AstroCartoGraphy And My Astrology Adventure…

Join Me On My Astrology Adventure, As I Visit The Places On My AstroCartoGraphy Map!

My Astrology Adventure Into AstroCartoGraphy

Darling StarGazers!

You might know that I’ve embarked on an adventure. A Big Phat Astrology Adventure to be precise (check out my Instagram to follow my progress!)

If you haven’t heard of AstroCartoGraphy, (also known as ‘location astrology’ or geographic astrology,) a quick explanation is that it concerns space and time. Using your birth chart, a professional astrologer will be able to create a map with lines that cross all over the globe, which can be lucky or meaningful to our lives in one way or another…

An Example AstroCartoGraphy Map – Mine!


In theory, these lines can denote auspicious places to find fame (Sun and Jupiter lines), deal with our emotional nature (Moon), find romance (Venus), or embrace our assertive side (Mars).

It’s thought that even a brief journey through one of the lines or locations can produce striking results…

You’ll find that in your unique AstroCartoGraphy chart, quite often the lines end up in the sea, or in uninhabitable, let alone holiday-worthy locations. Therefore when you find a line going through land that’s not a war-zone, go!

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Can you believe StarGazers that I’ve never visited or stayed for a period of time under any of the main lines in my chart???  But my Moon in Sagittarius would very much like to!

The first place on my list is a visit to Ko Pha-ngan in Thailand (lucky me!) This place falls under my Neptune line.

What Will Happen Under Neptune?

I’ll be documenting all my adventures as I go StarGazers so don’t you worry! I’ll let you know exactly what happens under Neptune, but in short, this is the planet of dreams and disillusion. Under the influence of this line, everything feels a little more fuzzy!

Imagination and intuition might be better, but reality is clouded or completely dissolved…

A good way to ride the waves of ACG in these areas is to enjoy the tranquility it brings with meditation in nature.

It will be good to be more private here, otherwise psychic vampires might suck the very life out of me!

This is not a place to achieve material success (so it’s a good thing that I’ll essentially be on holiday) and rather than feeling secure, I’ll have to settle for feeling at home in the cosmos, rather than in the “real” world. I think I can deal with that, for a little while… Read more in Neptune In AstroCartoGraphy here.

And Then?

I’ll be covering as much ground as possible journeying to my Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun lines!

Join me as I travel the globe in search of answers and enlightenment! It’s going to be an awesome ride…

For insights into AstroCartoGraphy, and tales from my Astrology Adventure, keep following Star Sign Style!

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