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Gemini Carey…


Happy 30th Carey!

With her Sun sign in Gemini, gorgeous Carey Mulligan carries a short pixie crop as no other sign can. The twins of the zodiac sign are youthful and light. Their mutable, airy energy can be likened to an impish pixie, darting about the place, flitting from one to the next.

Many people with Mercury strong in the chart can cut their hair short, and not only does Mulligan have her Sun ruled by the messenger planet but the moon too…


Yellow – The Lucky Colour For Gemini Gals!

Born with the Moon in Virgo Carey will need a sense of order about her – these people can be quite fussy and particular. They feel more comfortable in understated fashions, especially when they’re off duty and at home…


Earthy, muted tones suit this placement, and detailed patterns look perfect! Virgo has excellent attention to detail and make fantastic fashionistas because of their careful, astute eye…


Mercury in Taurus expresses itself with feminine touches – pinks, flowers and sumptuous fabrics like satin and silk. Venus In Aries is more spontaneous, independent and youthful and I think gives Mulligan her facial aesthetic – I think she looks very Aries!


Aries is bold and their standout colour is red, (black and white too.) With Venus in the sign of the Ram Mulligan will be quite a force to be reckoned with – especially when dating, she’ll want to be in charge!

The area of the body ruled by Aries is the head, and people with planets in Aries can dive ‘head-first’ in to matters – with Venus this could indicate love, romance or even spending!


I love this look best of all – red accessories add a touch of Aries, navy is a wonderful colour for Virgo – and note the Virgoan body part, the stomach on show! A beautiful yellow panel and contemporary cut keep it youthful for Gemini – and the hair. LOVE.

Carey Mulligan’s Birth Chart


Born 28th May, 1985 In London, UK

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