Anticipate a slow start to 2017. Not only is Mercury Retrograde till the 8th, we’ve lots of planets swimming in Pisces this month. This is fabulous for artistic ventures, taking action towards restoration and deep healing, however it’s not the traditional New Year vibes being served up.

A New Moon in progressive Aquarius on the evening of the 27th (7.07 pm EST) proffers a moment of still and our optimistic fresh start, which co-incidentally is when Mercury clears his retrograde territory. The collective engine revs into gear on the 28th, when Mars moves into dynamic, fiery Aries.

Till then it’s good to mull over events from last year, processing the huge changes. The bright sun spotlights powerful Pluto on the 7th, exposing the shift, then Mercury meets the potent energy, bringing comprehension on the 29th.

A challenging Full Moon on the 12th will prove highly emotional, with home and heritage thematic, while the 13th has Silver Screen star status – dramatic, glamorous and spectacular.

Aries or Aries Rising

You loves fresh starts however Aries won’t really feel full throttle until January 28th. Embrace restorative practices – yoga, a rejuvenating diet, plenty sleep – you’re at liberty to go off the grid entirely and if you do fancy an escape do triple check itineraries (Mercury is Retrograde in your travel sector till the 8th).

It’s still a great time to be ambitious about your career and work is spotlighted on the 7th, however progress will be far easier after the 13th. Tensions arise on the 12th when it seems everything (and everyone) is competing for space.

The 14th holds promise of fun and from the 20th your place is firmly within a crowd, people you might have bonded with before the holidays. On the 27th you can think about how you’d like to move ahead with this crew. Remember, you’re vitality is ebbing till months end so go easy lady warrior.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Time to gravitate towards a group, Taurus. Throw yourself towards a crowd whose ethos you share; you’re on quite an adventure now with a big message to broadcast and this clan can extend your philosophy further than you’d ever imagined. You’ll get true clarity on what you want to convey on the 29th, FYI.

The 13th is outstanding for friendship and there’s gorgeous fun to be had throughout January – if you can keep your busy schedule ticking over, and your partner happy too…

You’ve been restructuring, and now an important relationship is in impressive shape – there’s trust, commitment and shared responsibility, however this union might not sit so well among your people. The tension’s apparent on the 26th.

You’ll put on your career hat from the 20th though your mind’s on other matters. Do focus on your overarching goals on the 27th, a day to contemplate where to erect your name in lights.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Prepare to dive back into work like a champ, Gemini, you’re ready, willing and able to suit up and show up, with sweet spots for your career and reputation throughout the month. You’re thriving, and this zeal (and success) may create a little tension in partnerships. So, if you’ve recently laid down boundaries with another, or reimagined relationship goals, prepare for them to be tested now (watch how this plays out on the 26th).

Surface-level interactions won’t suffice and you’re prompted to go in deep. Meditate on the word ‘trust’, as usually well-hidden matters surface, especially around the 7th. Your shared responsibilities or commitments can be thoroughly considered from the 12th and the coming weeks help you to fully comprehend matters. By the 29th you’re much clearer on an intense issue.

Learning and adventures are yours from the 20th; consider exciting future travels and space for education on the 27th.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

The potential for learning and adventure is high this month. Foreign connections call, and in January you can truly embrace gorgeous growth and a journey – think travel, entrepreneurship and educating yourself further. However, expect work to cause some tension; you’ve cultivated a stellar structure and routine, now you’re called to both honor your duties and dive into wanderlust…

You’re on a productive trajectory with a sense of completion on the 12th, recognition and rewards may come in surprising form on the 14th, and from the 28th you’re ready to show the world you’re a force to be reckoned with.

There’s considerable activity in relationships, too – this month you’re all about collaboration ­– note a significant exchange around the 7th. From the 20th, you’ll consider taking a partnership to a more committed place, though potentially in unconventional terms. Mull it over on the 27th. By the very end of January you’ll have closure.

Leo or Leo Rising

The busy trend continues with an intense pace until January 20th, when you’ll achieve more balance in personal relations. Till then it’s all about nailing your current obsession, which is spotlighted around the 7th. Opportunities within your immediate circle fuel your creativity and passions, however you’re also tasked with delivering and getting the work done.

Honoring both sides of the coin is challenging but help is on hand in the way of a partner who freely offers their support. Despite their best intentions you might need your network to pull through on this one. Put your message out there, see who answers the call.

The 11th and 12th could drain your energy, so go easy on these days. Refresh relationship aspirations on the 27th, contemplating who would make an excellent Mork to your Mindy. You can breathe new life into your partnerships (love and business) or draw a co-pilot closer.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

Your passionate drives are off the hook in January, Virgo, and exchanges with significant people in your world are steamy and dreamy to boot! This is amazing if you want to get lost in the throws of lusty romance but not so hot for clarifying where you stand in the eyes of your other. Fun and frolics yes, defined boundaries? Nada.

