Zodiac Interiors – Gemini Style At Home…

Easy breezy Gemini, lets take a look at the Twin's place to gather...

Gemini Style At Home

Gemini or moon in Gemini – or Gemini rising for that matters – needs a bookshelf full of interesting reads, or an array of informative devices and nooks that hold their hobbies and interests close.

Moon in Gemini is the type to have two homes, cross continents or neighborhoods with a foot in two camps.

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Fresh air is important and they may like to have an air purifier in the home or enjoy a well-ventilated atmosphere, light curtains gently flapping in the breeze.

A stifling atmosphere or room will make them feel staid and even trapped. Plants that create oxygen will help in Gemini home style, and generally bright spaces will enhance their experience of a space.

Social creatures, the Zodiac’s butterfly will love space for entertaining – a patio or open kitchen is ideal, somewhere to throw a gathering that’s not at all stuffy.

Friendly neighbours are also an asset for Gemini, or they’ll like living in a town which makes popping out for a natter easy and accessible. 

  • Room in the house: Study, computer room
  • Style of fittings and fixtures: Busy yet clean,
  • Signature colors: Yellow, bright white, fresh green.
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