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Ticks Two Gemini Boxes – Butterflies And Sparkle…

Gorgeous Gemini model Crystal Renn has had her fair share of the spotlight, with media attention for her fluctuating weight. She opened up to Stylist Magazine and it turn’s out she’s totally tuned in to all things astrology (all the coolest people are, you know…) Check out the best bits below or you can read the interview in full here.

Crystal’s Star Sign Style!

☆ Sun In Gemini ☆ Moon In Scorpio ☆ Venus In Leo ☆ Capricorn Rising ☆

Mellow In Yellow


Yellow can be a tricky colour for some of us but not Crystal. As the lucky Gemini shade it’s no wonder she wears it with ease, making it look like a staple wardrobe hue.

Scorpio Moon’s Not Just For Home – Take It To The Garage!


Renn’s Recent Agent Provocateur Campaign

I’m a Gemini, but like a Scorpio emotionally – loud and vivid and intense

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Don’t forget you’ve got Venus in Leo too Crystal!

After meeting a make-up artist who was into star signs, the star wanted to know more. It’s now one of her fave hobbies as she finds it helps her to understand people better…

I sometimes find people very confusing. But if I do someone’s astrology chart I know who I’m dealing with.

It’s All About The Ascendant

Crystal says that her Capricorn ascendant means she comes off as direct and driven. She’s known for her strong work ethic and ambition – so Cappy! And she stays true to the Capricorn reverse aging process:

I was so adult very young. I feel like I’m chilling out as I get older. I was a very serious kid. And then I was off on my own.

Off duty, this model dresses all in black (classic Capricorn colours – work that rising sign sister!) and her fingers are adorned with amethyst and black quartz rings (those Gemini gals should always keep glitter about their digits…)


A Beautiful Blend Of Classic Capricorn Lace, Gemini Glitter Touches And Lucky Colour, Yellow…

Not forgetting her Mercurial Sun, Crystal comes over as chatty and interested in the world, as writer Ruby Warrington describes her as “possessing a deep thirst for self-knowledge and an opinion on everything.”

She seems super cool to me! A certified astrology ambassador extraordinaire…

Born 18th June, 1986 At 9.27pm In Miami, Florida

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