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Queen Leo Madonna Turns 60!

Happy Birthday to this star of our hearts...

She needs no introduction, we know and love the legendary Madonna so well! In fact, she’s one of the world’s most notorious Leo stars!

Let’s dive straight into a Madonna Astrology Analysis and see what’s revealed about her Star Sign Style…

Leo The Show(Wo)man

That’s right, Leo is the show off – I mean showman of the zodiac.

They are the thespian, the star performer. They love the limelight and to be centre of attention, they’re master of ceremonies and the ringleader (or the lion in the round).

Befitting then that fashion should be show stopping, following in the same style…


Leo ladies lend themselves perfectly to acting, so naturally Madonna progressed her career in the direction of film.


Madonna Stars: Desperately Seeking Susan, A League Of Their Own, Dick Tracey, Evita And Behind The Lens Directing W.E.

Like A Virgo…

leo virgo madonna astrology

Madonna – Moon In Virgo The Virgin…

It’s no wonder Madge is such a health nut – she was born under a Virgo Moon!

Although Madge has been criticised in the press for her muscular appearance and extreme fitness regime, she’s clearly always kept fit, through dancing, running, yoga and other newfangled exersices. In fact, didn’t she practically invent pilates?

She was at least responsible for brining it to the masses.

She typifies her Virgo aspect brilliantly, how apt that she sang Like A Prayer and Like A Virgin… In fact, ‘a Madonna’ is traditionally a representation, figure or image of the virgin, Mary.


Madonna – Moon In Virtuous Virgo

Virgo loves to keep in shape and is extra attuned to their gut. Read more in Virgo – A Washboard Wonder.

Lovin’ That Leo Look…


Madonna’s romantic planet, Venus, is also in Leo, which add’s fuel to the fire element in her chart!

It ensures she embodies true Leo-ness in her looks and the way she adorns herself. This includes going for gold outfits and statement pieces, and including more than a touch of ostentatious glamour when the occasion calls for it (although I bet it’s hard for her Virgo Moon to bear!)

Take note of the typical Leo crop too, this sign is pretty particular about their hair and Madge is no exception. Her style in her younger days (above left) is super Leo, a dramatic do’s with loads of height to the hair. Read More In Leo, The Mane Attraction


Aqua Baby! Yeah!

Madonna claims she’s an Aquarius rising with conviction (see the video interview extract below), although many believe she’s a Virgo rising.

I’d say she’s an aqua babe because she’s totally original and unique in her approach (an Aquarius trait).

Her fashion and beauty choices are often highly alternative, and totally Weird and Wonderful, plus she has a rebellious streak which is oftentimes shocking.

Madonna has always kept the public on their toes through her shock performance – is that her Aquarius rising supported by chart-ruler Uranus, which is in Leo and conjunct the descendant.

Whether she’s publishing raunchy Sex books (1992), kissing fellow female pop stars Britney and Christina (2003) or causing controversy with a chain-mail Niqab (2013), it looks like Madonna will make the headlines decade after decade! I for one look forward to her surprise c.2023…

Madonna’s Birth Chart Madonna-astrology-birth-chart

Madonna Born 16th August 1958, 7.05pm In Bay City, MI, USA

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