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Bull On The Ascendant – See Taurus Rising Celebrities…


The Bull At Dawn – It’s Taurus Rising…


Taurus rising colours the personality with a comforting steadiness.

Constant and reliable, people with Taurus on the ascendant have an earthy endurance about them. Methodical, practical, patient, persevering and strong willed, they come across as steadfast, dependable types – even if their Sun sign is more flighty or risk-taking by nature!

They tend to be cautious and emotionally stable types, and they’re no pushover. Taurus rising people have true staying power, although their persistence can sometimes be interpreted as stubbornness or bull-headedness!

It’s safe to say that this person will be fond of pleasure, perhaps a little materialistic, and as the fixed sign quality suggests can be lazy too…

Venus Is Your Ruler…

With Taurus rising your chart ruler is Venus, planet of beauty. Depending on where Venus falls in your chart and how it’s aspected will reveal even more about your character and your Star Sign Style!

Lana Del Rey – Venus Rising In Taurus…

Taurus Rising Appearance

If you’re born when the Bull is rising you might have a strong neck, plump lips and a rounded face shape.


Correction – Kate Middleton is Leo Rising!

Your skin will be beautiful – thanks to Venus! And there’ll be that steady gracefulness that typifies Taurus beauty.

You’ll be more attuned to your senses – more sensual and refined with a love of luxury and comfort.

The nose is a distinctive feature, just right for sniffing out the finest fragrances.

Taurus Rising Fashion Style

You go for the best quality you can afford and as you’re money minded you take care that your garments last.

Fashion taste can be more conservative, practical and composed, at times, than your sun sign would suggest.

You suit fabrics and fashions with a luxe element to them, dress must pass the Taurus Texture Test!

Shades to consider include feminine, earthy tones and pinks of every hue are your best colour – you can wear rose or pale pastels beautifully, read Taurus, Pretty in Pink for proof, and of course Floral Prints are particularly pleasing too…

Taurus Rising Celebrities

elle  mariah-carey-astrology  donatella-versace  lana-del-rey  miley-cyrus  mae-west    sigourney-weaver  vivien-leigh

☆ Ali MacGraw ☆ Amelia Earhart ☆ Angie Dickinson☆ Betsey Johnson ☆ Dionne Warwick ☆ Donatella Versace ☆ Elle McPherson ☆ Gloria Vanderbilt ☆ Lana Del Rey ☆ Liza Minnelli ☆ Aries Mariah Carey  ☆ Mae West ☆ Marianne Faithfull ☆ Mia Farrow ☆ Miley Cyrus ☆ Rachel Miner ☆ Rita Hayworth ☆ Vivienne Leigh ☆ Serena Williams ☆ Sigourney Weaver ☆ Sheryl Crow ☆

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