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Moon, Stars… Menstruation And The Lunar Cycle!

Lets Look At The 28-Day Moon Phase & Menstrual Phase...

Although scientists have yet to find the relationship between menstrual and lunar cycles, we sense there’s a correlation between a woman’s period and this monthly time phase…

The word menstruation comes from the Latin word, menses, which means month, and also relates to the Greek word ‘mene’, meaning moon.

Women get their ‘time of the month’ approximately every 28 days (though this is not always the case), and there seems to be a natural link between the moon and menstruation…

I’ve even heard people referring to their period as their ‘moon’, which actually makes me cringe, truth be told!

Though our periods might not necessarily sync with Luna each month, there is a rhythm to the menstrual cycle – and four unique hormonal phases – that correspond with the energy of the Moon’s Cycle.

Knowing the physical phase or mood – and Moon – you’re in can help with how productive you’ll be, the foods or sex you’ll crave, and the exercise you’re inclined towards…

Lets break it down!

Moon Phase & Menstrual Phase: Both 28-Days!

  • The Menstrual Bleed – New Moon – Energy Is Low…

The first day of our cycle, menstruation, and ‘bleed’ is the beginning. Horomones are low (energy is low), as they work to shed the lining of the uterus.

Eat/Drink: filtered water and unprocessed, nutrient rich foods that keep energy and blood sugar levels steady. Iron-rich foods (lentils, kelp, pumpkin seeds, dried prunes and spinach, grass-fed beef, eggs and fish – a good source of heme iron) to replenish; lower hormone levels may now make you less hungry.

Do: Prepare for action – but be still. Listen to your body and rest as necessary; if tired take the time out you need. Gentle yoga and walking may be all you’re keen on.

  • The Follicular Phase – Waxing Moon – Energy Is Increasing.

Hormone levels are low but begin to rise – this increase in estrogen stimulates the thickening of the uterus’s lining. We might feel more energized, ready for exercise!

Eat/Drink: light, fresh and vibrant foods, such as salads and fermented foods like kefir, probiotic yoghurt or sauerkraut, which support gut health and detoxification.

Do: With more energy, focus and willpower take action on your plans and initiate projects – creativity is high as well as openess to new experiences! Work on strategy and try a different gym class – dance, or something physically exciting. Warm up properly as there’s increased risk of injury now.

  • The Ovulation Phase – Full Moon – Energy Is High!

Hormone levels are rising, with oestrogen helping the ovulation process (though excess oestrogen can result in breast tenderness and spots).

Eat/Drink: nutrients that support the liver to remove oestrogen, found in foods such as kale, broccoli, onions, garlic and radishes.

Do: Put it all out there! Speak up, pitch, collaborate, and shine. Show the world what you’ve been working on, or grow aware and engaged… Choose exercise that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat and glow like the Moon! You may feel vibrant and magnetic during this phase, basal body temperature increases…

  • The Luteal – Waning Moon – Energy Shifts…

Both estrogen and progesterone reach their luteal phase peak in the middle of this phase, then dip again moving towards the end of the cycle. Approaching menstruation, this is when we get PMS and it’s important to listen to the body as anything goes!

Eat/Drink: Manage those pre-period moods, symptoms and discomforts; combat water retention and cravings by avoiding salty, sugary foods; eat complex carbs like brown rice or pasta; cut down on caffeine and alcohol (stimulants that aggravate anxiety, depression and moodiness). Try sparkling fruit water, herbal teas, chicory root or decaffinated tea and coffee.

Do: Wrap up tasks you’ve started, put your energy toward staying focused, finishing projects you’ve started…

Understanding the lunar cycles and menstrual cycles can be so beneficial, living in sync with your cycle on multiple levels!

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