A Candle For Your Zodiac Sign…

Discover Gorgeous Gift Inspiration By Your Astrological Sign, With Celestial Candles From The Cosmos...

Candles are a gorgeous gift idea at any time of year, but especially so at Christmas, when the nights are dark and the prospect of a gentle, lit candle is a heart warming notion…

Winter Solstice is the perfect excuse to gift a classic white candle, or check out the beautiful zodiac themed candles I’ve found and let me know which is your favorite!

Round-Up – Zodiac Candles, Clockwise From Top Left – Dr Pryor’s Zodiac Candles, Kiss Air Candles, Cynthia Rowley Zodiac Candle, Fornasetti Astronomoici Candle, Evil Queen Candle, Anthropologie, Decorative Candle Art Shop Horoscope Candles, Centre FIP Candles…    

Dr Pryor’s Zodiac Candles, $5.22 USD each

Cynthia Rowley Zodiac Candle $48 USD

Decorative Candle Art Shop Horoscope Candles

Fornasetti Astronomici Candle (exclusive to Selfridges)

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Evil Queen Zodiac Candles, $20 USD

Kiss Air Candles, £12.50 GBP


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FIP Candles (Via Etsy)

Tom Dixon, Candles By Element

Mini Zodiac Candle, Anthropolgie  $14 USD

Dior (Limited Edition)

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