See Stargazer, The Fall 2022 Zimmermann Celestial Zodiac Collection…

It's A Sign... We Love The Fairytale Decadence & Romance Of Zimmermann!

Oh my, I’m seeing stars! 

Just look at the beautiful, spellbinding offering from Australian label Zimmermann

Its Fall 2022 collection ‘Stargazer’ is surely sent from heaven, with the most incredible collection inspired by the cosmos…

Note the detailing on this Linen-Silk Mini Dress – out of this world! Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio seen…

Nicky Zimmermann – a Virgo – delivered dresses of opulent fantasy, rooted in the designer’s love of astrology.

There’s always been something so fun and intriguing to me about pop astrology and the idea that our personalities are influenced by our birth signs” said Nicky. 

We picked up the symbols and icons of the Zodiac in our detailing and finishes and there’s a conscious clash of fabric textures in each look. It’s a collection that’s high on finer details. Maybe that’s a bit of the Virgo in me coming through!”

This particular collection has a very special place in the universe, emblazoned with the mysticism and magic of the Zodiac.

Note crescent moon-shaped hardware serves as belt buckles, zipper toggles and appears on boots!

12 key whimsical zodiac prints were created by Scottish artist Anita Inverarity, and adorned the signature flounced frocks, puff-sleeved blouses and flirty skirts Zimmermann is known for.

Aries The Ram…

The bold use of celestial illustrations is playful, bohemian and has me dreaming of psychedelic 1970s prints! 

Green, navy and pink with a blue fur trim!

It wasn’t only inspiration from the mythological side of astrology, but also graphic use of the names of the star signs, as seen on these long plush embroidered coats, which have the words packed across them…

Zimmermann passion for detail and a love of colour and print can be felt with this ready-to-wear collection – I hope I get to see these pieces in real life!

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