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Taurus Cities And Countries…

Which cities and countries are ruled by the zodiac sign Taurus?

South Africa

April 27th is Freedom Day in South Africa, as in 1994, the first post-apartheid elections were held.

This day marked the end of over three hundred years of colonialism, segregation and white minority rule and the establishment of a new democratic government led by Nelson Mandela (a Cancer).

The Sun and Mercury are together in Taurus in the chart of South Africa, Cancer is the sign on the ascendant, while the Moon, Pluto, the North Node and Jupiter in Scorpio are not to be overlooked (we can continue to remember centuries of suffering, violence, inequality, and exploitation).

‘Table Mountain’, a vast expanse of vineyards, lush foliage are just some of the Taurean features of the landscape of this most beautiful country. They also have the most incredible arts scene!


With the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, Scotland makes a lovely place for this sign to visit – and meet a Highland Cow!

This is a place with plenty of sweet treats, and land to roam and work it off…

South Korea

I personally love South Korea, which is a Taurus Rising place with the North Node in Taurus Too!

Prague, Czech Republic

See the chart for Prague, here.

I actually went to Prague with a Taurus!

Lisbon, Portugal

With the Sun conjunct the midheaven in Taurus, Lisbon is a Taurus place.

San Antonio, Texas

Incredibly, San Antonio is a Very Taurus Town!

Officially founded on May 1, 1718, the Horoscope for San Antonio boasts the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune (with a Cancer ascendant, and Jupiter rising!)

The Moon (the chart’s ruler) is at 24’08’ trine the north node in Virgo almost to the minute (24’09’).

+ Montreal_(Quebec)

Las Vegas

Oslo, Norway

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