Your Saturn In Pisces Horoscope – 2023 & Beyond…

Building Something Sure, Solid And Enduring In A Watery Domain...

Set Up Firm Goal Posts In Pisces Flowing Waters…

On March 7th 2022, Saturn makes its move into water sign Pisces for a three year stint (’till February 14th 2026!)

NB. Between May 24th 2025 and August 31st 2025 Saturn will be in Aries.

As the furthest planet of our solar system that’s visible with the naked eye, Saturn represents reality, our known limits and boundaries

With Saturn touring mutable water sign Pisces – limitless, boundless and infinite – we may have to keep coming back to what we’re hoping to accomplish.

Therefore, use this horoscope to guide your intentions and keep coming back to the work.

Something we can collectively get serious about in the coming years is what is real and what is fake. ‘Fake News’ may be more regulated, or there may be limits around how ‘viral’ things go, how we ‘stream’ information so freely.

Drug companies and recreational drug use may be restricted – I live in Hong Kong, where the government has banned CBD! But fentanyl and opioids are also creating a crisis in the US, where there’s even something called ‘Rainbow Fentanyl’.

Authorities may pay more attention to mental health issues, helping put a halt to suicides, and deaths caused by isolation.

There may be a sense of finality or even endings to mysteries, fantasies – or a movie franchise!

We may get a dose of realism on social media, with people saying “no” to filters and a soft lens.

Remember, Jupiter was here in 2021 and 2022, when people sought a reprieve from Covid but actually a lot was floating under the radar.

People wanted to check out. I certainly did – through the TV show Euphoria, which nicely touched on a lot of the Pisces themes mentioned here.

Your Saturn In Pisces Horoscope!


Saturn in Pisces could underscore the more liminal facets of life for Aries, and bring a sense of responsibility, maturity and even expertise to your spiritual sensibilities.

In 2021 and 2022 Jupiter flourished in this sign, now, whatever you saw grow in your secret garden can be tended and pruned with precision!

If you got into a bad habit or found yourself tangled up in mysterious, secretive circumstances there may be a halt to these behaviours or situations. It may get harder to switch off or zone out.

Aries Rising Kendall Jenner may broach her mental health issues in more formalised terms, while Aries Maisie Williams and Seth Rogan could double down their interest in this area…

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits around the ways you retire, recoup and unravel, or restrictions around the manner you retreat or recalibrate,
  • Hard work and consistency around your dreams, recovery, magic or mysterious interests, or around nursing, charity or selfless acts,
  • A commitment to tools you use for respite or divination,
  • Responsibility taken for your own inner healing journey.


With Saturn in Pisces you could be more serious or have a formal agenda around the social scene you’re a part of, and the friends you’ve made, Taurus.

There may be a draw to establish something real in your community. Like Taurus Adele, you may work in the music industry, or the arts, and find yourself making a big impact on the way things are done.

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around humanitarian feats, support from allies and friends,
  • Hard work and consistency in a network or team, an audience (including on social media), steps taken to be an authority among peers,
  • A commitment to communities, groups and society at large, and a dedication to the aspirations you have for all,
  • Responsibility taken for your crew mates or the greater good.


Saturn tours Pisces for three years, and the top of your chart – the highest corner of your horoscope, guiding your gaze to your public image and how you come across.

You can take who you are (or who you appear to be) seriously, with a career ladder or ambition that lead you to prominence – even prestige or notoriety!

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around your career aims, professional path or aspirations, a ‘ceiling’ as to how high you can rise up,
  • Hard work around your status or a title, consistency in stepping toward your goals, 
  • A commitment to getting to the top, advancing toward your public profile or image,
  • Responsibility taken in using the education you’ve worked hard towards, stepping up into leadership, expertise or authority professionally.


Jupiter in Pisces may have invited you to take a leap of faith in life.

There may have been a course of study you signed up to that you can now formalise or an educational program to take more seriously.

You might have had a publishing opportunity that takes on a different tone, or could be learning some hard lessons around a specialist subject that give you perspective.

Consider a three year plan for your personal development, as Saturn will stay in this sector of knowledge for some time yet!

Get real about what you know (and what you don’t), and seek wisdom through global associations or long-distance connections. 

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around long-distance travel, 
  • Hard work and consistency in publishing, education and your specialism,
  • A commitment to your beliefs,
  • Responsibility taken for understanding another person’s perspective or cultural differences.


Saturn in Pisces represents a firming up of your understanding of taboo areas, Leo, what’s not usually talked about openly with everyone: sex, tax and finances.

What’s shared or pooled together and given freely may come under greater scrutiny.

You may be addressing a financial or energetic obligation, potentially straightening out an entanglement that’s invited you to merge, blend or pool what you have.

