5 Beauty Products To See You Through Your Saturn Return…

Discover my top picks for this process of aging!

Don’t loose your head – it’s only your Saturn Return beauty…

The Saturn Return—a time of life that represents a gateway to adulthood; a maturation or ageing process that could really add more than a few grey hairs and fine lines – if the rumours are anything to go by…

For the individual who is 29 and a half, Saturn has completed its orbit once around the sun, and the zodiac. It has returned to the place in the sky that it was when you were born.

This is your ‘the Saturn Return’.

Saturn is wisdom, time, and experience. ‘Grandfather Time’ in myth and legend, Saturn comes complete with a scythe, shrouded in a black cloak of authority and gloom.

Saturn is loss, restriction and lack… Read more about Saturn, here.

You’ll feel your Saturn Return more intensely in the run-up – with awareness long it hits or is ‘exact’, in exact alignment with the precise degree of your birth chart. The lessons begin as early as 27, and ricochet for many months depending on the cosmic weather.

But by 29 and a half it will be over.

Read: Fashion For Your Saturn Return, here.

You might experience loss, hardship and any number of circumstances, as you’re nudged beyond your boundaries.

It Is Time.

It’s time to look after your skin and teeth (both ruled by Saturn’s zodiac sign – Capricorn). Time to grow up and resolutely use makeup remover, anti-aging moisturiser and sun screen. Sense it’s time to sleep on a silk pillow that avoids night-time creasing…

It’s time to put away childish things, at least until Christmas – colored mascara, high shine gloss, frosted lip stick, bindis and other face decorations. Cheap hairbrushes have to go, along with any other products that are synthetic and touching your sensitive ‘grown-up skin’.

Here are 5 beauty products to see you through your Saturn Return…

Saturn Return Beauty

My Top 5 Products & Tips To See You Through…

1. Magical Gem Essence From Sister Spinster

$20.00 usd from sisterspinster.net.

This remedy provides support through one’s Saturn Return.

The essence of watery Willow, teaches rooted balance within constant ebb and flow.
Self-Heal activates our commitment to self-care so we are better able to assimilate truth.
Chia essence provides upward momentum towards a new level of understanding.
Desert Lavender brings in calming energy to our spirits, promoting peace and self-compassion through the most extreme.
Essence of Black Tourmaline roots us to the Earth while encouraging the release of toxicity from the physical, spiritual and mental bodies.
Yarrow essence creates an energetic boundary, a safe container to do this work.

All essences are in a base of wild-harvested rose and honey infused brandy. Take five drops three times a day, or add five drops ton your pillow at night.

2. The Aura Clean Sonic Toothbrush From Tao Clean

$129.00 from taoclean.com.

I was just past my Saturn Return when I got my first fillings – three, after a lifetime free from cavities.

It’s probably not only me that has had this reality check – a reminder of my own mortality. Capricorn and Saturn oversee the skeletal structure, bones and teeth, so the Saturn Return is an ideal time to up your dental hygiene game and invest in a decent brush. Team it with charcoal toothpaste for extra Saturnian vibes…

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I like this one because it happens to have a Saturn symbol, but any good toothbrush will do.

I also like this one as the base station (space station!) has a:

“magical Aura Clean Halo, a circular UVC lamp central to the cleaning and sanitizing cycle. The powerful 360-degree light source gives nasties nowhere to hide killing more than 99.9% of germs. The lamp’s UVC rays destroy the DNA of pathogens keeping your brush from turning into some ugly biology experiment. Just think, if you are using a filthy brush in your mouth, it isn’t living up to its intended use.

Amazing, especially since there’s a chance your toothbrush is riddled with fecal bacteria from the toilet!

Feng Shui says to keep your toilet seat DOWN, so do I.

3. Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Sunday Riley

$55.00 usd 

Brand New from Sunday Riley, this product clears up acne.

Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask is already getting great reviews from those who suffer from acne; it contains maximum levels of sulfur to clear up existing acne, while preventing future breakouts, too.

It targets blocked pores and the various forms of acne, clearing impurities, reducing excess oil and purifying the skin with tea tree and manuka oil for a smooth, clear complexion.

I guess Saturn can help us overcome quite a few troubles, after all…

4. Space Girl Bath Bomb At LUSH

$5.25 usd at LUSH.

The child in me loves the shape of this stellar, blackcurrant bath time invader – note the rings of Saturn!

But the mature side of me know that a relaxing bath is important for body, mind and spirit – essential growth needed to get through the Saturn Return.

With blasts of sparkles and refreshing oils, I think we can afford a few last splashes in the tub before we hit our 30s…

5. Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream From RoC

$23.00 usd.

I have a feeling Saturn approves of a brand called ‘RoC’, and of the reasonable price point of its Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream.

Apparently it performs well across moisturizing, firming, improving UV spots, and wrinkle reduction. It’s praised for its lightweight texture and easy absorption.

You can use this or any night moisturiser you like, just remember your neck Stargazer – no-one wants to have jowls.

So, in Summary, look after your skin, look after your teeth and bones, look after your mind-body-spirit connection and clear away the troubles of youth!

Plus one more for luck!

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