I LOVE The Stardust App – Track Your Moon Cycle…

Align your flow with the lunar cycle, follow and track your symptoms and more!

OK, I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while.

I’ve tried many ways to track and predict my period, and have always been disappointed in apps and offerings – until now!

The Stardust App has a super cute interface, and offers nice content that I find really entertaining and assuring!

I’m a massive stickler for ‘correct’ information around menstruation and the Moon, and there is a little bit of misinformation here.

The app states “the length of your menstrual cycle exactly matches the waxing and waning of the moon”, which would be really convenient!

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But the truth for the majority of us is that this fluctuates as much as Luna herself.

Still, I love the way this pretty app leverages lunar synchronicity, and soon will offer the sharing and syncing of our periods with friends, partners — anyone in your orbit!

Previously I resorted to manually logging my menstruation cycle on an excel spreadsheet but so often would forget, leaving me unsure where in my cycle I was at any given moment.

Now I feel way more in flow and love to refer to this adorable app, which is never getting deleted…

You can download the Stardust App on the app store to optimise your period tracking!

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