Note the following signatures…

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  • Limits or restrictions around shared profits or shared space, what you give and get in return,
  • Hard work and consistency in collaborating and working with others and their resources,
  • A commitment to co-operate and come together with jointly held expenditures or outgoings, 
  • Responsibility taken for financial longevity, retirement, the future.


Saturn in Pisces (your opposite sign) encourages you to commit to a partnership, taking an alliance seriously. Or, you might find yourself implementing boundaries with key people.

Work might take you or a partner away from each other, or you could seek a plus one that’s a mentor and guide. The unavailability of a partner may be apparent, with an endurance test in waiting for them to reappear. A spouse, family member, even a coach or therapist you’re working with may negotiate hard, or limit the time they have for you! 

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around the love a partner or individual can give,
  • Hard work and consistency in unions, toil or a reality check in one-to-ones, 
  • A commitment to marriage vows, business partnerships or those on the horizon,
  • Responsibility taken for your own happiness in relationships.


Saturn in Pisces touches your sector of employment, daily life and routines, the sector of health and wellness.

Taking your duties, your maintenance and physical constitution seriously could be a theme, with a lifestyle practice to uphold.

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits, endings or restrictions around the job you do, your employment,
  • Hard work and consistency in diet and exercise, taking medication or wellness,
  • A commitment to a health practice
  • Responsibility taken for your lifestyle, systems, admin, pets or employees.


Saturn in Pisces could see you committing to find what makes you truly happy.

Be willing to put in the hours in regards to your fertility (and getting pregnant), or dating and entertainment (practicing hard at the talents you have).

Creative or fun plans can turn serious, so that ideas to conceive take on a much more formal meaning. 

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around recreation, procreation and creative pastimes,
  • Hard work and consistency in bringing up baby or your kids, setting rules, laying down the law,
  • A commitment to a hobby, craft, talent or passion project,
  • Responsibility taken for leisure activities and personal pleasure, games, parties and play dates.


With Saturn in Pisces – and at the base or roots of your chart – you could be in for hard work in domestic spaces, around your property, or among family members and parenting issues.

This time period could even signify the loss of a parent, or the sense you’ve to use more discipline to ground yourself.

There may be a lack of homeliness or warmth in your environment. 

You might undertake therapy, with a real stocktaking around mothering tendencies; turn your hand to cooking or put the effort in with your father, ancestors, or around your family’s security and safety. Sagittarius Rising Kim Kardashian may see her show come to a halt, or family life may get tougher.

Take household matters in a steady, consistent fashion, willing to take it step-by-step. 

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around settling down, availability of housing or permission to put down roots,
  • Hard work and consistency in broaching a parent or parenting, becoming a more disciplined parent, 
  • A commitment to household matters and environments,
  • Responsibility taken for the home you want to build.


Saturn in Pisces brings a formal tone to your dealings with neighbours, your mindset and rapport.

You might be more selective and discerning around who you speak to, share opinions with, or take your time speaking up to articulate a message.

This transit can prompt you to formalise or straighten out your thinking, information sources or teaching methods. Like Capricorn Rising Prince Harry you might find you’re missing having people like you close by, and have to work hard at getting on with a brother.

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around people you find yourself among, a lack of close-ties, no mobility or transport,
  • Hard work and consistency in teaching, training, learning, studying or participating in a conversation, writing or journalling, 
  • A commitment to a skillset, your environment and those in it, to a tight-knit group or local project,
  • Responsibility taken for siblings, co-workers or neighbours.


Saturn in Pisces could see you frugal, patient around payouts, cultivating discipline around money and financial transactions, or working hard at your own attributes that built up your pay bracket.

The way you spend, save or sustain yourself may be a topic that forces you to be serious! 

As Saturn is the planet of hard work and limits, earning could seem more difficult, or you may have to take it step-by-step in your role, which could be painstaking at times.

Thankfully, endurance pays off, and you’ll likely end up with great discipline around your income and the value of things.

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around your position, prospects and profits, slowness getting work or making a living, 
  • Hard work and consistency in saving, amassing or accumulating,
  • A commitment to saving or understanding the cost of possessions, what you have in stock, 
  • Responsibility taken for your finances, rewards and personal contribution.


Saturn in your sign could see you getting real and formalising what you find most meaningful, Pisces.

With Jupiter touring your sign in 2021 and 2022, you might have stepped up and embraced a solo journey – perhaps you’ve been a champion for body positivity, or found yourself flying the flag for people like you who are struggling with any number of issues that require compassion, empathy and a fluid approach.

Perhaps you got pregnant or had a baby (like Pisces Rhianna), and now must work at getting your body to a place that feels good to you, putting in the work.

Discipline is a key word, so take yourself seriously and create boundaries where you need them.

Note the following signatures…

  • Limits or restrictions around your own plans and personal life, your body, too,
  • Hard work and consistency in a physical sense, around your own authority,
  • A commitment to you, being ‘grown up’, mature,
  • Responsibility taken for projects started – becoming even more of an expert.
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