Mad Men Zodiac Signs


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Season Six is Starting! To celebrate, I’m taking a closer look at Mad Men zodiac signs. What’s driving Don Draper? And why is Roger Sterling such a cavalier klutz? Let’s find out and take a look at their Star Sign Style!

Mad Men Zodiac Signs

The Agency Bods: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

mad-men-zodiac-signs-roger-sterlingRoger Sterling is blatantly a Sagittarius – always putting his foot in it, making blunders in what he says but innocently throwing his hands up when caught out! mad-men-zodiac-signs-joanNo surprise that this Saggy is wildly attracted to feisty redhead Joan. My guess on her sign? An Aries. She’s very independent, holds her own in a testosterone fueled office and looks great in a tight dress! She’s positive and upbeat, and snaps into action in a crisis.

mad-men-zodiac-signs-bert-cooperBert Cooper is hands down an Aquarius. Eccentric, aloof, independent in thought, reserved and fair. There’s also the fact revealed by Roger’s ‘memoirs’ that Bert had an orchiectomy (lost his testicles). The mythology of this sign is linked androgyny, so this sign seems very fitting…

mad-men-zodiac-signs-peggyPeggy Olson on the other hand must be an earth sign, I’d bet on Capricorn for her total and utter dedication to work (although I do think she has a Taurean neck). She’s serious, not sentimental, and her style is typical Cappy: conservative and classic. However the show points her birthday to the 25th May 1939 (her 26th birthday is tied to the Cassius Clay fight), remember how her boyfriend and mother are waiting at the restaurant for her? *Cringe*

This makes her a Gemini but I’m not buying it. I can only say the researchers need to work a little harder on their astro skills! They also got Joan really wrong when they wrote her birthday in the show as 24th February, 1931 – a Pisces. Really?!

mad-men-zodiac-signs-peterPete Campbell, a pouting Cancer, proud Leo or perhaps a trickster Gemini? I can’t comment on this guy without letting rip into a character assassination! And I’ll annoy all the zodiac signs by dragging up the negative traits one by one, as he has many! Lets just assign the sign Taurus, as actor Vincent Kartheiser who plays Campbell is a raging Bull…

mad-men-zodiac-signs-laneLane Pryce – he who holds the purse strings must be a Tauro too, plus when his security is rocked you can see a trembling lip and feel a toddler about to weep! There’s also a lovely romantic gentleness to Pryce that works in tandem with his more assertive side, true to Taurus traits I’d say.

Finally, Don Draper.

mad-men-zodiac-signs-don-draperWell, the actor Jon Hamm is Pisces – watery pools for eyes and perhaps a little clumsy (it’s those big feet…) He’s creative, likes to swim (Pisces) and drown his troubles. Possibly a bit of a martyr too…

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But! Don’s birthday in the show is the 1st June 1926, which makes him Gemini! This placement would totally compliment his vocational path – first a salesman (remember the fur shop where Roger discovered him?) Then as bad ass ad man – he truly has the gift of the gab.

They got it so right – it’s Gemini all over! He’s also master of the double life… Nuff said.

The Wives (and Girlfriends) of the Mad Men…

So, what are the zodiac signs of these leading ladies?

Betty Francis – an air sign, I’d like to go with Libra. Her life before marriage was spent modelling (both Libra occupations). She blows up in an argument and has a mean, manipulative streak…

Trudy is a chatty, optimistic bird-like creature – a mercurial Gemini. Extra evidence? She was the only one able to persuade Don to attend a social occasion – Gemini vs. Gemini in a talk-off!

Megan Draper, the thespian with a smashing back-comb barnet! Surely she has to have a lotta of Leo somewhere in her chart? Perhaps a dose of dreamy Pisces too…

Jane Sterling I think is Pisces. Big, sad brown eyes… She couldn’t wait to drop acid and escape into another word!

Roger Sterling: Well, it’s official. Friday, December 13th, 1963. Four guys shot their own legs off.


The agency itself was formed say Monday 15th December, 1963 in New York, which gives it an expansive and free thinking Sagittarius Sun/Moon, with Mars, Mercury, Venus and Capricorn rising. If this wasn’t just a fictional advertising agency, people would see an incredibly hardworking and industrious crowd pulling together. Despite the constant clinking of the booze cupboard!

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