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30th Nov: Full Moon In Gemini… Sparkle With The Lunar Eclipse!

Wrap up November with a special moment of hyper awareness!

Full Moon In Gemini, 8º38’

  • Weekday: Monday – The Moon’s Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Monday November 30th, 2020 8.28 pm
  • Hong Kong: Monday November 30th, 2020 5.28 pm
  • Kolkata: Monday November 30th, 2020 2.58 pm
  • Moscow: Monday November 30th, 2020 12.28 pm
  • Paris: Monday November 30th, 2020 10.28 am
  • London: Monday November 30th, 2020 9.28 am
  • New York: Monday November 30th, 2020 4.28 am
  • Los Angeles: Monday November 30th, 2020 1.28 am.

About This Full Moon…

The Moon peaks in Gemini opposite the Sagittarius Sun, but doesn’t make any direct aspects to the other planets.

The ruler of the Moon – Mercury at 27º45′ Scorpio – is tied to Jupiter, Saturn, and asteroid Pallas in Capricorn, marking a significant moment to pause and acknowledge a momentous 2020 and poignant progress to date.

Planets in Capricorn have dominated the astrological headlines, with a trio of slow moving heavyweights in this sector of the skies throughout this remarkable, noteworthy year: Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn have gathered, huddled together making for powerful signature.

The Scorpio-Capricorn relationship (by sextile) is harmonious, but touches on some of the more uncomfortable themes; power struggles, dominance at the top, and the shadow side of business and politics. We had significant activity in these two signs in 2018, as Jupiter made its way through Scorpio, and so we can think broadly across our own recent history as November 2020 draws to a close…

Of course, we do also consider the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius as experiences have been ushered in this year with the North Node (South Node) tracing through these signs; Venus Retrograde in Gemini ushered in this eclipse cycle and there will surely be some memories of action during this window that can be contemplated as we sit by the light of this pearly moon…

Your Full Moon In Gemini Horoscope…


The Full Moon blossoms in your house of communication, Aries, so your ability to navigate & express yourself in local circles may be prominent – from the close group of friends you have to colleagues, siblings, or peers you engage with on the regular.

Notice poignant messages that arrive, or the changes you’ve made and can really notice that allow you to communicate better, from the language or tools you’ve employed to the skills that are now second nature.

It’s a strong time to think deeply; Mercury in Scorpio and your house of investments makes ties to Jupiter & Saturn in your house of career and professional appearances, so that long-term strategies can be considered, too.

Relationships? Relationships are illuminated, as the Lunar Eclipse glows bright in your house of neighbors, siblings and close peers. Notice what comes up in conversation or over the airwaves, acknowledging how you relate to the people around you, in local circles or close family ties.

The ruler of this lunation is Mercury now in Scorpio, accompanied by Venus.

This planetary pairing activates your house of trust, bonds, unification and loyal entanglements, creating an enigmatic or even erotic backdrop to the Full Moon that speaks to your commitments. Further ties to Saturn mean that you may now have to consider involvements that have endured during a time that’s seen your professional life dominate; note where your interests lie.

Think of investments made, and, where necessary talk and express yourself with consideration, curiosity, aptitude and skill, remembering to listen, too.

Personal Growth… While Sagittarius Season pulls you towards lofty dreams, global projects, and far-flung places, stoking your imagination and a quest or visionary fire in you, today has something else on the cards… A Lunar Eclipse lands in your third house of close ties, contact and communication, elevating and illuminating your writing and communication skills, your ability to navigate among close friends, peers, siblings and neighbors – those in proximity, or even school friends or colleagues.

Shine a light on the way you come across to those you encounter, and any interesting developments that have been stirred this year that are now coming full circle… You may be able to enjoy a breakthrough around a conversation or your own aptitude, speaking up or verbalizing something remarkably poignant…


The Full Moon blossoms in your house of wealth and material assets, Taurus.

You may experience a boost of awareness to what you have in hand, what’s due or coming to you, or, simply feel inclined to celebrate your security, money, earning capacity and work, or your self-worth. Maybe it’s time to charge more or tot up expenses ahead of the holidays!

Conversational Mercury in your house of partners makes ties and inroads with Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn, so that you can broach serious topics and trust they’ll land with consideration. Use formality and approach others with authenticity.

Relationships? Your ruling planet Venus and Mercury – the ruling planet of the Full Moon in Gemini – both presently tour your house of partners, engaging you in notions of relating, partnering, or dealing with others one-on-one.

From a sister, loved one, therapist, spouse or business collaborator, you could be setting your sights on “we” and what can be accomplished “together’.

