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Shopping Inspiration – Your Sagittarius Gift Guide…

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She Shoots, She Scores! It’s The Sagittarius Gift Guide…

We’re headed right into Sagittarius season so check out this handy gift guide for your friends, lover(s) and family members who fall under the sign of the Archer…


1. They’re Good To Gamble

Totally NOT encouraging the risky nature of Sagittarius to go off to the races… BUT!


Sagittarius likes a flutter, whether it’s a lottery ticket or day at the dogs.

If you’ve no time and little money and are headed to a Saggy birthday, slip a lottery ticket into a card – they’ll appreciate the sentiment and probably win a tenner!

This Hermes card set will be a welcome gift…

2. Horsing Around


A Stylish Scarf…

The Zodiac’s wild horse, the perfect gift for a Sagittarius is one that features their spirit animal or the open planes that spell freedom.

This stylish scarf from Liberty features the right sentiment.

And For The Sagittarius Stable…


Bed down in horsey heaven, duvet covers from Joules and Anorak at House of Fraser.

Sagittarius rules horseplay and mucking around, perhaps they’d even like to turn their boudoir into a horsey haven!

For Baby Saggi!

Better than a rocking horse?


It’s the Little Horse Inflatable Hopper.

3. Time To Travel

Travel related gifts will make the heart of a Sagittarius sing – anything linked to airlines, air hostesses, passports or long journeys…

A hot air balloon ride would suit the expansive nature of this Jupiter-ruled sign perfectly!

4. Subscribe For Sagg

Philosophical, scientific or religious books make the archer tick, so gift them a voucher or subscription to their favourite publication.

5. Dart Board / Archery

Make it super sized! In honour of Sagittarius’ ruling planet, gassy Jupiter…

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