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January 2018 – Your Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn Makes Way To Aquarius…


We’ve an emotional start to 2018, with a full moon in motherly Cancer pulling a blanket around us all on January 1st (9.24 pm EST). Watery stars align early in January, making it easy to connect to our feelings. However we’ll dry off considerably when planets move onto the cool Aquarius plateau, January 20th.

Before then, a pile-up of planets in Capricorn dominate, focusing our attention on mountains that must be climbed. Long-term visions work best now; hash out plans for steady ascension around the 17th, a powerful time to acknowledge strategic growth.

There’s plenty opportunities to revisit conversations from the end of last year, as Mercury plays catch up from his retrograde. Mars swoops into action January 27th, providing the stimulus to finish the job. A second full moon slips in at month s end – our Blue Moon peaks in show-stopping Leo on the 31st (8.27 am EST).

Aries or Aries Rising

The year opens on a deeply dreamy, nostalgic note for Aries, emphasizing home and close bonds with special partners. You’ll need as much support as you can muster this month, as you’re called to explore your career and long-term ambitions.

By the 17th you can be clear on your goals; note that this can be a profoundly healing experience as you surrender expectations, Aries. Till then you’ll be seeing that partnerships are watertight; the 7th to the 9th are exceptional for powerful liaisons.

From the 27th you’ll be keen to embrace wisdom amassed these past two or three years; take action through travel, broadcasting you knowledge or utilizing your education. Community matters most from the 20th.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

An adventure has sailed into view over the holidays and you can now ascend towards your journey that promises the wisdom you seek. Relationships work with your aspirations, rather than against them, and a key collaborator could prove instrumental in your progress.

Relationships are steamy all month long, and you can put to bed private matters from last year. Education, a new vocation, the pursuit of something different is calling; explore new territories, Taurus.

Step into a position of visibility from the 18th, you can make a good impression professionally appealing to connections around your path. Take time out at home on the 31st, however, with a special invite for a plus one.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

A busy start to the year doesn’t let up, as you’ve plenty keeping you occupied. Exchanges from the end of last year continue to appear on your radar, and relationships feature strongly – in January and beyond.

Property, finances, taxes and mergers are all of kinds are potentially interesting now, as planets stack up in your zone of powerful investments. Working with others is a hot topic, as you collaborate and investigate. This should be easier from the 11th, and totally in focus on the 13th.

By the end of the month you’ll be keen to spread your wings further afield; connections appear on the 31st and you could be in a position to soar.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Your gifts are in the spotlight as we enter a New Year, Cancer. Intuitive wisdom, your talents and passions feature beautifully in weeks ahead, so give yourself space for playful creativity, romantic connection and fun!

Involve others in your activities; business or pleasure, your experiences are elevated in partnership, so join forces with individuals you’re drawn to.

This month sets the stage to take relationships to new levels, and to take them more seriously. Power dynamics and boundaries are emphasized across all exchanges – recognise opportunities that test your resolve. Reset your agenda and commitments around the 17th, and see bonds deepen thereafter.

You’ve reason to be proud of your role January 31st, so celebrate!

Leo or Leo Rising

Wellness, work, and keeping to a steady schedule could now be foremost, Leo, however take a moment to unplug January 1st, when the full moon illuminates your closure and healing zone.

Practice self-care in weeks ahead, nurture yourself and feather your nest. Make the effort around home, family and emotional matters; cultivating stability has positive repercussions for your routine. Productivity and effectiveness can soar, with the potential between the 8th and the 10th to feel powerfully supported.

The 14th could incite restlessness, so consider what your ideal day looks like. From the 20th relationships sweeten, so team up, allowing partnerships to bring balance to your outlook. Note the 31st is very special for personal accomplishments.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

January 1st spotlights your wider community Virgo, gravitate towards your tribe. Iron out domestic matters by the 10th, as you ruling planet–Mercury–shimmies into the amorous area of your horoscope, ready for fun! An intense connection may tease out your passionate side.

Say yes to date nights and opportunities to stimulate your creativity – it may be time to take your interests more seriously. Think about what excites you most around the 13th…

From the 18th you can feel good about your productive streak, as the stars favor day-to-day projects, health and wellness. Despite a rigorous schedule you’ll want to balance work and play. Be sociable but escape all duties on the 31st.

Libra or Libra Rising

You may have been engrossed with family, nesting hard over the holidays, and until the 18th the trend continues, Libra! The stars are emphasizing home and stability, with a significant shift now urging you to take domestic life more seriously.

Your role has grown significantly, so for now, turn your efforts towards work obligations, enjoying the sanctuary that recharges you. If you’re lacking the comfort you seek begin again in your space – or your emotional outlook – around January 17th. A highly romantic cycle commences on the 18th, so make pleasure your priority!

Though preoccupied with connections made last year you’ll be ready to demonstrate your skills more assertively from the 27th; trust your know-how.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

You’ll have the stamina and enthusiasm to drive ahead personal plans with vigor in January, Scorpio. The weekend of the 6th, and the 24th emphasize your explorations, and are primed for strong connections. Note on the 12th you’re fully enmeshed in projects, helping you to learn and grow.

Consider the steps on your path before the 18th when home matters begin to appear on your radar. You might be keen to improve your surroundings in weeks to come.

Work out the particulars surrounding your role and income before the 11th, as from the 27th your energy around earnings or your position moves at a quicker pace. Shine a light on your new path and direction at months end.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

New Years can be incredibly private this year Sagittarius – it’s likely a great escape now appeals. You’ve much worthy of your focus that’s out of sight: a major journey of healing, surrender and closure. January is primed to fuel the wheels already now in motion.

Thankfully your role is incredibly accommodating, even supporting your transition. There’s a great focus on your position presently, and you might have spent the holidays with a heightened awareness around money, and your contribution. The 17th is a great time to think about your future work goals.

Rest, and you’ll be recharged from the 27th, ready to action overdue personal issues, and in fine fettle to enjoy adventures on the 31st.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Relationships are illuminated by both of this month’s full moons, (January 1st and 31st). Yet the month ahead is primarily about you, Capricorn, stepping into your stride. Home matters begin to resolve themselves and you can gain confidence among friends on the 9th, feeling extra connected from the 11th

It’s likely you’ve recently transitioned, crossing some important threshold that’s seen the community around you take on greater significance. You might find issues from last year are percolating, and you’re ready to plunge ahead, healing the past from the 27th. Embrace closure, and seize a fresh start on the 17th; a new chapter’s opened.

You’ll feel exceptionally good about your role from the 18th.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

With major transitions behind the scenes, you might find you’re laying low in January, Aquarius, focusing on closure, career and the way you’re seen. You’re visible as we enter the New Year, yet inner work is high on your agenda. Significant shifts lie ahead – around the 11th you’re really embroiled in the pertinent issues at hand. Go steady around the 14th.

Focus on what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals and ambitions; it could be time to let go, surrendering certain expectations, perhaps it’s time for a health check – mind, body and spirit. You’ll cease hibernating the weekend of the 20th; in the meantime, give yourself space and dig deep.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Self-expression comes easily as the New Year opens, Pisces. You can come across beautifully in a crowd, helping you cement your place within your special community – the stars are personally aligned for you, Pisces! Embrace social occasions and opportunities to network, particularly the 1st to the 3rd.

From the 20th you’ll want to retreat – though you can still be fully engaged with friends it’s definitely a good time to regroup inwardly, escaping your usual routine. Travel, education, or a journey of growth that broadens your outlook could be key to your transition now.

Towards the end of the January you’ll refocus around work, seamlessly driving ahead career plans from the end of 2017.

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