Dior Turns 70 With An Astrology Balloon At Galerie Lafayette!



French department store Galeries Lafayette is marking Christian Dior’s 70th anniversary with a gorgeous astrologically inspired display and exhibition!

The fashion house has taken over 11 windows at the retailer’s Paris flagship, on Boulevard Haussmann until (October 10th).

The event coincides with Paris Fashion Week, scheduled September 25th to October 3rd.

A celestially adorned hot-air balloon hovers under the flagship’s landmark cupola, while astrology-themed products – include scented candles and a limited-edition silk scarf – are available at a pop-up space on the ground floor.

The zodiac-theme is a nod to house founder Christian Dior’s fondness for consulting astrologers – read more about his superstitious tendencies below…

Both Maria Grazia Chiuri (born February 1964) and Christian Dior (born January 21, 1905) share the same astrological sign – Aquarius!

Dior Constellations Silk Scarf

Navy blue silk twill scarf, “Les 70 ans de Christian Dior” limited edition, 90 x 90 cm.

Lady Dior Bags

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Black and white lambskin ‘Lady Dior’ bags, embroidered with the “La lune dans mes yeux” (The moon in my eyes).

Candle And Case


Christian Dior’s Superstitious Side…

Years ago, Christian Dior visited a palm reader in a seaside town in northern France.

She told him that he would succeed — through women. She saw him penniless one day, and later amassing great profits.

The accuracy of her prediction meant Dior sought mystical guidance his whole life. He collected talismans and even had a fortune-teller – Madame Delahaye – without her, he did nothing.

She guided him in key decisions, such as setting up a couture house under his own name, and even advised Dior not to ill-fated voyage to Montecatini, Italy, which was when he died age 52.

Dior obsessed about numbers, always having 13 models when he presented his collections, and founding his house in the 8th arrondissement of Paris on Oct. 8.

The stories have become part of the history of the house of Dior and left their impression on the couture house.

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