The Sagittarius Rising Birth Chart…

House by house, understand each sector of the horoscope!

If you were born with Sagittarius Rising, you’re in the right place to quickly see the layout of your birth chart in Whole Sign Houses.

You’ll also see I’ve included house rulerships, for example the ruler of the first house is Jupiter…

The Sagittarius Rising Birth Chart…

Discover the houses through the horoscope according to a Sagittarius Ascendant – how a Sagittarius Rising experiences their chart…

The 1st House: Sagittarius, Ruled By Jupiter

As a Sagittarius Rising you may be an optimist, a big picture person full of enthusiasm and a lust for life! Jupiter is your chart ruler, and can tell you more about what guides you!

The 2nd House: Capricorn, Ruled By Saturn

With a Capricorn second house fiscal affairs may prompt you to work really hard towards earned income and making something of yourself. Look to Saturn’s placement to reveal more about where you find value, what’s important to have and hold.

The 3rd House: Aquarius, Ruled By Saturn

Your close kindred spirits may be different, with something that goes against convention! You might find yourself among siblings, school friends or co-workers that are either rebellious or progressive, lightyears ahead! They could be the free radicals or unusual types that live outside of convention… Look to Saturn in your chart, for more revelations about your rapport, and the people you find yourself among…

The 4th House: Pisces, Ruled By Jupiter

With a Pisces fourth house you may have an idealised notion of family and the past, or a confusing, mysterious ancestral line. There may be a longing or sense of loss around your roots, with artistic characters hidden in your lineage – ‘drunken sailors’, addicts or glamorous film stars, or spiritual seekers, folk who meandered and disappeared! You might live near water, or grew up near the coast… Look to your Neptune and Jupiter placement to reveal more about your dwellings and domain!

The 5th House: Aries, Ruled By Mars

Those you love and all that sparks joy can be found in your Aries fifth house, governed by red-hot Mars. Boxing or sparring may prove fun, or indulging in sexual conquests, creative passions or any number of exciting escapades. Your vacations may be thrill seeking, hobbies could be undertaken solo. Look to Mars to reveal more…

The 6th House: Taurus, Ruled By Venus

Consistency and patience may come easily when it comes to the daily grind, and looking after yourself. There may be a way for you to ‘stick’ to habits, but could also get stuck in a rut with everyday indulgences. With the zone of health and wellbeing governed by a Venusian sign: Taurus, be sure to find beauty and nature in your office space (or work in the garden!) Avoid sickness with pets close by and herbal remedies, knowing what you eat is important.

The 7th House: Gemini, Ruled By Mercury

Partners in your midst and on your horizon may be sprightly and multifaceted, chatty and excited by news, friends and social life! You may find yourself teaming up with a Gemini – check to see if your spouse has planets or points in this sign! Look to Mercury to reveal more about how you partner.

The 8th House: Cancer, Ruled By The Moon

Trusting a collaborator and being sensitive to those you’re ‘in bed with’ is key, with Lunar energies overseeing your eighth house. This is the sector of mutual gains and joint interests, and you may find yourself able to anticipate solutions to suit you both! Where is the Moon in your chart?

The 9th House: Leo, Ruled By The Sun

You may warmly embrace other cultures, with a positive approach to moral pathways, spirituality, religious differences and travel! A sunny disposition may be apparent as you venture out into the world to explore, educate yourself, publish your ideas and go the distance. You may find you’re keen to meet VIPs abroad, with reverence for global figures or learned types. Take note of the Sun in your chart to know more about what prompts you to go long-distances.

The 10th House: Virgo, Ruled By Mercury

How are you seen in the world? What reputation do you uphold? Is it detail oriented? Do you have a talent for design, editing or precision? Do you let others see you polished and professional? In service, humble and healthy? With astute, critical Virgo presiding over your tenth house you may may want to perfect or control the image you show, your vocational path and the public face portrayed. Work life might be tied to healthy living and conscientious practices, professions that require dedication and a ‘tidy’ appearance! Look to Mercury for further clues!

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The 11th House: Libra, Ruled By Venus

As you make your way understanding others, and what matters to you all (in your industry or network of peers) you might find diplomacy, congeniality and ‘playing nice’ and fair is important. Note allies in your city, district or online could be the beautiful people, or legal and political champions, characters striving for balance and equilibrium in your social scene. Select a Libra as the head of your cheerleading squad, an ally and look to Venus for more…

The 12th House: Scorpio, Ruled By Mars

How do you escape the everyday grind and find a moment in solitude? How do you unravel and let go in a moment of peace or apathy? Your resources and inclination to trust may be key, as you rely on others to guide you (to answers that lie within you). Your sexuality, secrets or hidden agendas – seeking out security through others – could be what sees you self-sabotage and come undone… Taboo areas, debts, looses, lies and fears can paralyse! Look to your Mars placement for further clarity!

Planetary Rulership Of The Houses For A Sagittarius Ascendant!

As a Sagittarius Rising person, Jupiter rules your first and fourth house…

…because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces!

Saturn rules your second and third house…

…because Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius!

Mars rules your fifth house and your twelfth house…

…because Mars rules Aries and Scorpio!

Venus rules your sixth and eleventh house…

…because Venus rules Taurus and Libra!

Mercury rules your seventh and tenth house…

…because Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo!

The Moon rules your eighth house…

…because the Moon rules Cancer!

The Sun rules your ninth house…

…because the Sun rules Leo!

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