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Autumn Aspects And Your October Monthly Horoscope!

Venus Retrograde and All Hallows Eve! But it needn't be scary...

The new moon in Libra (October 8, 11:47 p.m. EST) takes its cue from Venus, planet of romance, finance, balance and happy unions. Venus governs Libra but appears retrograde from the 6th, making October a good month to reevaluate and reflect on what we cherish most; with this new moon moment, we can put our best foot forward, striving for optimal harmony in all our relationships.

It won’t be easy. There’s tension in the stars, felt most between October 10 and 12. But we have all month to examine how we’re investing our time, money and energy—both in ourselves and in others. At times, freedom and liberation will seem the right way to go; at others, the moon will draw us deep, and we’ll relish the chance to cement strong bonds. Opt for balance, accordingly.

On the 24th, the full moon promises to spotlight a shake-up within our values system. This might underscore breakthroughs in tech, big business and politics—and on a personal level, it could be time to reveal a brand new you.


There’s momentum and promise in company or community dealings this month, Aries, and you may feel it’s easier driving ahead professional goals now, making headway among your peers.

Yet October also spells soul searching, as you take a deeper look at trust, loyalty and how you invest your time and energy. Romance and finance aren’t guaranteed smooth sailing, yet you can vow to put your best foot forward in partnerships on the 8th, wiping the slate clean. Reflect on positive growth you’ve achieved in relating to others this past two years.

Tensions arise in collaborative efforts on the 11th and 19th, so be mindful around your most important private affairs—and when broaching the sentiment of commitment. The 24th highlights a new role to embrace, as well as different ways you can contribute.


It’s been a year of growth as far as relationships go, and as the year-end draws near, you can begin to reflect on your most significant interactions, Taurus. Note the improvements you’d like to make in important exchanges—from business partners to lovers, and even siblings with whom you share a special bond.

Be mindful that you’re currently in the midst of a busy phase as far as work, everyday demands or your career is concerned. Take a fresh look at the path ahead, honoring your ambitions on the 8th. But balance demanding agendas with the need to get along well with others on the 11th.

The 24th is an important day in the calendar, as a full moon spotlights the quest you’re taking seriously, and then delivers a chance to reveal a new you that’s ready to bloom.


Greet October with enthusiasm, Gemini, indulging personal interests, creative ventures or by harnessing opportunities that broaden your horizons. Enjoy yourself! And set aside time for love, too.

Fun and freedom must compete with a full agenda; however, it’s likely been a big year for your work life, with growth in overall awareness around habits, health and routine matters. You’re now in a position to begin refining practices to your advantage.

This may include delegating to those in your everyday environment. Note you’re busier than ever from the 10th. Trust you can lean on others and allow them to pull through for you on the 16th. Navigate the 19th, showing up where needed; the 24th is a day to step back and exhale, while the 29th could fill you with clarity around positive efforts made this year.


Claim a fresh start in your space October 8, taking time for self-care, Cancer, ideally in beautiful surroundings. Use the opportunity to deepen your sense of security and place.

From the 10th, turn your thoughts toward passion projects, your talents and interests that have garnered attention this year. Think dating (and your sex life), children, sports, artistic hobbies or any creative outlet you enjoy that’s helped you express yourself. It’s an interesting time for the object of your affections, as you may be inclined to rethink who or what brings you true gratification.

Honoring commitments and engaging with others continues to be thematic throughout the month, yet some things can be reserved just for you. The 24th asks that you shine among a special group of friends, revealing what you’ve grown to love.


October opens on a sociable note, with a sense of camaraderie and connection between close friends, acquaintances or partners. The 8th puts particular emphasis on your inner circle; hone attention toward those around you, welcoming new collaborations and relationships.

Other people could serve to help or hinder progress in your space (your domestic setting or emotional landscape, Leo), which becomes increasingly prevalent after the 10th. Emphasis is set to grow around home life or feeling settled and all you’ve accomplished this year. Explore your ideals, revising what will bring you maximum peace and security in your surroundings, not to mention comfort and pleasure.

Claim a moment in the spotlight on the 24th, as your everyday efforts bring you recognition. The 28th further demonstrates the positive repercussions of your consistent, unwavering work ethic.


