AstroCartoGraphy And The Uranus Line – Change Is Gonna Come…

Uranus Lines in Astro Mapping are said to make a person feel the energised with the traits of this planet, which can be revolutionary and exciting in an electrical way. Under this line you might find a renewed sense of freedom or an energy that breaks away in a rebellious way.

Uranus In Astrology

Unusual Uranus represents rebellion, revolution and sudden, unexpected change. It can point to freedom from restraints.

Signs And Symbolism – Things to look out for under your Uranus Lines

One of the most interesting things I’ve found while exploring my own astrogeography has been the abundance of symbolism in the places I’ve journeyed to, which I take as a sign that I’m ‘in the right place’. If you go to one of your Uranus Lines look out for:

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Agitation, airplanes, aeronautics, helicopters, ariel engineering and aviation, clocks, watches, and watchtowers, sudden change, detours, divorce earthquakes, explosives, electricity, eccentricities, exile, emancipation, idiosyncrasies, inventiveness, motorised equipment, radios, sparks, spasms, cramps, upheaval, uprooting, whirlpools and wires.

Uranus Lines On Your Astro Map – Good For…

♅ Excitement, Lively Energy Of An Electrical Nature

♅ Prompting Change In All Areas Of Life

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