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Relinquish control this month, Aries. Relax and take it easy, with an escape into your dreams and fantasies. The Pisces New Moon on the 10th amplifies the unknown and all that you simply can’t predict, so avoid seeking definitive answers. Instead use faith, and turn to your community. Friends, a group or your social scene are key, yet must be balanced with practical obligations. Plans for financial stability, which could be tested during the first part of the month. Spring Equinox on March 20th ushers in Aries Season, and an eclipse quickly follows on the 25th, which touches your intimate relationships. It may be apparent that a partnership requires work


Friends and people in your network may stand out as entering March, with Pisces Season elevating peers and community. Connect to your circle, taking a serious approach to global issues, world events and humanitarian causes. The New Moon on the 10th puts you in touch with the right people, so affirm intentions among crew-mates. Venus glides into a harmonious position in your horoscope from the 13th, which is a positive shift. Before then, you may find you’re incredibly public, which might not be easy (separating your authentic self from your visible, professional profile). The 21st brings is day to get reality check around your affiliations and associates. Take a step back and relive the pressure after this point.


Long-term goals and aspirations may seem established entering March, with conversations about responsibilities you’re upholding. Focus on a side of you that’s visible, with a sense of recognition. Acknowledge accolades, a moment of success, or an honouring of your status. Think about stepping into authority and a position of influence, realistic about the hard work involved with your plans, mindful of your limits. As Mercury teams up with visionary Neptune on the 8th, be sure to consider how far you’ve come already, and the impression you give off. Do what’s necessary in private that allows you to align with your future self. Operate behind the scenes to advance ambitiously. There’s also emphasis on social life, teamwork and your group of friends. Engage people from all walks of life or different places, the 10th. Be reminded of another point of view, participating in an exciting social dynamic.


Dream about the future and acknowledge how far you’ve come, as the stars light up the most visionary sector of the skies for you entering March. Elevate your outlook on life, your perspective or world philosophy. You have an important message to share with a community, circle, or friends in your audience. Find yourself seeking to understand other people, and develop knowledge of who you are in the grander scheme of things. The New Moon March 10th seeds bright ideas around your experiences and wisdom. March 21st breeds considerations around your financial position, and later in the month sees your public image, career ambitions and reputation ramped up. Be intentional about your authority or leadership potential. Keep coming back to your social circle.


Joint interests, intimate agreements, pacts and shared resources are important entering March. Shine a light on loans, promises, taxes, inheritance, a mortgage or debt, and possessions or assets that involve others. There may be investments, sacred bonds and energetic ties that bind you to others, including a work, family or marriage contract. Entanglements can serve you publicly, with external success, accomplishments and achievements linked to trusted unions or vows. Work with others towards your future. Spring Equinox on March 20th signals a change of pace, with experiences, knowledge or an educational path to nurture. Understand other people, places or beliefs, open to friends who let you discover more about yourself.


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Examine your relationship to people closest, and the issue of intimacy. The stars breed awareness of others, and important conversations may have already taken place that help you examine what you want from a partnership. Ideas about sex, a wedding, the issue of your children or a future pregnancy may have been discussed. Note you can continue to grow, evolve and develop your understanding of other people and their beliefs. It may be apparent that you’re ready for a mature approach in love, business or friendship, taking engagements seriously. Or, a significant other has proposed guidelines. A formal arrangement may suit you both, with a formula to deal with what you want and need from the other. You’re likely more committed from the 11th onwards in an arrangement or your vows, expect the eclipse on the 25th to reveal more to your other half.

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Work and wellness are themes in March, yet make space for playdates, hobbies, love and prioritize a lust for life! Venus and Mars sparkle in your fun, fertile sector of children, games, holidays and creativity, so make yourself happy, indulge and flirt with optimism. Emphasise what you want on Friday the 8th, and later in the month you’ll be well placed to articulate your desires to others. Bring patience to everyday chores and health concerns, appreciating the hard work you put in. Relish a sense of wellbeing from the 12th, when Venus glides into Pisces and your sector of upkeep, recognising important support systems between the 21st and 24th. General maintenance could seem arduous, yet sticking to a routine may breed sweet satisfaction. Relationships are increasingly important from Spring Equinox on the 20th; acknowledge changes within your unions. The eclipse on the 25th brings revelations of a personal nature.


Embrace passion projects, your love life, children and the topic of pregnancy – or any ideas that inspire you! Attention surrounds your talents, creative capabilities or kids, or the notion of finding a suitable mate. The New Moon on March 10th elevates what’s important to you, be it your fertility, time spent with a lover, on sporting interests, a hobby or the arts. Saturn in this expressive, romantic sector wants you to work hard for what you want. However, this planet also presents a reality check and favours discernment. What typically flowed freely now requires commitment and persistence. Lean into plans that make logical sense and note a partner or key figure that’s supportive of your dreams. March 20th ushers in a busy spell, and an eclipse quickly follows on the 25th, which is an ideal moment to escape the grind.


You’re on a journey so far as your job, health or daily life is concerned, with major developments around your routine, general maintenance and the upkeep! Learn about your optimum wellbeing, with your ruler Jupiter in your work-a-day house of rituals, systems and employment. Address your living set-up, property or family environment too – how you rest, hibernate or settle in your space. Allow nesting tendencies or parenting issues to come to the forefront, resetting with the New Moon on March 10th. Later in the month sees fun, playful moments, and your happiness, creative passions and talents spotlighted. You could be surrounded by kids or childlike people, falling in love, or focused on pregnancy. Say yes to days out and prioritize joy. An eclipse arrives on the 25th in your house of friendship, reminding you of the importance of your network.


It’s a social time, so embrace close-knit friends, neighbours, co-workers, and siblings. Pay attention to the news or the word on the street. Pisces Season encourages you to connect to local environments and the people you meet, talking things over. Be aware of communications, the way you navigate conversations and your surroundings. You may be more discerning about information sources, limiting the media, teachers or soothsayers you pay attention to. Early March sees you well positioned to bring structure around your talents, passion projects, and to your relationship with children or pregnancy. There may be a practical rationale around your sex life, hobbies, holidays and your senses, as well as excitement about progress made. Surround yourself with likeminded kin who appreciate what’s in your heart. An eclipse on the 25th suggests visibility, however you may be more concerned with family time or home life later in the month.


Lend attention to income, outgoings and budget. Personal finances, and the way you contribute something worthwhile is spotlighted, with discussions about money. What you possess, have saved or amassed could be of interest, or there may be a sense of reward that can’t be measured. Address your position, what’s lucrative and what costs you too much. Be realistic about what you can afford, and note domestic growth or plans around home life. There’s promise and momentum around the topic of security, stability and where you live. However, be prepared to buck trends and convention. The way you run your household may be unorthodox or different and that’s ok. Key relationships and your connection to those around you is foremost on the 11th and from Spring Equinox on the 20th. Bring focus to your immediate environment and those in it, enjoying an honest rapport.


Your March horoscope wants you to celebrate your special qualities! Talk about yourself, Pisces. Articulate key experiences and your personal philosophy on the 8th, as astute Mercury connects with visionary Neptune in your sign. Find those around you are paying attention, yet note it’s easy to isolate. Things may seem sweeter from the 12th, as Venus arrives in your sign heralding good times and yet there’s work to be done. There are likely greater levels of responsibility and even physical demands. Cultivate discipline, wise beyond your years and note your influence among friends and community. The weight of the world may seem on your shoulders, yet circle back to the important teachings you share. Sacred bonds, intimate ties and financial dependencies are the subject of the eclipse on the 25th, with emphasis on trust, a pact and where you’re bonded to others. Go easy around this intense day!

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