AstroCartoGraphy And The Sun Line – Shine Like The Star That You Are!

Discover the sun lines in AstroCartoGraphy...

Sun Lines in Astro Mapping are said, quite literally, to be the ones where we might find fame and celebrity status… If you’re looking for a boost of star power then a trip to one of your four Sun Lines could offer opportunities that help you shine! Just stay alert to the possibilities…

The Sun In Astrology

The Sun in astrology is all about ego and a trip to one’s Sun Line could help to assert your ‘self’, bringing you into alignment with your true philosophies. You may become more confident about your goals and aspirations following an experience under a Sun Line.

Under a Sun line egotistical tendencies may be highlighted – you might feel more special or come into contact with other people that are at best self-aware and at worst self-centred. Generally, Sun Lines are said to have a positive effect, we’re said to be more at ease, positive and uplifted. It might feel as if things are going your way and could generally a very nice place to be! The energies of the line will help you to fully express your personality, your ego – your sunshine!

The Sun in astrology can represent the father. It’s not unusual to find parental connections with the Sun Lines, in particular male family members including father and grandfather.

Signs And Symbolism – Things to look out for under your Sun Lines

One of the most interesting things I’ve found while exploring my own astrogeography has been the abundance of symbolism in the places I’ve journeyed to, which I take as a sign that I’m ‘in the right place’. If you go to one of your Sun Lines look out for:

Actors, ambition, arrogance, authority figures, autobiographies, ballrooms, bosses, bragging, brokers, cats (especially big cats), celebrities, fame and notoriety, children, creativity, play and recreation, fire and heat, grandeur, gold and coins, people at the centre of things – the chairman, show-offs, orange, yellow and mustard, ostentation, peacocks, pride, resplendent regal touches, rich and powerful people, royalty or nobility, self – self-interest, self-esteem, self-confidence, shows, sunbathing (including sun stroke!), sunflowers and sunny themes, theatres, wilfulness.

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Sun Lines On Your Astro Map – Good For…

☼ Star Power, Developing Self-Assurance and Boosting Confidence

☼ Ego Related Issues, Clarifying Personal Goals and Philosophies

☼ Exhibiting Leadership Qualities, Influence,

☼ Connecting with Powerful and Important People

☼ Inspiring and Energising Others

☼ Creativity, Self-Fulfilment and Success.

Beware of boasting, egocentric tendencies here, as you might come off more readily as arrogant, self-important, ostentatious and proud! And no one likes a show-off…

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