Your personal magnetism is off the charts entering October, Virgo, and you could find people draw near to you, as if by magic! Make the most of your vitality, confidence and allure by affirming your role. It’s been an incredible year of awareness around income and finances, and progress is now spotlighted. Step back and admire your handiwork, reserving the 5th to lavish attention on others contribution…

Your attention is steered towards your inner circle from the 17th, and you’ll find yourself moving beyond material concerns. Open your heart to friends, bosom buddies, siblings, coworkers and close peers – they’ll mean everything in your year ahead.


With a new moon in your sign on the 8th, embrace a fun fresh start—particularly around the things you love and enjoy. Then, steer your focus toward your purpose and material standing from the 10th, as work life, personal earnings and income draw attention.

Though you’ve grown confident in your role, you may be tasked with reinventing what you do or presenting yourself a little differently. October is a month to assess your current position and hone in on changes you’re likely to reveal later in the year.

Be mindful that work and play compete for space this month, with distractions on the 11th. Maintain composure, Libra. The 24th spotlights private commitments and your investment of time and money; it could feel as if you’re breaking new ground, which is affirmed on the 31st.


October’s theme is transformation, Scorpio, and you’re invited to tend to private matters—or operate in an introverted manner—until the 8th. Transitions and your sense of security may be front of mind, with a process underway that requires you to pull back and gain closure.

From the 10th, you’ll be inclined to come out of your shell, despite home life or emotional matters continuing to draw attention. Showing up and connecting, versus escaping and embracing solitude, are held in a fine balance around the 11th and 12th.

Your journey of personal expansion comes into focus, yet you might be inclined to improve what’s been launched this month. The 22nd puts you in touch with the right contacts, while the 24th fully brings you out of hibernation with a jolt, emphasizing and affirming close ties.


Community or your company of peers feature on the 9th, when a new moon brings attention toward your professional network, social set or wider circle. Think of who or what you hope to align with, Sagittarius, and connect.

A shift on the 10th and 11th provides the ideal setting to simmer down, and heralds the onset of an important review of growth that’s occurred this year. You have the whole month to explore the private themes pertinent on these days, so tune in now to what comes up.

It’s likely that amidst a mood of solitude, you’ll be motivated to connect to those closest, which isn’t an easy blend. Give yourself plenty of breathing room as you balance actively engaging and resting up. The 24th could deliver an encouraging breakthrough at work.


Your place and position in the world is emphasized entering October, with a focus on your role and how you’re integrated among peers, your company or community. Throughout the month there may be reason to reflect, with restructuring relating to friends or associates in the weeks ahead. Take care in arranging social engagements or simply relating to those in your network.

How you come across and assert yourself in your position is topical, Capricorn, and although you might be pressing ahead with confidence, the influence of group dynamics may give you reason to reconsider.

You have the entire month to explore the connection to your circle, and by the end of the month it’s likely you’ll feel far more buoyant among those you encounter. The 24th is a particularly enjoyable (and passionate) date to sparkle.


The past year has presented adventure, Aquarius, no doubt you’ve expanded your horizons and learnt so much! Perhaps you’ve new modes of self-expression under your belt or an important message you’re keen to broadcast. October spotlights your exploration, and reminds you to relay your big ideas graciously. The 15th and 19th are days to keep cool.

Early in the month private affairs are emphasized, with the 5th helping you realize deep, intimate bonds – there’s the potential for revelations within your inner circle, too. You’ll soon to be propelled towards a position of recognition, with a stellar 13-month cycle boosting your worldly profile – get ready to take the stand!


Focus on private commitments and resetting the agenda in your most important partnerships on the 8th, as a fresh start is presented behind closed doors, Pisces.

On the 10th the mood rapidly shifts, steering attention toward growth you’ve encountered this past year. Look toward ventures that have seen you spread your wings, drilling down all you’ve learned. You’ve got a unique opportunity throughout October to radically revise the message you’re broadcasting to your community—be sure you’re coming across just as you’d like.

Energy may presently be redirected inward, toward more solitary, meditative practices, and you could find yourself wavering between projects that have flourished and those held close, particularly the 11th, 12th and 19th.

By the 24th you’re poised and encouraged among peers—take the opportunity and be ready to speak up.

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