MercuryRetrograde! ⚡️ in Taurus…

Mercury appears retrograde, which lasts till the end of May!


Where will you experience confusion? What area of the chart is Mercury travelling backwards through for you? Do be mindful in these areas…


Second House Matters… your money, the material and ‘things’ that you value…


First House Matters – your expression of self! Don’t let the message get confused…


Twelfth House Matters – hidden things – documents sitting with others…


Eleventh House Matters – groups and social outings – double check times!


Tenth House Matters – career plans might come up for review – how you find fame or recognition…


Ninth House Matters–  travel plans – especially long trips to far off places, rethink your journey and check you have your documents!


Eighth House Matters – private conversations, matters around tax and finances, money owed… Review!


Seventh House Matters… partnerships – communications with the key pillar people in your world…


Sixth House Matters – day to day information, conversations at work or about work…


Fifth House Matters– romance and date nights – check travel times on the way there and double check who you’re sending your sexts to!


Fourth House Matters – the home is spotlighted – misplaced matters about the house!? Keys gone missing?


Third House Matters – communication, short journeys – all the key areas that typically go wrong in a retrograde! Be aware… 💋

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