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The Top Taurus Fashion Designers


Sun In Taurus, Donatella Versace…


Ruled by lovely Venus, this zodiac sign is naturally attuned to their aesthetic sensibilities, which makes the Bull particularly suited to beauty related industries, such as art and fashion.

You could say that they have a finer sense of appreciation of the material realm, whether that’s an awareness of the latest fashion collections, checking out new shows at an art gallery, or simply indulging their tastes in their own private sanctuary.

Wherever they are, Tauro appreciates pleasant visual surroundings.


Christian Lacroix, Donatella Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier And Valentino Garavani…

Taurus fashion designers gravitate towards a sentiment of luxury, and the finer things in life.

As this is the zodiac sign which represents materialistic matters, including money and ‘having’ or possessing things, you might note a more opulent style in their work.

Designers Lacroix and Versace, Gaultier and Valentino all have a touch of luxe about their designs.


Jean-Paul Gaultier, Known For Fragrance As Much As Fashion

Taurus also rules the senses, including ‘real world’, practicalities like touch, smell and taste, which is why your Tauro friend enjoys delicious foods so!

You’ll notice this sensual awareness extends to include a use of sensuous and fine feeling fabrics, and fragrances to support their collections.

These are incredibly feminine designers, not afraid to increase the flounce and ostentatiousness in tailoring. They work with interesting textures and layering, and aren’t afraid of exaggerating femininity.

Tenacious Taurus Fashion Designers


☆ Jean-Paul Gaultier 24th April 1952 ☆ L’Wren Scott (formerly Laura “Luann” Bambrough) 28thApril 1964 – March 17th March 2014 ☆ Donatella Versace 2nd May 1955 ☆ Anya Hindmarch 7th May 1968 ☆ Valentino Garavani 11th May 1932 ☆ Dries Van Noten 12th May 1958 ☆ Christian Lacroix 16th May 1951 ☆

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