Best Colours for Libra? She Suits Sorbet Shades…

The prettiest pastels for the sign of the Scales, please!

The best colours for Libra are pink and blue, or any tones that evoke a sense of harmony and balance.

Libra is one of the Zodiac’s air signs, bringing civility, peace, fairness and diplomacy. The tones that work best for them (and can be considered lucky) are easy, breezy and work to bring clarity and increase love!

Governed by the planet Venus, Libra is associated with beauty and the ability to foster harmonious partnerships.

The people born under this sign are particularly adept at personal relations, often working in a capacity that brings justice or improves on the world through unifying or finding commonality.

Libra Colours: Dress In Pastel Shades!

The stars above were born with Venus in Libra: Hayden Panettiere, Calista Flockhart, Grace Kelly, Bebe Rexha, Florence Welch, Rita Hayworth, Clémence Poésy, Beyoncé, Emma Stone, Hailey Bieber, Lisa Bonet, Thandie Newton, Anna Nicole Smith, Claudia Schiffer, Lea Michele and Kiernan Shipka.

The Libra colour palette can boast the pigments that are pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

Huda Kattan is a Libra born October 2nd, 1983. She designs makeup fit for this sign!

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A pop of bubblegum pink on the lips suits Libra Gwen Stefani!

Dusty purple is divine!

Pistachio, Peach, Pear, Plum…

Other colours that are associated with Libra include lavender, pale yellow, and light blue – or baby blue.

These romantic tones are often used in décor and clothing for Libra people.

Look to pale green (or pistachio), pear and peach. Try banana or vanilla – just think of an ice-cream parlour!

These colours can help create a calming and peaceful atmosphere conducive to Libra’s desire for pleasantry, conviviality and harmony.

Advice for Libra?

Keep it sweet. Notice what works best for you and your personal style, what pleases you! Ultimately, the best colours for you depend on your personal preferences and what you wish to increase in your space.

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