Travel Inspiration: Gemini Cities And Countries…

Why London Is A Must For The Twins....

Which cities and countries are ruled by the zodiac sign Gemini?

London’s Tower Bridge – Twins!


Number one on the travel inspiration list for Gemini is London because it’s believed to be the traditional ruler of London (according to William Lilly).

From its telephone boxes to its renowned transportation system, London’s landmarks speak volumes about the Twins – including Tower Bridge!

You can make your way around this buzzing city easily on foot or by bike, tube, bus or taxi – the options are endless, which is super appealing to the nature of air sign Gemini, which governs local neighborhoods, networks, communication, and short journeys.

Mercury-ruled Gemini also governs commerce and merchants, and there are plenty of markets in London to explore – from Borough Market to Brick Lane, Notting Hill, and Camden’s Stables.

One of the London Boroughs, Wimbledon is famous for its tennis tournament, with matches played every June (around Gemini Season).

There are also museums, galleries, and the British Library to explore – so much information to gather! Once you’ve been mentally exhausted you can feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square…

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London also boasts some notorious twins… The Krays are London’s most famous criminals, known as The Terrible Two… The former mayor (now prime minister) of London, Boris Johnson was born 19th June 1964 so he’s Gemini! Ken Livingstone was born under the sign of the Twins too – his birthday? 17th June 1945.


Using the day of full independence from Denmark (June 17th, 1944 at 1.30 pm), Iceland has a remarkable horoscope, with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Saturn all in the zodiac sign Gemini.

The Libra ascendant has a close conjunction of Neptune, speaking to the magical, beautiful quality of the Nordic island – the blue lagoons, spas, and 

According to findings, Geminis are the most common astrological sign in Iceland, with about 9% of the population! Handball is referred to as the national sport, and the population is an active one, in fact, Icelanders are among the world’s healthiest people.

The Icelandic language remains the closest to Old Norse of all modern Nordic languages and has been very well preserved; English and Danish are compulsory subjects in the school curriculum.

Naming also works a little differently here, with the Icelandic telephone directory listing by first name rather than by surname, due to Icelanders carrying patronymic or matronymic surnames, – last names based on the first name of the father or mother,

e.g. Elísabet Jónsdóttir (“Elísabet, Jón’s daughter” (Jón, being the father)) or Ólafur Katrínarson (“Ólafur, Katrín’s son” (Katrín being the mother) – via Wikipedia.


Batman’s Treaty was an agreement between John Batman, an Australian businessman and colonizer, and a group of Wurundjeri elders, for the purchase of land near the present site of Melbourne. It was made June 6th, 1835 when the Sun, Jupiter, and the North Node were in Gemini.

Melbourne is therefore a Gemini City, and is regularly voted as the world’s most livable city and the coffee capital of the world! It has wonderful winding lanes for shopping, and great public transport, including the world’s largest tram network.

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