The Top Taurus Fashion Designers

Who are the leading figures born under the Bull that have changed our dress and style?

Christian Lacroix, 20 Years of Haute Couture on the Catwalk…

One of the two Zodiac signs ruled by lovely Venus, Taurus is one of those naturally attuned to their senses and aesthetic sensibilities.

This makes the Bull particularly suited to the realms of beauty and fashion, art, music and design, and all related industries, such as retail, interior planning, entertaining with fine foods and table settings, creating a pleasant atmosphere for all with sound and scents to suit.

You could say that a typical Taurus has a more sophisticated sense of appreciation of the material realm, thanks to their own natural instincts.

Taurus & Luxuriating…

You might note that your Taurus friend has an awareness of the latest fashion collections, is inclined to check out new shows at an art gallery, or simply indulges their tastes in their own private sanctuary through food, drink, their own record collection or delighting in their home and its beauteous comforts.

Wherever they are, Tauro appreciates pleasant surroundings, which satiate their senses: the touch and appearance of fine fabric, fragrance and pleasing smells, music or poetry for the ears and great sensations for their taste buds.


Christian Lacroix, Donatella Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier And Valentino Garavani…

Taurus fashion designers gravitate towards sentiments of luxury, and the finer things in life; they are not brutal, utilitarian or austere, nor functional, minimalist.

Christian Lacroix (Sun, Mercury, Mars and Midheaven) is widely credited with single-handedly saving couture with his “extravagant use of detail and bird-of-paradise theatricality”.

As this is the zodiac sign which represents materialistic matters, including money and ‘having’ or possessing things, you might note a more opulent style in their work, or simply a devotion to beauty and finer forms.

From Lacroix and Versace, to Gaultier and Valentino, all have more than a touch of luxe about their designs…

Balmain (Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus) used richly embroidered fabrics, nipped-in waists and longer, fuller skirts that became a favourite or European and Hollywood royalty (see Katharine Hepburn, Taurus Sun Moon in Balmain, 1952…)

Of Balmain’s presentation of his first collection, Alice Toklas wrote: suddenly there was the awakening to a new understanding of what mode really was, the embellishment and the intensification of women’s form and charm.

Taurus & Money…

In the latest Netflix documentary about legendary Taurus Halston, we see the designer sacrificing artistic ideals for money.

To be a businessman or artist is the great complex of many Bull’s, no doubt… It begs the question, what offers true stability in life, a solid, secure base and tangible, material goods, or the assurance and confidence roused by beauty in form, money in stock and the bank, or a display of wealth. 

Ideally it’s both!

Taurus & Fragrance…

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Jean-Paul Gaultier, Known For Fragrance As Much As Fashion…

You’ll notice the Taurean sensual awareness extends to include a use of sensuous and fine feeling fabrics, and fragrances to support their collections.

Taurus rules all five senses (while the intangible ‘sixth sense’ belongs to Pisces), including ‘real world’ practicalities like touch, smell and taste.

Many Taruo designers – including Halston, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake (Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus, plus Venus, Mars & Uranus in Taurus), and Balmain – also created perfumes.

Balmain’s Vent Vert, one of the best-selling perfumes of the late 1940s and early 1950s, while Classique (by JPG), launched in 1993 has one of the most iconic and feminine bottles of all time.

Taurus & Fabrics…

This is the zodiac sign with an unparalleled understanding of our earthy realms, its materials and substances.

Halston first saw Ultrasuede on fellow Taurus fashion designer Issey Miyake in Paris in 1971.

Miyake was wearing one of his own designs made with Ultrasuede, and Halston went on to design a trench coat which absorbed water rather than repelling it.

Taurus & Femininity…

Not only are Taurus designers ostentatiousness in their tailoring, working with interesting textures, generous layering, and flounce, they are incredibly feminine in their approach.

They and aren’t afraid of exaggerating femininity, like Donatella Versace…

Even in their personal approach to dress, you can count on fashion’s prominent names and faces to appear like a gentle Bull, adorned and surrounded by beauty…

So Very Taurus…

Miuccia Prada was born just after a Solar Eclipse in Taurus in 1948. The Italian billionaire fashion designer and businesswoman is head designer of Prada and the founder of its subsidiary Miu Miu.

She transformed her family’s modest leather goods house into one of fashion’s ready-to-wear powerhouses. 

Taurus Fashion Designers…


☆ Issey Miyake April 22nd 1938 ☆ Jean-Paul Gaultier 24th April 1952 ☆ L’Wren Scott (formerly Laura “Luann” Bambrough) 28thApril 1964 – March 17th March 2014 ☆ Donatella Versace 2nd May 1955 ☆ Christopher Bailey May 11th 1971 ☆ Pierre Balmain May 18th 1914 ☆ Vince Camuto ☆ Patrick Grant ☆ Anya Hindmarch 7th May 1968Valentino Garavani 11th May 1932 ☆ Halston April 23th 1932 ☆ Elsa Peretti May 1st 1940 ☆ Dries Van Noten 12th May 1958 ☆ Christian Lacroix 16th May 1951 ☆ Tan France ☆ Chiara Ferragni ☆ Miuccia Prada May 10th 1949 ☆ Carla Zamppatti ☆

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