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The World’s Top Aries Models…

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Vogue Regular, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…

Fit and fierce, Aries Models are veritable powerhouses and by far the hottest honeys!

And if they’re not, well oh my they make it their personal mission to up their game… Early pics of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are a far cry from the vixen splashed all over that memorable Vogue spread… Didn’t she do well?!

They’re a determined bunch those Aries gals, set them a challenge and watch them crush it flat with a pointed stiletto heel.

If you’ve got a group that’s flagging you can be sure Aries can inject a fiery dose of get up and go to the mix. Assertive and just a bit bossy, they make natural born pioneers, let them think they’re leading the way and they’ll take charge with great force… Best Colours? Black, White And Red All Over!


Clockwise From Top Left – Hilary Rhoda, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Caroline Winberg And Saskia de Brauw

You won’t have to watch out for Aries – they won’t be waiting in the wings! Like fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius they’re natural born show-offs! Read Aries Attention Seekers!

Did you also know the Aries zodiac sign rules hats?! If you’re an Aries try out this accessory for size, and check out the Belarusian model Zhenya Katava totally working her headpiece and read: Aries, hats off to her…

Amazing Aries Models…

rosie-h-w  Aries-Rooney-Mara

☆ Caroline Winberg 27th March 1985 ☆ Elle Macpherson 29th March 1964 ☆ Zhenya Katava, born 31st of March 1994 ☆ Hilary Rhoda 6th April 1987 ☆ Alessandra Ambrosio 11th April 1981 ☆ Brooklyn Decker 12th April 1987 ☆ Rooney Mara 17th April 1985 ☆ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 18th April 1987 ☆ Saskia de Brauw 19th April 1981 ☆

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