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Scorpio Hollywood Silver Screen Stars…

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Sun In Scorpio Vivien Leigh…


The Scorpio hollywood stars of the silver screen were undoubtedly the sexiest, smouldering with an incredible intensity. Check out these stars for their sex appeal!

Watch: Vivien Leigh showcase all things Scorp as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind

Scorpio Hollywood Stars

vivien-leigh  elke-somner  Scorpio_Hedy-Lamarr  scorpio-grace-kelly  scorpio-veronica-lake

☆ Vivien Leigh 5th November 1913 ☆ Elke Sommer 5th November 1940 ☆ Hedy Lamarr 9th November 1913 ☆ Dorothy Dandridge 9th November 1922 ☆ Grace Kelly 12th November 1929 ☆ Veronica Lake 14th November 1922 ☆

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