However today there’s also reason to spotlight your autonomous capabilities or earning power, your assets, attributes and capabilities solo. Allow others to bear witness to what you’ve managed to accomplish, Bull!

Personal Growth… The Lunar Eclipse lands in your second house of personal resources, assets, income and gains, signaling the culmination of a money matter, or reason to celebrate the completion of a contract, work project or attainment of a badge that marks your worth (and subsequent earning power).

Collaborators, special teammates, clients or partners also count today, as Venus and Mercury tour your house of others, and the Sun lights up joint ventures. But steer the spotlight back to what you can do solo.

Allow your pay packet or personal investments to take the stage – ask for advice and feedback by all means, but allow your focus to settle on personal security and your tangible, material world…


The Full Moon blossoms in your sign, Gemini, and your house of selfhood, autonomy, and personal values, so your ability to stand solo in your presence and vitality is illuminated.

As the Zodiac’s ‘Twins’ you’re multifaceted and typically appreciate a counter part or circle of friends to play with and bounce off of, but today could feel a little more like you’re flying high without backup singers or auto tune– though friends are around you!

Be OK center stage, and embrace the opportunity to follow your nose.

Your planetary ruler Mercury now teams up with Venus in Scorpio, in your house of labor, toil, work and daily duties, emphasizing all that keeps you running like clockwork, and with ties to Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn that includes long-standing arrangements, mates or partners, too.

You may be taking the spotlight, but rest assured there are stagehands left and right with strength and unity holding down the pulleys, out of sight.

Relationships? Affectionate, amorous Venus & Mercury move through Scorpio and the diligent, organized house of your horoscope, and with ties to both Jupiter & Saturn in your committed eighth house you could now set your sights on partners or teammates that really are willing to go the distance.

Lay your cards and expectations on the table, confident that you’ll be heard and acknowledged by others. Today’s Full Moon in your sign emphasizes your own needs; follow your instincts that bring you back to you…

Personal Growth… Your ruler Mercury now tours Scorpio, and the most organized house of your horoscope, streamlining and bringing order to daily life, health and wellness. Think about the rituals that enhance your wellbeing and constitution, as the Lunar Eclipse lights up number one, and the stars bolster awareness on your vitality, presence and constitution.

Clever, cerebral strategizer Mercury makes ties to Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn, and your house of investments, so that you can glance back at the hard lessons of 2020 but rationalize, knowing the end is in sight.

Acknowledge your support systems, the loyal circumstances, relationships and structures that hold strong for you, Gemini. Think about what’s best for you long term that can now be thoughtfully, sensibly affirmed and cemented.


The Full Moon blossoms in your house of surrender, secrets, solitude and sacrifice, Cancer. As November draws to a close so too can you gain remarkable closure on a poignant theme that’s come up for examination this year…

The health and healing axis of your horoscope is now activated, giving you remarkable opportunities to let go and languish in the sensation of sweet defeat – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Give up the ghost and you can move beyond blocks that seemed so heavy and immovable using your creativity and magnetism to push through…

The ruler of this lunation is Mercury now in Scorpio, accompanied by Venus, and with ties to Jupiter & Saturn in your house of partnerships the topic of relief, recovery and relinquishing control could have everything to do with your love life and relationships…

Relationships? There’s much to acknowledge that might have lain hidden and dormant, Crab, as the light of the Full Moon shines in your clandestine twelfth house of secret activity and private gestation. It could be an emotional day!

Mercury and Venus now tour sultry, sexy, simmering Scorpio and your fertile fifth house of amorous desires and conception (dating, romance and love).

What you want to indulge in (and with whom) could now be of great interest to you, finding that sweet spot between you and a partner. Mercury sextile Jupiter/Saturn encourages conversation & powers of self-expression, so be OK with talking over fears & the more secretive longings now on your mind…

Personal Growth… Your ruling celestial guide has a message for you, Cancer, with a Full Moon in Gemini sparkling in your surreptitious twelfth house of unconscious acts, secret enemies and transitions… We don’t always know what’s in our best interests, particularly when our heart, passions, and creativity are caught up in the storm of feelings surrounding our personal circumstances.

As one of the water signs you’re a sensitive soul, and today could lead you into a space where you can be really honest about what needs to shift, change and be ‘given up’; from a toxic habit or relationship, to a psychological tendency or obsession, to a co-dependent tie, even a self-sabotaging behaviour…

You are the only one that needs to work through such issues, so take time out to get a handle on your thoughts and any strong emotions.


