Saturn Return Fashion Rules – What To Take Away From This Transit…

Your Message From Saturn – Let Me Upgrade You.

Walking Out Of Your Saturn Return The Wiser…

You might have heard of the Saturn Return, a coming of age that’s basically like having a birthday – a major birthday.

Every year the sun ‘returns’ to the point in the zodiac that it was where it was when you were born, hence the phrase “Many Happy Returns”.


Serious Saturn–and all the planets–do the same.

It’s just that while the sun is super reliable, turning up on the same day every year (happy birthday y’all!) Saturn takes between 27 and 29 years to take one turn of the zodiac.

So while every year you have a ‘Solar’ Return it’s a pretty big deal when Saturn Returns, first at around age 28 and a half, again at 56, then again at 84.

In simple terms, your Saturn Return is the time when Saturn Returns for you personally.

This marks a major turning point. A time of maturation, Saturn in myth and legend is grandfather time, strict, unforgiving, gruelling.


Saturn And His Scythe…

As his path unfolds over the 28-year cycle we come across different milestones that correlate into 
7-year periods and the zodiac.

7 – At 7 we leave mama to go and play with our friends, no longer clinging to her skirt (the Cancerian quarter turn).

14 – At 14 we become interested in the boys (the lovely Libra half turn).

21 – At 21 we’ve made it! We’re grown – probably working and making our way in the world (the classic Capricorn point).

But really, it’s only after 28 years old when that full cycle has been made that we can really say we’re ‘adulting’, having trudged through a few hard knocks, losses and failures along the way.

In fact it’s at this point that many people are truly tested, faced with letting go of some element of life they hold dear, be it a job, career path or dream, ideals, a relationship, friendship group or social circle, a house or place – maybe a town or country, or perhaps a combination of all. It could be a loss of freedom, as we step up and make a commitment – maturation needn’t always mean breakups, it could be solidifying a relationship or career path.

As a true moment to ‘grow up’ it could now feel very much a time to put away childish things, a time to let go of ALL that no longer work for us – including items lingering in your closet

It’s a time when we really know ourselves, despite everything feeling challenging and changeable. It’ll be easier now to define an authentic sense of self, and perhaps essential to redefine personal style, with a different position at work or within the group, or as a newly single or married person or mother.

Having lived a little, and probably being a lot busier living the life we’ve created there’s less time for experimentation and more room for knowing what works.

Style is personal to the individual and it’s worth asking yourself key questions about who you are realistically and being REAL with the answers. Do I need 50 pairs of heels and a wardrobe full of party dresses, and does fuchsia really flatter me? Do I love wearing this look or am I into because it buys me acceptance from peers?

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Saturn is the astrological ruler of Capricorn, a zodiac sign which has a natural knowingness around appropriate dress (both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton are Capricorns, and always show up looking totally on point for engagements of the highest order. Kate Moss is another Capricorn queen of style, not because her outfits are memorable but because they’re always so fitting for the occasion).

My rule? If you’ve got a job interview or summer wedding, consult a Capricorn on what to wear.

So the wardrobe changes? Grow up, let go, step into your version of appropriate dress. And by ‘appropriate’ I’m not into shaming people about what they wear, after all, if your job calls for sass and sex appeal, and you look good then you go gurl!

However for most of us there’s something about growing older that makes some items a no-go.

Saturn helps you figure that out, aligning with the more mature side of the coin because he encourages real talk.

If you still look good in hot pants and a tube top then werk it, however you’re more likely to know whether you’re kidding yourself after this time.

Key Pieces, Post-Saturn Return…

  • Effective Skincare.

This goes without saying as after this point our collagen starts to decrease so we need that extra care to feel beautifully hydrated. Time to start looking after delicate areas and treating yourself with utmost love.

And as a side note, Saturn oversees the skin and bones; a very structured planet it represents boundaries. After all, our skeleton is our scaffolding and the dermis lets us know where we end and others begin.

Saturn Ruled, Capricorns often have great cheekbones and look awesome in black.

  • An Investment Piece.

Yes, some celestial gods want you to have fun with fashion (especially Jupiter!) but really, Saturn wants you to grow up.

A statement bag, watch or jewellery can be justified, depending on your personal weakness!

Saturn will want you to have a super practical piece, if it grows in value over time all the better.

Stepping into maturity you’ll know yourself and can splash out with a little more confidence that you won’t regret it in six months when your tastes have changed.

  • A Decent Coat & Shoes.

Like the afore mention ‘investment piece’ let Saturn upgrade you with decent outerwear.

Like the Hermit in the Tarot deck, Saturn has a somewhat dour reputation. With his key accessory, a scythe, ‘Father Time’ is often shrouded in a cloak in a dark color.

Passing through the gruelling Saturn Return calls for a coat of amour, which can be said for anyone experiencing hardship.

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