Take time out from your obsession to shine a light on friendship on the 12th. You be tying up some loose ends around home matters till then but the dominant theme throughout the month is ‘recreational bliss for two’. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride; the 7th is spicy and by the 29th you’ll know exactly where you stand.

You can cool the flame on the 27th, considering a schedule for the foreseeable future. This is a great day for mapping out your routine, plus work and health goals.

Libra or Libra Rising

An enjoyable spell is forecasted for Libra this January and you’ll make a positive impression on those around you. Yes, Mercury is lingering in retrograde motion creating a few blunders in conversation but that’s not going to cause you any drama as you sail into 2017. Your home set-up supports your productivity; make the most of the celestial weather by embracing good habits from the get go.

Tensions may arise on the 12th when your achievements spark jealousy from others, however it’s fleeting. Another challenge is presented on the 26th, when your expectations clash with the scene unfolding. Over the coming weeks you’ll have to manage your plans in relation to home and work, don’t try and show your expertise all at once.

A day to focus on what inspires you, the 27th is your moment to invoke love, friendship, passion and new interests–keep those creative juices flowing Libra!

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

A powerful connection is highlighted on the 7th, offering fun and enabling maximum creativity to flourish throughout January. Passions run high and wonderful opportunities are presented to let your artistic side show – particularly around the 3rd and 4th, the 12th and again on the 25th and 26th.

A spanner in the works is your sense of discipline, which adds a dash of tension between the good times on offer and a responsible side you can be proud of. Your task is to enjoy yourself with relish in the coming weeks, without neglecting your big plans and the progress made thus far.

On the 27th you can consider fresh starts at home, and on the 28th there’s a shift, as you lean towards a more rigorous approach in your scheduling and workload. The party’s not over, but you’ve locked eyes on the tasks that are next on your agenda.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

January starts slow and doesn’t pick up speed till month’s end, which is great for your current focus on home and nesting. You can work wonders beautifying your space, and with money and savings high on your agenda try to remember the value of what you have in the here and now. Acknowledge treasured possessions around the 7th and avoid impulsive urges, no matter how good you think the result will feel.

Bring to conclusion personal matters lingering from the end of last year before the 12th, you might note a further finale connected to finances or legal matters on this day. You’ll find that your new responsible outlook must compete with your current need to go inwards, especially around the 18th.

From the 20th you can better connect with your community – friendships are blossoming, and towards the end of the month you’ll know who it is you need to reach out to.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

There’s space to be proud of your personal transformation now, Capricorn. Though you might not fully comprehend the depth of change till the end of the month the shift is undeniable, particularly on the 7th. Take a moment to power-up, even if you’re not yet convinced of your own strength. You’ll see matters more clearly from the 13th, and by the 29th the image you’re projecting clicks into place.

Throughout January you’ll express yourself easily to those around you, sensing a heightened compassion and sweetness in your dealings. Despite a supportive network you may vacillate, shying away, favoring escapism and ambition over connectedness. It might be easier throwing yourself into a blossoming professional persona but your squad gets you – the 19th, 26th and 28th present the most tension, while the 12th could get emotional.

Contemplate savings from the 20th, on the 27th you can establish personal money goals.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

You’re keeping a relatively low profile till the 20th but do come out of hiding to circulate on the 6th; sparks can fly among friends, fuelling your plans for adventure. Another star date is your personal New Year on the 27th, when you can think exclusively and autonomously about your own plans, goals and objectives.

The work you’ve been putting in behind the scenes is admirable; thorough, diligent and relentless, you’ve taken some time to process and purge – no doubt you’re ready to move on. This closure will come after the 29th, and with it comes clarity.

In the meantime, dedicate time and energy to self-care; spoil yourself without breaking the bank. Money is directly linked to self-worth, so raise your vibration with mantras of self-belief and self-love, Aqua. Your spending habits might presently be free and easy, don’t dilute your self-image, or go up in a puff of smoke.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

January’s gorgeous for the fish with a powerful group supporting your every move. You’ll get into the groove from the 3rd and appear even more attractive to your wider network throughout the month. You’re firmly in the spotlight so enjoy the extra adoration in your camp, especially on the 13th when you’re omitting very special vibes.

All the attention on you personally may create challenges in your professional sphere (note the effects on the 19th). You’ve worked so hard to gain a position of authority you’ll no doubt be reluctant to let your responsibilities slide, so keep your work shoes handy on the 26th, lest your reputation suffers.

The 12th highlights that which you adore most, however set aside expectations on this day, which could be full of surprises and much more. Schedule an evening for quiet relaxation on the 27th; you’ll be inclined to switch off, though won’t escape friends for long.

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