The Full Moon blossoms in your sociable house of community, so you could find yourself at the center of a buzzing circle or scene that’s sparkling with activity and helps you feel right at home…

The ruler of this gregarious, loquacious Lunation is Mercury, now in Scorpio, and your zone of home life and domesticity, nurturing and nesting.

Accompanied by Venus – and strengthened by both Jupiter and Saturn – this is a time when your {rock steady} place and standing is a desirable asset!

Enjoy that feeling of security and comfort, routine domestic life and all that keeps you maintained, pure and simple, while also appreciating the wider network of peers that delivers experiences connecting you to the wider world.

Relationships? Notice peers and your friendship circle coming into view, Leo.

Although Sagittarius Season is all about your own passions and love life – the things you find fun or adorable, today is less about what you want or desire, and more about crowd sourcing feelings and emotional sway – pick up on what your team-mates, neighbors, or industry associates are behind.

It’s a Full Moon to celebrate and be engaged with a collaborate approach, notice where you’ve become part of a clan and overcome reluctance to belong to a crowd (including online or social platforms)!

Personal Growth… “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!”

This could be your cry today as later the Full Moon peaks in your house of acquaintances, group work and affiliation. Your team could rally round you if you call out, so recognize those that come running!

Perhaps you’ll enjoy an opportunity to network or be among your social circle, connecting with a broader scene to talk amongst or listen.

Sagittarius Season puts the emphasis on your own star qualities, Lion, but today it’s more about what the group can do as a whole. Gravitate towards others with a common goal or interest in mind…


The Full Moon blossoms in your professional tenth house of reputation and visibility, so you could feel ‘seen’ in any number of hats you wear – spouse, PR girl, entrepreneur or mother!

Spotlight your path, goals and progress in the public eye, Virgo, celebrating and acknowledging how you come across and the steps you’ve taken to get to the top in whatever field you’ve been moving through…

Your sign and the zodiac sign Gemini are both co-ruled by Mercury, and thus the ruler of this Full Moon is your special, sparkling guide, which now also makes ties to Jupiter and Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn, and your fifth house of fertility, conception and creativity…

Relationships? Your love life can be tapped into with thoughtful consideration today, Virgo, as clever Mercury in Scorpio makes ties to serious, enduring Saturn.

Cerebral, light-footed Mercury is now probing deep in solid, stealthy Scorpio, and your third house of neighbors, navigation and communication skills, while Jupiter and Saturn in your creative fifth house has been steadily establishing a formal touch in matters of the heart…

As the end of the year draws near, use your agile mind to broach conversations and agreements in your love life, or talk and engage with those you adore and cherish – children, lovers, fun friends, dates with potential or playmates. Lay out expectations showing loyalty, though don’t be too serious!

Personal Growth… It’s a wonderful day for recognition & to step up in your professional life Virgo, with a Full Moon sparkling in Gemini & your prolific tenth house tonight!

Be seen, as today marks a culmination on your path that can result in notions of success (whatever that means to you and yours), praise and a pat on the head from superiors!

Welcome a badge of honor for a project that’s been underway this year that gives you a new title, or radiate with a twinkle in your eye – and a ring on your finger; perhaps you’re now ‘known’ as mother, or CEO! Your path and profile is aglow on this special Lunar Eclipse, make a fuss of your progress…


The Full Moon blossoms in your house of publishing, broadcasting, wisdom and education, the ninth house of truth seeking (and truth speaking), of travel and vision quests.

Spotlight a dream or journey – or teacher – that’s taught you! Global issues may now pique your interest, with the Full Moon illuminating the wider world, and your path, (course,) or track towards to knowledge…

Connect to the individuals that encourage your personal development, growth and expansion, and spread your wings with a partner in tow!

Elsewhere, ties between go-between Mercury (in your money house) and Jupiter and Saturn in your zone of home bode well for your position and security…

Relationships? Full Moon’s are always illuminating times, with the pearly satellite aglow with the full light of the Sun in opposition. Today, the luminaries occupy the thoughtful third and ninth houses of your horoscope, so that you can cast your gaze and attention towards those near and far.

Your sister, neighbor, or coworker but also connections further afield – contacts with those different from where you’re from, people connected to projects with an international feel or that allow you to learn and educate yourself. Mind, the people you encounter might be from your neighborhood but have a different opinion and show you another perspective…

As this is an Eclipse, pay attention to what’s said and what inspires your thoughts now!! Spotlight what you’re keen to share with others!

