This Nik Bentel Botticelli Dress Is So Accurate You Can Recreate The Renaissance…

Become the Hora of Spring, a Botticelli Beauty in this dress from Bentel...

I love that fashion designer Nik Bentel has decided to recreate the dress, cloak (or blanket) and chemise featured in the Birth of Venus!

The Botticelli Dress is a limited edition release, created to closely match the details of the painting.

The extravagantly decorated dress and the beautiful robe that she is holding out to Venus are embroidered with white daisies and blue cornflowers– spring flowers which suggest birth.

Birth Of Venus

Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli created his vision of Venus in 1486.

Positioned at the right of Boticelli’s masterpiece, is one of the three Horae (Hours)––Greek goddesses of the seasons, and the attendants of Venus.

The Horai guarded the gates of Olympos and rallied the stars and constellations of heaven.

They were particularly honoured by farmers, who planted and tended their crops in time with the rising and setting of the stars, measures of the passing seasons.

The three goddesses were typically named Eunomia (Good Order, Good Pasture), Eirene (Peace, Spring), and Dike (Justice).

Boticelli’s floral decoration upon the dress suggests that she is the Hora of Spring – Eirene.

She wears a garland of myrtle, the tree of Venus, and a sash of pink roses. Her hair is braided and her make up is totally natural (if you want to dress up as Eirene!)

Using material studies of the painting and taking lessons from art historians and painters, Bentel set out to remake the famous dress and blanket as accurately as possible, and I think the designer has done an incredible job…

  • The Botticelli Dress $199.00 – each dress has approximately 50 hand stitched flowers, and is made from cotton 30% linen, 70% cotton.
  • The Organza Top $30.00
  • Blanket $299.00 – 80in x90in – cashmere wool, embroidered using a gold tinted thread.

These pieces are available from June 21st 2021, at 10 am EST, from Again, once sold out there will not be any more made, so if you’re falling for Venus check it out!

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