Friday April 21st 2023: Mercury Retrograde In Taurus…

The tide turns for our communications, the day after New Moon!

Time To Talk About The Bull Market!

On Friday April 21st the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus are in Taurus.

Mercury appears retrograde, which lasts until mid-May. But more importantly, this Mercury Retrograde cycle sees us usher in Jupiter in Taurus!

The Bull’s Zodiac Sign prompts us to pause and take stock of finances – not only money but the cost or value of things!

Food, farming practices, what we buy and consume with our senses (including fashion, music, art and beauty) is relevant too.

Here are the dates for Mercury Retrograde 2023 (April /May)

  • 12.22 pm EDT April 3rd 2023, Mercury enters Taurus (00º00′)
  • 7.44 am EDT April 7th 2023, Mercury enters its shadow phase 5º50′
  • 4.35 am EDT April 21st 2023, Mercury stations retrograde 15º37′ Taurus
  • 6.23 am EDT April 25th, 2023, Mercury sextile Saturn in Pisces
  • 7.30 pm EDT May 1st 2023, Mercury meets the Sun (11º01′ Taurus)
  • 4.44 am EDT May 12th 2023, Mercury sextile Saturn in Pisces
  • 11.17 pm EDT May 14th 2023, Mercury stations direct 5º50′ Taurus
  • 11.53 pm EDT May 19th 2023, New Moon in Taurus 28º25′, Mercury is sextile Saturn in Pisces,
  • 3.33 pm EDT May 31st 2023, Mercury clears its shadow 15º37′ Taurus…

Note that Mercury is aligned in a harmonious sextile on three occasions, including the New Moon!

Where will you experience confusion? What area of the chart is Mercury travelling backwards through for you? Do be mindful in these areas…


Second House Matters… your money, income, the material things you value…


First House Matters – your expression of self! Don’t let your message get confused…


Twelfth House Matters – hidden things. Avoid loosing documents or misplace information…


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Eleventh House Matters – groups and social outings. Double check times of friendly engagements!


Tenth House Matters – career plans might go awry. Avoid drama at your coronation, as you speak of recognition…


Ninth House Matters – travel plans! Long trips to far off places or rethinking your educational path. As you journey check you have your documents!


Eighth House Matters – private conversations can go awry. Revise matters around tax and finances, money owed… Review your joint outgoings


Seventh House Matters… partnerships. Note key communications with people in your world…


Sixth House Matters – day to day living! Seek to stabilise information that allows you to be organised. Straighten out conversations at work or about work…


Fifth House Matters– fun events, romance and date nights. Check times on the way to your party or fete, double check who you’re sending your sexts to!


Fourth House Matters – home is spotlighted. Watch out for misplacing things about the house! Keys gone missing? Keep them on you!


Third House Matters – communication, short journeys. Look out for unnecessary errands, trips or emails that will require revision!

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