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Shopping Inspiration – Your Taurus Gift Guide…

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It’s time for Taurus to take center stage!

From 20th April through to 21st May it’s All About the Bull… A gentle reminder for friends and family of Taruo looking for the perfect present.

Make it practical, but beautiful. Still stuck for inspiration? Well, this little guide might help some…


1. Food Stuff

For Miss Tauro, music and food are the food of love.

Play on!

Get the Bull drooling and you’re a friend for lifeicon. Temp them with a good bottle of wine, treat them to a fabulous meal (nowhere cheap mind!) or a beautiful box of chocolates.

Bonus! Food AND Beauty…

Combine tasty treats and something to enhance the bull’s natural beauty and this Venusian ruled sign will be delighted.

2. Scents and Sensibility

Miss Taurus should never be without satisfied senses or a high quality perfume…

Yes to Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto, or something that keeps her surroundings smelling sweetly.

This rose quartz incense burner will do nicely too – rose quartz is a choice gemstone for Taurus (By Cinnamon Projects).

3. Flower Child

Taurus will appreciate the gesture of a bunch of gorgeous roses!

Or beauty with a floral touch…

And it’s not just those going to San Fransisco that should be sure to wear a flower in their hair – but oh those Taurus too!

This sign wears it well so pick up a fascinating floral piece…

4. Silky Seductress

What to buy your Taurus lover?

It’s all about texture for these raging Bulls, give them something to really feel and cover it with fine fabrics (it is his birthday!)


Silk or satin will have your Tauro other half with eyes a flutter… Failing that a cookery course will do.

5. Enough Necking!

This lot rule the neck and throat, so draw attention to the Taurean body part with a necklace or scarf.

The gemstone of Taurus is Emerald, for birthstone inspiration read more here.

Did you know that the department store Liberty is Taurus according to its natal chart?

That’s right! This seller of scarfs and luxe materials is totally Taurus.

Invest in one of their signature pieces with this 100% silk square scarf from Tauro designer Christian Lacroix.

With a floral touch it’s bound to please our Bull…

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