Sweet Saturn! Love Universal Strength From Satya Jewelry…

A new celestial collection from one of my favourite jewelry brands!

I’m a big fan of Satya Jewelry, a brand that produces modern pieces with meaning: inspiring and beautiful jewelry with symbols and gorgeous  gemstones, and the most stylish zodiac pieces I’ve seen (and I’ve scoured the web for them ALL!)

I’m also super excited to tell you about their new Universal Strength collection, which is launching today!

Satya has used Saturn as the perfect design symbol, representing strength, patience, and grounding, setting a powerful intention for the wearer…

Abiding Truth Bracelet

Seen stacked above, this sodalite bracelet features a little moon with white topaz sparkles to celebrate individuality, creativity and awareness. Sodalite is the stone of idealism and truth, helping us accept love and allowing our hearts to receive the beauty of the Universe.

$59 usd here.

Guided by Dreams Bracelet

Capturing the magic of the heavens, this gold plated bracelet features the Saturnian orb in lapis, with the additional symbol of the crescent moon and twinkling star lending inspiration. All three remind the wearer to listen to the whispering of their dreams as they reveal their wisdom and the truth.

$59 usd here.

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The Sacred Stability Necklace

Helping us stay grounded and assured in the face of swirling change, the Saturn pendant is a powerful symbol of consistency and strength; the gleaming white topaz accent celebrates individuality, creativity and awareness.

This is my absolute fave!

$59 usd here.

Innate Knowing Necklace

A star for guidance and inspiration, crescent moon for nourishment and goddess energy, and Saturn for constancy – even in these times of change and uncertainty… Love this gold plated necklace with lapis Saturn.

$129 usd here.

Sacred Trust Earrings

Beautifully evoking the night sky, these lapis orbs run rings around the rest! The 18k gold plated earrings are reminiscent of Saturn and its rings, representing authority, power and protection.

$79.00 usd here.

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