Sagittarius Miley Cyrus, Birth Chart & Astrology…

We Know the Star has Taurus Rising and Moon in Scorpio!

Miley At Primavera Via Flickr

Sagittarius Miley Cyrus is one of our favourite pop stars. Let’s check out her Star Sign Style!

☆ Sun In Sagittarius ☆ Moon In Scorpio ☆ Venus In Capricorn ☆ Taurus Rising ☆

A successful actress, singer and teen idol, Miley found fame young.

Along with so many others, the Disney channel launched her with her stint as school-girl / pop-sensation combo, Hannah Montana.

Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus found superstardom singing “Achy Breaky Heart” in 1992, the year Miley was born…



Sagittarius loves bright colours, bold patterns and cheerful fashion choices that match their enthusiastic, bubbly nature.

Miley’s style is so Sagittarius that she makes a fantastic ambassador of Saggy aesthetics!


So Sagittarius – Miley Embraces Bold Fashions And Bright Colour

Quite often, this signs outfit choices will verge on a clown-like appearance (baggy pants? Check, crazy colour combos? Check!)

They love making other people smile and Miley (a nickname derived from ‘smiley’,) has one of the biggest beams I’ve seen!

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Freedom, of both the physical and mental nature, is a key theme for Sagittarius.

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Your Full Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…

Venus sits with Jupiter in Taurus, and both conspire with Neptune on this prosperous day!

This is the sign of the adventurous traveller, who steps out into the world in search of higher knowledge and wisdom.

This philosophy is clearly important to Miley, too, as she broke free from her Disney identity, pushing back against any comment on her image in the press.

Added to the idea of ‘freedom of speech’ is the Sagittarius style of communicating rather honestly and bluntly. It’s no surprise her responses come thick and fast, perhaps without careful thought or planning!


Did you know that the body part ruled by Saggy is the thighs? I’d say it’s one Miley’s favourite features, as she’s frequently seen in teeny tiny hot pant, showing off her enviable pins… Read More In: Sagittarius Beauty – Thigh High!

What’s The Mood Of The Moon?

The Moon in a persons chart is an indicator of what they need; Mylie’s Moon in Scorpio suggests an emotional intensity, and a basic need for transformation.


The Moon is also sitting close to powerful planet Pluto, adding to the themes of rebirth, which are provocative, sexual and transformative. We’ve also got communication planet Mercury here, so there’s really a lot of energy sitting tightly in the Scorpio-zone!

Where’s Venus In The Chart?

The planet of love, romance and friendship is expressed in Miley’s chart through the constellation of Capricorn.

With Venus in Capricorn, Miley takes a serious and mature approach to relationships.

Realistic and cautious rather than the type to fall head over heels at a glance, these people are incredibly hardworking, disciplined and ambitious, even business-minded.

They might be modest with their make-up and have a very good bone structure.

Venus is very close to the planet Uranus too, which is the planet of revolution, and Neptune is also nearby, this is the planet of music and dreams.

The close combination of all three planets prompts Miley to have unusual and very original ways of dressing up!

Neptune’s influence adds to her artistic talents, especially in music…

Miley Cyrus: Birth Chart

Miley Cyrus Birth Chart Miley Cyrus Born 23rd November 1992 At 4.19pm, Nashville, USA…

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