The Werewolf Diet – Fasting With The Moon…

Did you know you can diet with the lunar phases? Madonna and Demi Moore have given it the thumbs up, and participants claim to have lost up to 6lb in a day! So what is the Werewolf Diet, and is there any proof it will work?


Sounds Scary!! No – Not The Werewolf… The ‘D’ Word…


Cleanse, Tone And Feel Fabulous With Luna

If you’re a fan of cleansing (and by this I mean juice cleansing or fasting, giving your body a break from relentless mastication…) how do you decide which days to fast?

The sensible thing is probably planning your ‘diet days’ into your schedule when you’re the least busy – if you’re running around you’re far more likely to need an extra energy boost, and break your fast in favour of a nutritious snack…

However, if you’re flexible (and lets face it, if you fast you probably are!) why not try following the lunar calendar with the Werewolf Diet?

What Is The Werewolf Diet?

Also known as the Lunar Diet, the Werewolf diet is essentially a 24-hour liquid cleanse, timedin tune with the moons phases to optimize weight loss. Just as the pull of our earth’s satellite affects the big bodies of water, perhaps it has some sway on our littler bodies, too!

Although there is no scientific proof, many people regularly feel the effect of the moon, and practice everyday rituals to work in harmony with its cycles.

What Does Eating In Tune With The Moon Mean?

moon-picnicIt’s rather a bizarre concept, that conjures up an image of a moonlit picnic!

But eating with the moon actually refers to the phases that progress over the course of the month –

from the new moon waxing towards the full moon, waning back down to the dark moon, and then starting the process all over again.

Eating by a lunar diet is simply promoting ‘diet days’ during the new moon and full moon, juice cleansing or fasting or following the menu outlined below.

My Take?

I think that it’s worth being aware of the moon’s phases, even if we’re not strictly following a regimented diet.

By drinking more water we could still feel the positive detoxing effects that are in sync with the lunar cycle, and by selecting the right times to ‘diet’, the moon will potentially support our endeavors.

Thanks Mama Moon, we do love ya! x

Your Guide To The Werewolf Diet

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When To Cleanse?

‘It is critical that you start the diet on the very minute the moon phase begins. If the new phase begins during the middle of the day, you can eat or drink whatever you want up until that minute – then start your timer.’

Full Moon Cleanse

There are three options for the Full Moon, all begin on the eve of the full moon:

24 Hours Drink only liquids – water (spring, boiled, mineral) and fresh juices. Best to drink freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables.

3 Days Day one consists of raw or cooked vegetables, day two, liquids, and the third day only pineapple and mushrooms.

6 Days On the first day eat only raw or cooked vegetables. Day two eat only pineapple and mushrooms, four times a day. Day three and four drink only liquids. Days five and six you’re back to pineapple and mushrooms again.

Why Pineapple And Mushrooms?

mushroom-moonNo, it’s not because mushrooms look a bit like the moon! Pineapple has a diuretic effect and prevents the accumulation of fat. Mushrooms are low in calories and contain protein that is for the muscles.

Mushrooms should be steamed or cooked with some spices and some cold pressed olive oil.

New Moon Cleanse

There are two options for the New Moon, beginning at 6pm the day before the new moon.

36 Hours Eat soup or vegetable broth four to five times a day made from your favourite vegetables (carrots, potatoes, sweet peppers, beans, roots, etc.). If you like, you can include meat or fish once a day.

6 Days Raw and cooked vegetables are to be eaten for three days.

In Summary

There was a time when I’d try anything. I sacrificed myself to the Aitkin’s diet more times than I should’ve in 2006 and I must admit I’m tempted to give this a go too – especially ahead of summer.

The new moon version sounds positively easy!

If you want to try this diet I’ve made it super easy to follow the moon phases.

For details of the new moon and full moon days subscribe to the Star Sign Style newsletter, which features a lunar beauty calendar.

Good luck and know you’re beautiful – because you’ve got Star Sign Style!

You should always be careful embarking on a period of fasting, and individuals with underlying medical conditions should take extra care.

It’s also important to be aware of the hazards of reducing your nutrient and calorie intake from abstaining from food.

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