Rewind! Uranus Retrograde, Your Horoscope For The Retrograde.

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Uranus – the Sky – now appears in Taurus; see a general overview about Uranus in Taurus, here.

This planet stations retrograde and begins to backtrack in August 2021 – on the 19th Uranus will station (stop) retrograde (reverse) and begin to motion back through sensual, stable Taurean pastures.

The sidewinder planet will reach the middle of Taurus (14º47′ – the 15th degree and midpoint of Taurus), appearing direct January 18th, 2022 at 10º49′.

During the times when Uranus appears to ‘change direction’, we’re prone to experience issues related to the planet’s themes. Remember, Uranus rules the Internet, technology, disconnection and discord, revolutionary movements and revolt!

Uranus Retrograde, Dates:

  • August 19th 2021 9.41 pm EDT – Uranus Retrograde In Taurus 14º47′
  • January 18th 2022 10.26 am EST – Uranus Appears Direct In Taurus 10º49′
  • May 4th 2022 10.27 pm EDT – Uranus clears its retrograde back at 14º47′ conjunct the Sun, North Node in Taurus (see the image).

The planet of change moved into Taurus on May 15th 2018, after spending about seven years in the previous sign on the Wheel of the Zodiac, Aries. What has shifted for you since this point? Read your horoscope below, or here > Uranus through the houses < reading both your rising and sun sign.

Essentially, this transit kicked off a period of innovation in the Taurus ruled domain, shaking up what we value, both tangible and immaterial. So,

  • agriculture, and planet based cooking, meat free offerings, sustainability in our eating, climate change in our shopping and consumption, 
  • what we buy and our experience of brick and mortar: slowing down fashion and the material things we acquire, cheap purchases, steered towards second hand furniture for example, up-cycling,
  • ‘green washing’, companies like Amazing appearing ‘green’ but not really…
  • stock markets, bitcoin and other digital currencies, financial markets being disrupted (robin hood and GME)
  • nature (again looking at how we treat mother earth with concerns like climate change and environmental awareness drives), loving on house plants.

Innovation and change has come around payment solutions and banking, stocks and shares, with progressive ideas , and even radical developments in beauty, fashion and the way we indulge and experience life.

Our consumption is different, with digital innovations in how we shop and feed ourselves.

Uranus won’t move on from Taurus until 2025; although there are major changes underway on a collective level, Uranus might go largely unnoticed personally.

With a poignant, pronounced transit of Uranus one might find unexpected changes – you may drum up tension, see instability, and generally implementing changes could come easily!

This retrograde is offering is a glance back, so we can continue to shake out any tension and resistance.

Uranus Retrograde Horoscope…


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider changes to your role, purpose, earnings and assets, Aries.

The way you consume or handle currency or goods may be altered, with the potential to disconnect from old notions of what you want to own or have, awakening to different ways of making money that reflect your worth.

If your livelihood has shifted (or proven erratic and unstable), you may now strike upon fresh ways to build & develop an income, material assets and revenue. Innovate & advance in ways that are radical, different, and lucrative!


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider a radically changing stance (i.e. toward slow fashion, sustainable food, fresh financial investments, or anything consumed by you & others–innovative beauty, bitcoin, advocating agricultural shifts, delivering sustenance in advanced ways) and where you’re still resisting…

You’re an earth sign and utterly attuned to what’s real, sensual and sensible – both tangible and intangible. Are you breaking out of an old rut, able to overcome being stuck in your ways? How are you accomplishing this?

Now is the time to notice the difference you’re able to make by being unique and awakening to alterations in your image, purpose or solo stance – how you show up can inspire others so be exceptional & go against the grain too?

A Conduit For Uranus: Venus 3º, Mercury 11º, Sun 28º & North Node 29º Taurus Jojo Siwa…


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider notions of escapism, ways you indulge in time out or space away, using your senses to switch off entirely.

Note people, places and things ‘behind the scenes’ that help you follow a pathway to your dreams, surrendering to clandestine affairs & circumstance, making your way in the dark, with the unknown, mysteries of life forcing you to awaken to unconscious interests (and potentially self-sabotaging habits).

Perhaps there’s something you’re tending to others can’t see but you know is ground-breaking… Use progress, innovation & even new (or old) technology to support you through a gestational process, preparation – pregnant with anticipation… Welcome breakthroughs and surprising healing modalities!


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider changes to your social landscape, and any alliances you’re ready to shake loose, Cancer.

Finding your tribe may be a matter of awakening to who you really are and what your own philosophy or outlook on life is; take a radical glance at change makers around you, notions of teamwork, the company you keep or industry interests and friends – notice what needs to rattle around and settle in place, and where the track runs wild…

Community or fellowship can benefit from your input in ways that are innovative, inventive, progressive and lean on new technology – partake in ways that are unique and different!

