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I travelled to my Jupiter IC line, and found myself at the heart of education!

Just totally uncanny.

The third place I visited with astrological significance fell under my Jupiter line, Jupiter on the Imum Coeli (Latin for ‘bottom of the sky).

Hanging out in Hong Kong my friend and host stessed the difficulties of travelling alone in China – of course not to Beijing or Shanghai, but going off the grid she warned was pretty difficult.

A.K.A Off The Grid Kimberly…

With the planet Jupiter involved I wasn’t worried, for this is the planet of luck and the bearer of gifts! What could possibly go wrong?!

It turned out that quite a lot went right for me under my Jupiter IC line – thankfully!

I’d started Couchsurfing in Singapore and hit up the website (at the 11th hour) to see if there were any hosts in the Zhaoqing area. To my relief one of the only people offering up their space to share accepted my request!


Interestingly, my host was a teacher based at the University of Zhaoqing, happy to connect with travellers passing through.

I realised that Jupiter is the ruler of higher education, and there I was, quite by chance, residing in a huge educational campus smack in the middle of China.

Bizarre to say the least, or at least I thought so!

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Zhaoqing University

I hung out with the teachers and students, and another girl who happened to be visiting her teacher friend at the same time.

We visited the Dinghu Mountain, went to Guangzhou (the largest city in the province) and had wonderful times.

I even taught a class and was offered a job there if I liked!

But alas, I had only recently begun my astrology adventure, so headed back to Hong Kong and then on to Japan…




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