Personal Growth… Your ruler Venus now tours Scorpio, accompanied by today’s Full Moon ruler – Mercury. Both show up in your second house of sustainment, sustenance, savings & salary, with a general focus on money now to be harnessed and enjoyed. There may be opportunities now to develop your sense of security!!

Ties between conversational Mercury (clever, strategic) and Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn (and your house of home, stability and comfort) could afford you ideas and inroads to financial longevity. Make contact with those who might bolster your earnings and enhance your ability to ground yourself and those under your care with realism.

You’ve worked hard to establish your footing, now, pave your path with gems!


The Full Moon blossoms in your house of trust, spotlighting a culmination point of commitment and how you’ve chosen–and choose–to invest your time, energy, money and resources.

With Venus & Mercury in your sign you could be feeling engaged and present with your own personal projects, desires and interests, and this may act as a subplot to the way you experience your entanglements.

You may want to follow your heart, and your own instincts, yet its likely impossible to ignore the part that others play…

Relationships? It’s a potentially confronting Lunar Eclipse that lands today, in your eighth house, prompting you to consider your loyalties – and the loyalties of others; today’s Full Moon marks a powerful moment for relationships and awareness of what a partner brings to the table, coming to fruition in your house of bonds, mergers, unification and trust.

To whom are you committed? Who is financially or emotionally obligated to you? Who are you to pay, loan or borrow from or give and share with?

These monetary questions could arise today in relationships, and the answers may not be those you ‘love’, have fun with, or enjoy romantically…

Personal Growth… Finances and the ties you’ve to engage in are in the spotlight, Scorpio, something that’s not necessarily comfortable for any of us but that’s a natural part of engaging with others, relying on outside sources to see us through.

Particularly for your sign (who values loyalty, enduring bonds, and being involved with those that will pull through in a pinch) it could be a day where you’re to acknowledge who really is yours to rely on – and the pledges you’re to follow through on, too.

You may have opportunities (of a monetary or relational kind) that are now presented – a chance to deepen what you have, to commit to someone who’s offering you a buy in or share in something…

It all comes down to what you think is best for you, but don’t miss out on a stellar prospect…!


The Full Moon blossoms in your opposite sign and house of partners, spotlighting an alliance that’s likely been on your radar all year, Sagittarius.

It’s a choice day to celebrate how far you’ve come with a union or in personal relations, ushering in experiences with another – acknowledge where you’ve had to rely on ‘them’ and now see where life is so much better with two – or a counterpart, a yin to your yang.

Mercury in Scorpio (and your house of private affairs, prep & gestation) makes ties to your ruling planet entrepreneurial Jupiter & stern Saturn in your house of wealth, material possessions, and belongings. Be mindful that you stay on your path, considering all you’ve worked hard to accomplish this year…

Relationships? Today’s Full Moon – a Lunar Eclipse – marks a powerful moment for relationships, coming to fruition in your house of partnerships & one-to-ones.

Notice what now comes up for you, Sagittarius, and the shifts and changes that are underway that encourage you to consider another.

With planets (Venus & Mercury) in your twelfth house there may be a subplot of closure, endings or renewal, so that you’re undergoing a process out of sight that’s allowing you to shape shift or amend and alter behaviors.

Personal Growth… Venus and Mercury now tour your gestational zone of sleep, surrender, solitude and quiet contemplation, so you may be feeling like opting for low-key scenarios that allow you to hide away, or focus on ‘the work’.

Your ruling planet Jupiter now transits your second house of sustenance, material assets, income, earnings and self worth, so that 2020 has no doubt been a milestone year in terms of what you do, and how you build up or consider your finances or position.

Now, you can use your intuition to guide conversations that help bolster and boost your role, your personal value, your input or contribution, particularly from an understated or selfless place…

Elsewhere, the Full Moon spotlights personal relations, so note progress in personal relations with a client or boss, and the way you handle individuals across the board!


The Full Moon blossoms in your house of health, wellness, daily rituals, maintenance and wellbeing, Capricorn, with matters spotlighted that have been pertinent this year.

You might enjoy a busy day with themes around work and duties elevated under the glow of this Lunar Eclipse.

Consider your body and needs, the habits cultivated (or toxicity quit and eradicated) that allow you to be at your best, consistent or free as the case may be, feeling useful, a cog in the wheel that fits and finds purpose.

Relationships? Venus and Mercury now tour your eleventh house of friendship, groups, community and hopes for humanity, so that you might now be engaged with a sense of team spirit, allied with those that have a common agenda or goal for your peers, town or country – or social scene.

Your people – and the common philosophy you share – are important but today also sees a Full Moon peak in your zone of work, employment, daily life and everyday maintenance, so your position – so that the folk you’re usually around – also feature.

