Q&A With The Founders! Astrology Inspired Beauty Brand, Astra Beauty…

Meet two Capricorn GirlBosses who are launching cruelty free lashes with a cosmic twist...

Cruelty-Free Lashes – Seen Here: “Forbes List” Lash Style…

Star Sign Style caught up with two Capricorn powerhouses – Ashley and Ana – of Astra Beauty, to talk about their new cruelty-free lashes and how stars aligned for their collaboration…

SSS: So ladies, what are your Big Three – sun, moon and rising signs?

Ashley: I’m a double Capricorn, Sun and rising, with a Scorpio Moon.

Ana: I’m Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, Leo Rising.

SSS: What Capricorn qualities do you think have been the most helpful in making you such successful entrepreneurs and business women?

Ana: Our typical Capricorn ambition accompanied by an ethos to be hard-working and resourceful have played a major role in our successes, and have allowed us to bring our creative ideas to life and implement them full throttle. People often have great ideas but not everyone brings them to life.

Ashley: We definitely have our Capricorn traits to thank for that!

SSS: Totally agree – Capricorn’s are the sign with the most long-term vision and drive to succeed, no matter what it takes. Have any Capricorn qualities been challenged working on this project?

Ashley: It’s actually been going so smoothly it’s kind of unbelievable. The minor challenges we have had can be attributed to our procrastination and perfectionism.

SSS: How did you two meet?

Ashley: We went to high school together but Ana moved to San Diego our Sophomore year. We were friends on social media but never communicated much until fairly recently. Our relationship started with us commenting on each other’s Instagram posts and responding to each other’s stories. We noticed we had a lot in common, having both been stay at home moms, as well as Capricorn’s, and entrepreneurs, so we began to form a relationship.

SSS: What inspired the creation of Astra Beauty? And how did you decide on basing it around astrology?

Ana: Our love for makeup inspired the creation of a beauty brand and our zodiac signs inspired the creation of Astra Beauty. After we decided to create a beauty brand together we started thinking of ways to differentiate ourselves. Both Capricorns, we’re constantly bonding over our similarities, so we knew an astrology theme would be perfect.

SSS: Awesome. How does your astrology help with your relationship as business partners and as friends?

Ashley: We get along great! We push and motivate each other daily by simply doing our jobs. When one person is working hard it makes the other person work just as hard.

Ana: We have the best working relationship and feel like we are business soul-mates. We help further develop each other’s ideas and take them to the next level. We both have great ideas but when we present them to each other it’s like they magnify and turn into something we never imagined them to be.

SSS: I’m a massive fan of lashes – they truly transform and enhance the face. How did you decide on lashes as your first product?

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Ashley: We considered a few different products but lashes took the win for a few different reasons. Firstly we both love lashes and truly feel like they complete any look. They were also one the easiest products to bring to the market because we didn’t have to deal with developing a formula. We considered introducing foundation first but we knew it would take months to a year to develop. Lashes are our first product, and we feel like they’ll make an impact, and help get our name and brand out while we work on developing other products.

Ana: Originally, we planned on releasing Mink lashes but the Universe had other plans for us. A few days before we were scheduled to purchase our sample lashes, we started getting signs. A commercial came on announcing that Covergirl was officially the largest brand to become cruelty free. It was interesting, but we didn’t think much about it. A day or two after that Ashley came across a blog from an old friend who she hadn’t spoken to in over six years. Her blog discussed the importance of make-up brands taking a stance and becoming cruelty free.

Ashley: We couldn’t believe how weird it was that these signs appeared back to back. This caused us to do more research on Mink lashes and the concept of being cruelty-free.

Ana: We learned that companies were piling Minks up in cages and holding them captive at Fur Farms. In order to get hair for the lashes they would brush the Minks daily until they were eventually killed and skinned for other fur products. Once we read about the torture that Minks went through we knew that we couldn’t offer Mink lashes aymore. So that led us to our current product, Premium 4D Synthetic Lashes!

SSS: I love that – I only buy cruelty free and look for the bunny badge everywhere I go! Why don’t you introduce us to your lashes 🙂

We will be launching 4 different lashes on January 6, 2019 – with the new moon in Capricorn! It’s the perfect time to initiate and start new projects, if you take it seriously then you’ll have the possibility to see great financial gain.

The Goat

This lash embodies the Capricorn personality. It has a practical yet bold look that screams confidence.

Forbes List

This is the ultimate lash for any Girl Boss! It has a more serious look and says “I mean business”.


This lash is more reserved but still really stands out.


This dreamy and dramatic lash is super glamorous, and a must-have for creative types.

All lashes are handmade with synthetic fibers and a flexible Cotton Band. Each lash has been carefully crafted to be unbelievably soft and lightweight just like a Mink lash but without the cruelty!

SSS: What’s your favorite lash style and why?

Ashley: My favorite lash is Forbes List! I loved it from the moment I saw it then when I got it I loved it even more. It is so lightweight and wispy and looks just like lash extensions when you put them on.

Ana: Independent for sure! Its light enough so I can wear it everyday, with a simple makeup look. But their also wispy and have tons of volume so I can dress them up and transform them into statement lashes!

SSS: How do you plan to keep incorporating astrology into your brand as you grow?

Ashley: We want to guide and inspire our customers so we do that by relating our products to astrological themes, events, and concepts. All of our products will be related to astrology somehow whether it’s in their name or how they look.

SSS: I love you guys! And I can’t wait to see what’s next… Follow Ana and Ashley @AstraBeautyCo and keep your eyes on their January launch! 

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