AstroCartoGraphy And The Mercury Line – Talk To Me!

Mercury Lines in Astro Mapping can provide good place to write or study. You’ll have no problem keeping an active mind here, in fact, it’s a good place to keep your mind fully occupied. The influence could help to improve your communication with other people too…

Mercury In Astrology

Mercury in astrology is all about communication and a trip to one’s Mercury Line could help to activate your and ‘grey matter’, giving you a mental alertness that enhance progress in intellectual pursuits. You may pursue education here and indeed it is a favourable place to study, write or teach. It’s also a good place to be connected to commerce.

Mental abilities flow easily, with new ideas occurring more readily and you might find yourself more chatty! You could feel very awake and have more trouble sleeping here. Generally speaking, living or staying under Mercury is said to be a positive experience for most people, as on the whole, it encompasses flexibility, dexterity and an intellectual outlook.

Ironically, a stay under the Mercurial influence can also present difficulties in communication, for example language barriers highlighted, problematic connectivity troubles, glitches and unexpected inconveniences can occur – just think of a Mercury Retrograde period!

Signs And Symbolism – Things to look out for under your Mercury Lines

One of the most interesting things I’ve found while exploring my own astrogeography has been the abundance of symbolism in the places I’ve journeyed to, which I take as a sign that I’m ‘in the right place’. If you go to one of your Mercury Lines look out for:

Bicycles, Communication, Language, Computers,  Commerce, Trade, Merchants, Shops, Libraries, Schools, Teachers, Networks, Small Birds, Sleeplessness, Writers, Journalism, PR, Textile workers, tailors and seamstresses, Stations, nervous system,Wheat-fields and farming connected to harvesting.

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Mercury Lines On Your Astro Map – Good For…

☿ Studying, Teaching, Getting Involved with Schooling or Intellectual Pursuits

☿ Detail Oriented Tasks – Mercurial energy is expressed through Virgo don’t forget

☿ Networking, Computer Work, Transportation, Exchange and Commerce

☿ Keeping an Active Mind

☿ Weight Loss

The downside to your Mercury Line’s are that you might be restless or feel scattered. Your libido might not be as activated either, as this is known to be an androgynous energy…

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