Notice the colleagues and employers – or employees – who sparkle today, and your enhanced dealings with those you serve or who serve you…

Personal Growth… With a Lunar Eclipse in your house of health, fitness, work and wellbeing, it’s a time for daily life, positive habits, toil and labor to stand in the spotlight – in particular acknowledge changes you’ve made to better align your position.

Take a healthy approach to your dealings, bringing order to your lifestyle, noticing the good accomplished this year – and what’s still gotta go…

There may be ‘bad’ habits or practices you’re keen to bring direction to, and there’s time, but today you can shine light on dark dusty corners and shift around the furniture or cupboards for a better look at what might have been swept under the carpet, ignored for such a day like today to take note!

Brush out the cobwebs, honoring progress to date… Think diet & fitness too…


The Full Moon blossoms in fellow air sign – Gemini – and your heartfelt house of love, sex, creativity & conception.

This could be a super romantic day or inspiration may strike for a hobby, interest or artistic venture you’ve been engaging with this year.

Because this is a Full Moon there’s a celebratory (or heightened) tone to the start of the week – and the end of the month. And because it’s an Eclipse this might be a milestone moment in a significant chapter around your Love Story.

Elsewhere, Venus and Mercury occupy your prominent tenth house of career, reputation & your position that others see – perhaps you’re enjoying being noticed, seen in the public eye–this may play into dating or creative plans!

Relationships? Let love and passion rule as you round of the weekend, and wave goodbye to November, Aquarius.

Later today a Lunar Eclipse peaks in your fertile fifth house, so that you may be experiencing a revelation in matters of the heart. From a romantic liaison that’s hitting a bump in the road, to a sexual high that’s making your heart race and beat a little faster, to finally swiping right on that dating app – with potential to meet someone fun who can be a bright spark in your day!

Leave any rose tinted specs at the bottom of your bag and take a clear look at your love life with this Full Moon brightly illuminating matters. Venus & Mercury in your visible house of reputation may add a sub-plot, encouraging you to fall for the circumstances that serve your outwards facing position…

Personal Growth… A creative Full Moon is aglow in your house of passion and self-expression, so that you could be feeling inspired by your projects, plans or the delivery of something wonderful that sets your heart alight, Aquarius!

Yet the ruling planet of this lunation is Mercury; Venus and Mercury now tour the highest house of your horoscope, a sector of success, advancement and accomplishment in the public realms, so that you might also be engaged with your reputation, direction, and professional goals.

Allow these two themes to work together in harmony – how you want to appear in the world at large, and what you’re striving for (to climb up a rung on the ladder) and the creativity that’s grown in you this year – your passion for your own talents, and ability to express yourself through a playful or artistic medium (or perhaps it’s time to go on maternity leave)!


The Full Moon blossoms in your zone of home, Pisces, spotlighting a culmination point around your domestic life, or progress in a family setting.

Even your parenting style or relationship to your own folks or caretakers, or your nurturing style and love language could be pertinent, with this revelatory day in the stars…

There may be acknowledgement around a move, a new place of dwelling, or shifts that have occurred that affect your security and how you find safety – don’t underestimate this powerful lunation that could also touch upon your ancestry, lineage or where you’re from.

If you need time to hideaway, incubate or practice self-care then take a generous moment for you & those under your roof–and care.

Relationships? The instinct to nest and nurture may be strong in you or others today, as the Lunar Eclipse lands in your zone of home and heritage, family and your foundational fourth house.

Notice what comes up and how you’re feeling, acknowledging progress made to find yourself settled and aware of parenting patterns too.

The ruler of this Full Moon – Mercury – moves through your adventurous ninth house with amorous Venus, so that your ability to think outside the box, learn and see another side of the story is no doubt a considerable attribute to leverage now, Pisces. Talk over sticking points as your & others feel the feels…

Personal Growth… We all work for different reasons, but commonly we make a living to sustain ourselves, and find a place to settle or feel secure, with (ambition driving us on so we can feel successful in the eyes of others).

Now, the Sagittarius Sun lights up your prominent house of outward appearances, so you could be focused on how to advance and get ahead, so that you’re secure in your reputation, professional post and career.

But a Lunar Eclipse – and Full Moon – in your security oriented zone of nesting and family brings awareness and cognizance to your inner world.

Matters that are usually hidden, tucked away in the emotional realms of feeling, family life and the past may be illuminated and hard to ignore! Be prepared to face issues around what’s underfoot, propping you up!

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