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Top 5 Tips To Work A Cancer Makeup Style!

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Those born under the Cancer constellation can work a truly gorgeous, feminine makeup style!

Cancerians are known for their dark, clear, watery eyes and open faces. They’re often likened to their governing celestial body – the moon!

What are the top beauty tips for Cancerian babes?

1. Go For Creamy, Lunar Grays…

a sooty palette suits you!

Gray eye shadows are a good color for Cancer’s, reflecting the surface tones of their ruler, the moon.

A makeup palette with an array of silvery shades, including charcoal and dove gray is a great investment, and a warm, mushroom shade goes down well too…

2. Coral Colored Lips And Cheeks!


Cancer Celebrities (as above): Selma Blair, Liv Tyler, Alanna Masterson, Aubrey Plaza, Ariana Grande, Anna Friel, Meryl Streep, Lea Seydoux, Khloe Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger, Lady Diana, Juno Temple, Pamela Anderson, Selena Gomez and Sara Sampaio…

You are the sign of Summer and Summer Solstice!

It’s worth looking to the tones of nature at this time, and what’s in season: peaches, nectarines and apricots…

A feminine, pinky coral on the lips and cheeks is pure perfection.

3. Emphasise Your Luminous Skin…


Cancer Celebrities, Clockwise From Top Left,  Alanna Masterson,  Liv Tyler,  Lizzy Caplan, Aubrey Plaza, Eva Green, Anna Friel And Selma Blair…

Cancerians have particularly luminous skin, pale and beautiful like the moon – Read more in She’s Like The Moon

Cancerians can make the most of their clear, bright skin and fresh faced beauty with a touch of illuminating powder.

4. Waterproof It…

liv tyler moon face

Liv Tyler, born 1 July 1977 – Sun, Mercury and Ascendant in Cancer…

This zodiac sign has large, watery, soulful eyes loaded with emotion. They tear up easily – happy and sad news makes them cry easily – they’re sentimental and love to reminisce!

A waterproof mascara is a must for those born under the watery crab; a well blended eye liner works better than defined (it’ll only smudge!).

5. Pearly Queen

You can add pearls or shells to the look, as Cancer is the water sign most closely associated with the sea…

And buy your Cancerian friend something for their purse to remember their Star Sign Style!


Represented by the creature that lives in a shell, people born under the sign ‘Cancer the crab’ can play it safe with traditional makeup looks.

Keywords: caring, compassionate, emotional, kind, moody, nostalgic, sensitive and nurturing.

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