Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces – The Wondrous Water Signs In Astrology…

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The zodiac is divided into four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and three zodiac signs are adopted by each. Read on for more about Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the water signs, and discover their common characteristics…


Before you race off to read more about yourself water babe, consider something important – you are not simply your Sun sign.

That’s right astro lover, you’re a combination of planetary placements, consider your Moon, Venus and all your star signs before you settle on an element.

When an astrologer looks at a birth chart they’ll sometimes notice a significant, strong or predominant element in the chart, or they’ll take the dominant element based on the personal planets, the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury, plus the ascendant and midheaven.

Read the Astrology Article: How Do I Work Out My Birth Chart to find out your dominant element

If your chart’s flooded with the water element read on!

The Good…

People born with a lot of water in their chart will be in tune with their emotions, they are the most empathetic of the elements.


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Water is linked to feelings and people with watery birth charts are very good at human sensitivity, feeling and emotional tact.

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☆ The Water signs are chic Cancersexy Scorpio and pretty Pisces ☆

The Bad…

The terms ‘wet blanket’ and ‘wet weekend’ weren’t coined for nothing!


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Water sign people can be negative you know, and too introverted at times. Because they’re in tune with feelings, they can absorb the energies around them that aren’t always for the good… Super sensitive? Yes! Secretive? Sometimes (yes).

Water Water Everywhere

Water is formless and takes on the shape and colour of its container, likewise watery people adopt their surroundings. They like to merge, spilling over into others space and relationships and have a complete lack of boundaries!

This means they might not understand that other people need space, separation or to have their own privacy; they might be too close for comfort, unable to see where the line is between “me” and “we”.

Scorpio Rising – The Lake…

Each of the water signs can be likened to water in all its forms:

  • Cancer – Cardinal, the Sea or any natural water source that has momentum and can get moving
  • Scorpio – Fixed, a Lake, pond or pool with subtle ripples, sensing and feeling the depths
  • Pisces – Mutable, a River or Waterfall, Foggy Mist – unstoppable and unquantifiable!

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