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With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider changes to your outward appearance, professional direction, your reputation or goals, Leo.

The way you show up, visible and ‘on show’, find purpose in your career or outer life is likely forcing you to alter course. Reconsider your sense of ambition, & how you present yourself to the world, with a shake up around the impression you make, and even what will make you happy and feel you’re a ‘success’. Realise life throws us curve balls, it’s OK to pivot & change the stakes.

There may be a marked difference in the title bestowed on you, how you describe yourself vocationally – be prepared to do a 180º!


With Uranus stationing retrograde in your worldly house of wisdom, consider new discoveries and breakthroughs, fresh avenues for growth or experiences that light you up–science, technology, innovation, even astrology!

How are you breaking free from old beliefs and traditional outlooks, and welcoming an awakening through knowledge and understanding, Virgo?

A poignant journey, quest, relationship or path to higher education may show how far you can go, reaching further toward a culture, philosophy, with progressive subjects & a visionary venture helping you develop. Digital platforms can help share what you’ve learned, new truths, retrace your steps!


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider special bonds, commitments, shared interests & the fresh approach you’ve taken toward what’s combined with (or pledged to) others; i.e. a mortgage provider, a co-parent, a reliable passive income provider, even a parent promising a payout or inheritance…

Look at the alliances and promises you make that affect your financial stability and different, innovative ways you’re willing to pool what you have, merge or overcome debts. Perhaps something inconceivable now has a reasonable appeal, so that you’re building and developing security in ways that are progressive, unusual or radical!

Step into the future, and shake off impractical, staid notions around your investments, legacy, even your mortality or long-term plan. Face your fears and the inevitable, even when it’s uncomfortable.


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider disruptive relationships that have rocked your world, note the dependability of people you’re involved with, or the lack of stability that’s arisen between you and another.

With the planet of progress, innovation and technological advancement in your partnering zone, you might like to use methods that are unconventional or radically forward-thinking to meet your match – from an IVF donor to an alternative, different mate, someone not your ‘usual’ type. Perhaps you’re open to using an app to collaborate on a business venture.

There’s potential to disconnect from individuals – shake lose any unwanted plus ones, and make quick, spontaneous changes: do an about turn in one-to-one encounters that don’t fit the bill (fire your lazy therapist!!)


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider ways you’ve ‘looked to the future’ in your job, routine, purpose or daily life, awakening the senses (and other peoples) through fresh, innovative, ground-breaking work.

The way you bring progress and technology to the sensual or tactile may be noteworthy (sound, taste, touch or visually appealing feats), in ways that are ritualistic or orderly, i.e. cooking planet based daily, eating Vegan, addressing agriculture or nature as a healthy outlet, using apps to serve others or yourself, producing something radical every day!

Consider whether changes you’ve instigated are sticking or need further adjustment; is your diet and habits sustainable? Perhaps a bright idea hasn’t quite become comfortable. Continue to shake up general maintenance! Go for the eco, carbon neutral toothpaste!!


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider passion projects, all you love and find exciting, compelling and fun! From your kids, a special delight, artistic endeavour, a hobby, sport, lover or sexual proclivity, you have the bandwidth to change up notions what you might conceive, a true radical artist.

Notice a fertile appetite for sensuality or something tangible you like to play with – from a simple pleasure or craft that brings absolute gratification to a talent that’s fertile soil for game-changing ideas. Shake up dating, notions of romance, your amorous side and what makes you tick in bed (& pregnancy)!

As an earth sign, being nature might be your biggest inspiration; connect to what’s uniquely important for you to put your heart into…


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider how home life has changed, and any cracks, fractures or instability that warrants your genius touch.

Notice the idea of safety, security and general notions of inward comfort – there may have been little assurance this year derived from family, your abode, with shaky ground and (usually) firm foundations in flux.

Even your body – your primary residence – may have delivered an unreliable or erratic quality! Come home to roost in your dwelling but be prepared to innovate, alter or adjust your expectations using new solutions for old problems. Let surprises around the past (& where you come from) transpire.


With Uranus stationing retrograde, consider adaptations made to your skills: navigation & communication; alterations and awakenings to your thinking, mindset, speech and delivery. Now backtracking through your third house of neighbours and kin, you’ve opportunities to reinvent how you connect and be future minded in terms of writing & speech, sharing information.

Maybe you’re a revolutionary on feminine issues (sexual pleasure), food awareness (climate change, plant-based cooking), talking about what matters to those like you in your environment.

Speak up among those closest (work colleagues in your tight knit team, siblings or those you encounter in your area). Harness inventive technology & channels, apps and websites to help you relate your message or facilitate a unique and inspiring discourse.

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