September 4th – December 31st 2023: Jupiter Retrograde!

The True Lucky Girl Syndrome Is Tied To Jupiter...

Learn About Jupiter Retrograde For Luck!

In 2023, Jupiter will be transiting the zodiac constellation Taurus.

Jupiter will retrograde for four months, meaning our plans will be put on pause, as we recalibrate and review our growth thus far… Jupiter Retrograde is a great time for improvements, as we look at progress made and double down our efforts to date. As Jupiter takes twelve years to transit the Zodiac, you can think of each year as a school-year. This is the window of revision and study, ahead of exams!

  • Jupiter in Taurus Tuesday May 16th 2023
  • Jupiter enters its shadow (5º34’) Sunday June 11th 2023
  • Jupiter Stations Retrograde (15º34’) Monday September 4th 2023 – Review your Grand Plans!
  • Jupiter Direct Sunday December 31st 2023 (5º34’) – Moving forward! No more retrograde for our planet of abundance, get those gifts…
  • Jupiter out of shadow (15º34’) Saturday March 23rd 2024 – All Clear to finish off strong…
  • Jupiter enters GEMINI Sunday May 26th 2024! A new chapter begins…

Wear This…


So, what does it mean for you?


Show me the money Aries! Jupiter in Taurus boosts the attention you lavish on your earnings and personal income. Sense confidence bringing home the bacon. Note how you’ve been stocktaking assets and belongings. Find you are valued!

Yet with the retrograde, you may want to learn more about your self-worth and personal contribution. Study to make money! Jupiter is an educational planet and favors learning. Work to see your cheque in the mail but find patience. Your lucky streak will return in 2024!


Taurus, Jupiter in your sign has been a time of personal expansion and growth. You may have sensed a lot on your shoulders, or found yourself on a big [solo] adventure! You’re being blessed with one of the luckiest astrological experiences going, though it might not have felt ‘good’ all the time.

Now retrograde, really get into your body and experience the tangible side of yourself. Dig deep into your own growth and personal plans. As the ruler of your eighth house, sense where Jupiter might want you to develop awareness of your own mortality, legacy and personal investments. What will people remember of you?


Gemini, Jupiter in your twelfth house encourages relative solitude and rest. A healing journey may be underway, prepping you for next year, when a new chapter is really your own. Incubation is favoured, so allow yourself to percolate gently, like a herbal tincture or fine wine. Infuse yourself with a way to let go of old relationship patterns or anything that doesn’t serve you.

With the retrograde cycle, double down on growth, rest, and dream! Seek people to help you help yourself. The ruler of your relationship zone, Jupiter wants you to involve others in your journey! Find true wisdom reaches you in the quietest moments.


Cancer, Jupiter has bought a boost to community endeavours, so you can gather in a group. You may be at one with a crew, working toward the greater good, in service to all. A friendship circle or network may be important to you, a social scene, industry or forum where everyone works toward the same goal or cause.

With the retrograde, your place among peers may seem more challenging. Plans might not be easy, yet strive to gather, getting on the same page. Learn more about your deams for everyman, and spend extra time with friends that matter. Certain connections may help you out or benefit you!


Leo, Jupiter has blossomed in your zone of status, authority, goals, reputation and public image. You may have found prominence and even fame! Sense where you’ve advanced in the direction of your aspirations, or had other people looking your way, with visibility and even success.

Now, with the retorgrade you may want to get extra creative in the public eye, having fun with your title or leadership role. Your personal profile warrants your attention. How might you become more well known? A moment of notoriety – for better or worse – could be yours! See how you stand out.

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Jupiter has been calling you to expand your horizons through travel, foreign perspectives, publishing, and higher education. This year may have really turned your attention to the big picture, with a philosophy, or outlook that’s different. Broadcasting is an area of luck, so consider your social channels, a blog, book or other platform that allow you to share what you’re coming to know.

While Jupiter is retrograde, review how you look to understand the world and its people. Be willing to explore against the backdrop of your own start in life. For you, Jupiter is the ruler of home and your origins, so family may be the catalyst to help you grow. Faith and religion, or another moral awakening could be key to your exploration!


For Libra, Jupiter has toured the most intimate house of the horoscope. The eighth house is about coming together to share space, resources and time with another, in order to build. This year may have seen you grapple with power dynamics, and money that comes from outside source, person or revenue stream. You could be learning how to pay your way or addressing debts, loans, inheritance or taxes. Property may be on your radar, or shared bills and co-parenting.

The retrograde months will allow you to review financial matters, the part other people play, and secret pacts, contracts, pledges or relationships that are loaded (with something to gain or lose). Pick up the skills you need to invest, and stocktake major assets or outgoings. Thankfully, you’ve got luck on your side!


This year may have seen a lot of emphasis on other people, Scorpio. Jupiter touring your opposite sign may see you looking outward, comprehending the importance of partnerships (and what others have to give). This planet guides your income, personal investments and earnings, so a client, or key person may underline lessons about your role and value. Great attention (and increased importance) on others may be good or bad, yet it’s what we learn that matters most.

With Jupiter retrograde in your one-to-one zone, double down in with people who stand out, willing to learn from the union. Understand the part you play in all important interactions, what you bring to the table, and how others respond fairly, generously or with a big part to play.


Jupiter is your ruling planet, and now in your sixth house, attention may land on consistency in your health and wellbeing, your body and the way you function. Daily rituals, work, employment and a busy schedule may seem greatly important. Generally sticking to a routine or wellness regime may be key, or finding your true purpose.

Retrograde Jupiter might put a halt on progress but once direct, you can resume your efforts in the gym, your day job and habitual side of life. Review your diet or exercise plan, and what you believe your ideal employer looks like! Tend to your physical constitution and aim for your optimum.


Jupiter in Taurus may have boosted your fertility, creativity, love life or passions, Capricorn. There may have been major excitement in matters of the heart, around your kids, entertainment and what you find fun. You may have produced something (a project, baby, artwork) or developed a hobby, craft, pastime – or falled in love! A performance, vacation or celebrations may be prominent!

With Jupiter retrograde review what makes you tick. It may be necessary to pause and go back over big plans, really sensing how they’re playing out for you, and if you need to go deeper into your motivations or dreams. This planet rules your twelfth house, so there may be something in your blind spot to acknowledge, tied to your pleasure and enjoymnet.


With the planet of luck helping you put down roots, this year may have seen you lavish great attention on home life, a parent or your nest. It could be a time when you add members to your household, or consider a move! Domestic issues may be a big deal, where you live and reside or projects about your homeland (or household).

During Jupiter retrograde you can review these matters, checking your foundations are rock solid. Emotional work may be necessary, addressing your relationship with mother or where you’re from. Address your abode, moving and what this means for community. Once direct you may get a lucky score around property!


Pisces, Jupiter has been inviting you to connect with those close and likeminded! Your communications may have experienced a boost, with great attention on learning, teaching, proficiency and navigating (both places and conversations). Siblings, short journeys and schooling may have been prominent, with your career part of what’s been talked over. Social networks may have bloomed and flourished!

With the retrograde, find greater interest in your skillset, and find more ways to speak up. Build your key contacts, answer the phone! An interaction may stall, yet it will be resumed eventually…

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