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Aquarius Janice…


Aquarius Janice Dickinson…

Janice Dickinson’s lawsuit against Bill Cosby will go ahead.

The model claimed that the comedian raped her in 1982, when she would’ve been 27.

Born Janice Doreen Dickinson on February 15, 1955 the star was initially notable as a model but today is a public figure in fashion. An American author, talent agent, model, photographer.

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Aquarius Janice has Saturn in Scorpio, sign of sex and dark intensity.

Through the position of Saturn it’s indicated that sex will be an area of learning, with hard lessons dealt and felt in her lifetime.

Her Saturn creates a hard aspect to power planet Pluto, which sits in the fame-seeking sign Leo. This in turn sits in a tight opposition to the sun in free thinking Aquarius.

Janice Dickinson’s Birth Chart

aquarius Janice Dickinson 5 February 1955

Born 15th February 1955 In Brooklyn, New York.

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