan that you can speak to, today. Let others hear what you have to say – you may be the messenger of an important delivery that others need to hear! Speak your truth and don’t be shy about telling it or showing it as is…

Personal Growth… Sagittarius Season both bring your focus offline, softening your gaze with a lucid tone, holding a torch to the dark corridors of your psyche and experiences. Be in touch with those that might help you, seeing sense in standing down, or tending to the items left in stock at the back of your cupboard.

Yet note it’s a potentially busy day, with themes around work, service your dutiful nature elevated under the glow of the Full Moon…

Consider your body and needs, the habits or domestic efficiencies cultivated, all that’s been welcomed to help your working practice or healthy living.

Be at your best, consistent or free as the case may be, feeling useful, a cog in the wheel that fits and finds purpose. Notice colleagues and your dealings with those you serve or who serve you… Allow daily life, positive habits, toil and labor to be acknowledged, with changes made to align your position.


The Moon moves through fellow air sign Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your fifth house of solo passions, hobbies, personal gratification and sex, Aquarius.

Note what brings heartfelt joy, makes your heart race and beat a little faster and reckon with your love life! Notions of creativity and conception, your own notion of romance, inspiration or artistic ventures may come to a head or point of celebration. Attend a party or hop online with fun friends who gather around the same point of interest as you!

Relationships? Let love and passion rule as the Full Moon rises in your fertile fifth house!

This could be a super pertinent day in your Love Story, a milestone moment in a significant chapter. Because this is a Full Moon there may be a celebratory (or heightened) tone, now in your playful sector of sex, kids, entertainment & dating, an interest you’ve been engaging with this year may have clarity.

Sagittarius Season both bring fire around social activity, community and life among a team, crew or collective effort, even leading you toward peers or group work. Yet honor your solo feats of interest too, bringing it back to what’s most alluring to you…

Personal Growth… A creative Full Moon is aglow in your house of self-expression – you could be feeling inspired by projects, plans or the delivery of something wonderful that sets your heart alight, or finally swipe right on a dating app (perhaps it’s time to go on maternity leave); a clear look brightly illuminating your own talents, and ability to express yourself through a playful or artistic medium!

Note that the ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury in Capricorn, and your clandestine twelfth house, so that a private process or cathartic transformation could make up a big part of the day; lean on intuition and tools developed in private to describe your inspiration or what’s in your heart…


The Moon moves through Gemini, with a Micro Full Moon blossoming in your fourth house of home life, domesticity and the past, Pisces.

Illuminate a culmination in your domestic life, or progress made to comprehend and understand your lineage, ancestry, your roots and tendencies in developing security or safety.

The idea of nurture and nesting, family and parenting may experience a breakthrough – take a breath and inhale all the moving parts that inform you where you’re from and how you now like to live and settle in place…

Relationships? The ruler of this Full Moon – Mercury – moves through Capricorn and your eleventh house with amorous Venus and intense Pluto, so your ability to think of industry mates, peers or your crew and people is amplified, with plenty to enjoy in friendship circles.

There may be a key collective or company theme that’s been really important, group work, a fellowship or your part among a group of friends and allies that helps to touch on feeling settled, secure – bring awareness and cognizance to your home and heritage, family, your foundations or four walls.

Social life may deliver news that informs your parenting style, or your relationship to your own folks or caretakers, your love language developed long ago…

Personal Growth… Sagittarius Season both bring warm enthusiasm to your aspirations, with ambition driving you toward your goals and the spotlight on outward appearances.

Striving to be seen in your professional post and career may be key, now, with praise and success moving you into action. Focus on how to advance and get ahead, secure in your reputation, prominent in your path and direction climbing the ladder.

Yet notice what comes up at an inner level, too, what instincts are being touched upon at home, in your hidden domain, as you nest and nurture…

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