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Fashion Astrology – Taurus Blossoms In Flower Prints…


Taurus is synonymous with floral prints and beauty touches!


People born under a Taurus Sun come into the world at the end of April, right through into May when the flowers are blissfully in bloom.

This is a fertile time with bees buzzing, the lazy days of Summer are approaching but the garden is still active!

The Taurus fashion rule number one has to be: incorporate flowers where you can, for Taurus is synonymous with floral prints and beauty touches!

Floral prints look particularly pretty when worn by Taurus beauties, perhaps because this is a feminine zodiac sign, under the Earth element, perhaps because they’re right at home among the foliage!

Given that floral designs are seen without fail season after season, it’s understandable that there are a multitude of ways to wear a flower based print.

My advice for Tauro ladies?

Bigger, bolder prints suit the more outgoing personalities, while tiny, delicate flowers are apt for a more girlie or softer look.

See how the stars wear it…

Never Be Too Far From Florals


Pretty Prints Seen On Taurus Celebrities Penelope Cruz, Linda Evangelista, Dianna Agron And Tori Spelling…

Fawn Over Flora


Lovely Lily Allen, Taurus Model Rianne Ten Haken, Taurus Actress Christina Hendricks And Grammy Award Winning Taurus, Adele

It’s worth looking at your wrists as an indicator of the size of print or jewellery you’re likely to suit.

Small boned (delicate wrists) look better with dainty jewellery, chunkier bangles, over sized watches or big pendants are carried easier by the big boned (NOT another word for fat!)

Jessica Alba Has Star Sign Style!


Sun in Tauro Jessica Alba seems to have a greenhouse growing in her wardrobe! And why limit flowers to your garden? Let them live in your closet too!

Loving her diverse use of flower power and those mint shoes, nice.

Taurus Beauty – Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair…


Full On Foliage For Taurus Fashion And Beauty – Kirsten Knows Her Star Sign Style!


Taurus Model Anais Pouliot, Bettie Page, Uma Thurman And Eniko Mihalik


Lovely Lana is Taurus Rising, With Venus On The Ascendant…

You don’t need to be a Taurus (or headed to San Fransisco) to wear this look, if you are Taurus rising or Venus in Tauro then it’ll no doubt work too!

Let me know if your foray into foliage is enhanced by a touch of Taurus in your natal chart…

Try a floral fascinator anytime and see how it sits on you!

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